Amelia hasn't been outside for years, she was a bird traped in a cage. But things are about to change, as she soon finds out what she can do that others can't.
" I had to face the fact that there was no way out.
They had made sure of that"
Can she make it out?


2. Chapter 2


My bony fingers trace the rim of the dent in the wall. I slowly peel the cracked paint of the wall exposing rough concrete, I know I shouldn’t but my fingers were drawn to it. As I peel the rest of the blue paint, it reviles an over lapping of circles carved out of the concrete. Just below the circles are letters, in chinse. “Evil and Good” I whisper, I couldn’t explain it, but I knew what the writing said. Who would have put it there? Maybe there’s more, I peel more of the blue paint off.
    What did the symbols mean? If I had been at home I could have look it up on my laptop, but knowing that wasn’t possible I lay back down and try to think of a way out of here. There must be some way out, and if I do manage to break out I’m taking Emma and her brother with me. I have to help her, she has been the only kind sole I have meet in years and I have to pay her back in whatever way I can.
   I hadn’t thought about where we would go if we did get out, I didn’t even know where I was, I could be in a middle of a dessert, but there’s tress outside. Next time I meet Emma I could ask her where we are, but should I risk her getting into trouble?
   I must have full a sleep because I was being poked awake with a gun, not to gently. “Get up” the man said smiling, what was with all the guards and being so rude. Did they get pay to be like that? I got up slowly, I felt a little dizzy, but it was only there for a second. The man helped me up, out of annoyances and not kindness.
   I wonder what they want from me this time, I moved slowly out the door acting weak when I was a lot stronger than what I was acting.
   When we passed my door I was looking at the numbers on the doors I don’t remember being there before, mine was sixteen. I wonder what Emma’s brothers door number was. I felt sick knowing there was another person being treated the same way I was. I couldn’t imagine how Emma must feel, or how she could stand being in this place and know what goes on, but she has no choice if she wants to care for her brother.
    “Where are we going?” I ask weakly. Bad move, the guard jabs me with his gun in the ribs. Pain burns through me, knocking the air out of my lungs. I am now sure they get good money for this, I could never work for these people; I don’t see how anyone could.
    We soon reach the glass door, the people in white coats aren’t sitting at the large table anymore, and I wander what they do for the whole day, torching people.
     The guard next to me opens the door with the same key as before. The smell of food hits me like a brick, I couldn’t help but wonder where it was come from. To my surprise the guard takes me in the direction of the smell. We walk pass an open door, where the smell of the food was coming from and when I looked in the room I couldn’t believe it; oh, the food that was on a large glass table, there was so much! I knew most of it would go to waste. I could just imagine stuffing my face with the malty coloured cream cake, fresh fruit and vegetables, the pudding and oh, the freshly baked apple pie. I couldn’t believe how much food there was enough to feed a hundred people and we only get a few scops of mashed potatoes and sometimes rice with it and chicken.
   I must have stopped because the guard pushed me forward. We walk down the hallway passing more doors and stop at a white door, he didn’t knock or unlock the door he just opened it, I couldn’t believe it. Still surprised I walked through the opened door, the room was all white, it looked like a hospital, it had everything a hospital would have, the life support machines, beds, people in white coats, but something was missing, then I realise there were no patients. As I walked closer to one of the doctors standing near the life support machine, fiddling with it, I knew I was now one of their patients. The thought of them touching me scared me, I was always scared of doctors when I was little, but now this was for a completely different reason. They had done experiment on me, I wasn’t sure how they did it, maybe they put something in my food, and I want going to let them again without putting up a fight.
   The man looked up as we came closer; his face displayed no expressions, only that he seemed rather board. He was the same height, his light brown hair stuck up around his head like he didn’t bother brushing it.
     I didn’t like him already, and I haven’t even seen the size of the needle he’s going to stab me with. I looked only at his dark brown eyes that was trying to decide whether or not to look away from mine; he obviously is uncomfortable with me looking at him with disgust, he is properly being forced to do this, but if I was him I would rather die.
   He motions for me to sit on the edge of the hospital bed, as I sit on the neatly folded blankets I realise the blankets are like the ones I have in my new cell. The doctor pulls out a small box from under the bed, with my name written in a black marker on the lid. So I have my own box; I wonder what was in there.
     He pulls out a think folder and flips through it, when something catchers his attention, he looks up at me with confusion and then with . . . fear. What is on that single piece of paper that could cause an impact on someone like it has on this doctor, maybe it was my profile and he found out how my parents had died, I wasn’t even sure what it would say about that, murder? After a few more glances at the paper and me he recovered, I could no longer see the fear or confusion that had once painted his face so plainly. How anyone could do that, wash an unwanted expression away like that was beyond me. He put down the folder and turned around to a tray, his back faced towards me so I can’t see what he’s doing, his arms move around doing whatever they needed to do. Then turning to face me he slips whatever it is into his packet, too fast for me to get glimpse of what is could possibly be, it must be something bad, then why else hide it?
    He pulls a small torch from out of his pocket, turning it on and shine’s it in my eyes just enough to blind me then stops, he does it one more time before putting it into his pocket. Reaching into the pocket he had placed something I didn’t see, he pull out a needle. Oh, God no! I jump off the bed, running on the cold floor towards the exit door. I can see it coming closer and I reach the handle and turning it, suddenly I feel something hit me on the ground and all I could see was black.


