A young girl of only 12 is suddenly given independance, lonelyness, and time.
With this combonation only, she is forced to change the world.
Her name is Lula. Soon the whole world will know that.


2. A meeting of great importance.

The queen paced back and forth in the largest day room you ever did see. The walls were as blue as the ocean, the furniture perfectly balancing the whole room together. It was so beautiful it was only fit for those of royal blood. At this moment though, the air was filled with worry and anger.

    'Where is the child?' burst the squire 'We should have left by now!'

The Queen momentaraly stopped pacing and turned to the man on the couch.

'One more minute!' she pleaded 'Just one more, and then we can leave!'

She didnt wait for a reply, she then went back to pacing, muttering under her breath as she did so.


       Further away, Lula was running, barefoot, past the three trees, past the Sirens cove, and down the Hill of Height, finally reaching a large mansion, isolated.

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