A young girl of only 12 is suddenly given independance, lonelyness, and time.
With this combonation only, she is forced to change the world.
Her name is Lula. Soon the whole world will know that.


1. Lula.

One single wave drifted over the sand. The sand turned damp. Children that had gone to the beach to collect shells and stones got their feet wet and had to go home. The beach, turned empty. Only the sun, sand and waves remained. Nobody wanted to just watch the world. Exept Lula.

      She sat, only wearing a long, cotton, strappy night gown, her under garments and a celtic bracelet. The dampness of the sand had made her gown slightly wet. As her strawberry blond hair blew with the wind, no thought past her mind. Nothing important mattered at this moment. The people could wait.

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