   “Why did you do that for?” I heard a voice, shouting at someone.
   “Sir I have orders and I have to follow-” I could identify as the guard, he didn’t seem to care.
   “Not if it means killing my patient!” The voice said cutting the guard off. “You would be more trouble if you killed her then if she runs off and was caught by some other guard down the hall!” said the doctor clearly unimpressed by the guard actions, I never heard any of the guards been yelled at before so this was something new, and a little interesting.
   “I . . .-”
   “Just go, and be lucky I don’t report this” the doctor said cutting him off. I heard footsteps’ heading for the door, the door opened and then closed behind what I could guess was no doubt was the guard. “You stop acting now, and get up” Did he know I was awake? He could have been talking to other patients, but the last time I checked there weren’t any. “I will jab that needle I had before, into your arm, so get up” he wouldn’t. I knew though he would so I opened my eyes. There he was leaning over me, he stood back. “I knew that would work; you jumped off the bed, from just the sight of it” I looked at him, he didn’t seem angry that I run off, what was going on? “Your brother did say you wouldn’t trust anyone, and I’m not surprised he was right, I mean if I was locked up for three years I wouldn’t either” he said. He knows my brother? How?
   “I don’t believe you” Is all I said; he didn’t look at all angry or annoyed with me, only somehow understanding.
   “Your brother also said you might say that, so he told me to show you this” he pulled out a ring, it was sliver, the vines intertwine perfectly, it looked so familiar. Then I remembered it was our family ring, and it was mine. I gave it to my brother when I found out I was accused of murder and was being sent here. I still remember how upset he had been, and that he believed me when I told him I didn’t kill our parents, when no one else did.   
   “Where did you get this from” I say seizing it from him. I looked at it more closely remembering how each and every curve on it was made. We had gotten it custom made. There was so much detail in the ring; it was amazing as always, people don’t understand how much effort was put into this. Each part of the vines had a job to do and each vine had a certain way it had to be made. I turn it over and wasn’t surprised when I saw ‘Clearwater’ my last name caved into the inside of the ring in cursive. I use to always wear it every day.
    “Your brother told me, this should be enough. I don’t have anything else to convince you I’m a friend of your brothers. It’s your choice, do you believe me?” he asked, he knew there wasn’t much choose, I had to believe him and he know that, so I could see why he had so much confidence when he said it. I nod, I couldn’t speak; I was shocked as it was to hear about my brother and now the ring; it was more than a ring to me. This meant hope. And there was a way out, and I was going to find it. And I wasn’t going to be doing it alone, my brother and his friend was there to help me, and I will need all the help I can possibly get.

By the time I got back to my cell I was so full of hope, that even the knock to my head from the guard didn’t have any effect to me; thought I had to act like I was as down as the dirt, otherwise the guard would think something indeed was going on, and if I fail that then I’ve killed my chances of getting out.
   I found out that the doctors name is Seth, he meet my brother after I was sent here. They lived together for a while; then decided they wanted to get me out of here. They managed to spy on these people, when they found out they were doing experiment on people here, Seth went looking for ways to get in and by luck he found a poster advertising work as a doctor here, they would be trained and be sent here ASAP. Seth managed to be one of a few people to get in because he had a good school report. I asked why didn’t my brother do it himself and Seth said; he did but he wasn’t one of the ‘lucky’ people to get in, he highlighted lucky as if he really was lucky, but I knew he was being sarcastic. He has being working here for a while now waiting for the right time to strike, and now would be the best time to work on a plan.
   I lay on my back, running my fingers over the symbol; the wall was colder than last time. I draw the symbol for Seth; he did know what it meant, although he did say he could give it to my genius brother and get him to research about it, but if anyone were to find out about all this, we’d be in big trouble.
   I touched my finger where the family ring would have been, I didn’t want to give it back to Seth but if anyone saw it they would know someone gave it to me because I didn’t have it before, they would have taken it away; and I wouldn’t get it back.
    I have another meeting with Seth and it will be then when he tells me the plan, but until then I have to stay out of trouble and somehow tell Emma about what we’re about to do.


“Wake up!” I knew who it was before I opened my eyes; the guard waking me up was becoming a habit. Before this ‘prized possession’ thing, I didn’t get waken up in the morning for a shower. I’m always clean now it was scary, every time I go back into my cell I feel like I should stay away from the dirty ground. Getting up I realised how much stronger I feel.
   We once again walk passed the other doors, but this time I see something that I couldn’t ignore. Before the guard could stop me I run towards the hopeless body crumbled on the floor face down in a ball getting beaten up by two guards towering over him. They didn’t see it coming but when they did it was too late, I jump on the guard closest to the boy, and because I caught him off guard I could knock him over. I jump off of him and kick him with such a force I could hear his ribs brakes. Someone behind me wacks me in the gut with the end of the gun, throwing me off balance, as I fall I land on the body, he whimpers. Quickly getting off, I stand in front of him “Stop!” I scream as loud as my voice would allow, it echoed through the empty hallway.  I shut my eyes as I see the guard who knock me off balanced aim the gun at me; fingers already pulling the tiger. I’m dead! I’m dead! I’m dead!
      I open my eyes slowly; to see the guard that held me had knocked over the guard with the gun just in time for the bullets to miss me. I couldn’t believe I was still here; I had been seconds away from being killed, but I wasn’t.
   “What the hell man!” The knocked down guard yelled.
   “You idot you were going to kill her!” when he didn’t get it he added “She’s. . .” he stopped, he clearly had been given orders to keep what I was a secret. Which was ridiculous really, look what happen because of it.
   The guards on the floor stood up and held the gun pointed at me again, he wouldn’t shot me, I knew. I turn around and see that the body was a boy the around the same age as me, by the size of him. When his head lefts I only get a glimpse of his face before I had time to act I was being pulled back. I struggled, kick at the guard, but as we moved farther away from the boy I give up seeing there was no point, I was going nowhere.
   I watched as the boy slowly got smaller with each step the guard dragged me. Did I get him in more trouble? The fear hit me; I couldn’t stand it if I did. When the guard was sure I wouldn’t try to run he held me by one arm. We passed doors until we got to the one with ‘shower’ written on it. I was looking forward to seeing Emma, but now I just wanted to hide in the corner of my old cell where no one could get me, so I don’t get others around me in trouble. As the guard open the door, I found Emma standing near the shelf putting things away, she didn’t look my way, she didn’t want to get caught talking with me. The guard order for Emma to take me to the showers and watch me, she nodded saying nothing and slowly walked towards me, but when he shut the door, ran towards me and almost knocked me over as she hugged me, clearly missing me. I was surprised by the quester, I say “I got a plan” then realised what I just said, the guard was just around the cornered, I waited for the door to burst open and grab me wrenching me away from Emma’s grasp; but nothing happen. Letting out my breath I walk us towards the showers, Emma let go of me and turned on the water. I peeled my clothes off and walked into the cold shower and started cleaning myself with the beautiful smell of lavender soap.
    By the time I got out I had run Emma through what had happen with Seth and what I had planned and that I were finely getting out of here. She had listened with such interest I felt more confident the plan would work. Her expression was hopeful when I finished. When I told her I was taking her and her brother with me, she looked so pale.
    “You can’t do that, I couldn’t let you do that” She said with worry.
    “Emma, I not leaving you or your brother here” I say with determination. She saw I wasn’t going to give up so she gave in and nodded.
     “Yes, thank you!” I say, I was happy she wasn’t going to stay in this horrible place. She smiles at my enthustic. For the first time I meet her she was just as happy to have hope to get out as I did.
     As I got dried and dressed I asked if she knew what I failed to ask Seth; where were we. She said we are under a hospital, I thought she was joking but her seriousness told me she was far from it. “There are three levels underground and four levels high from the ground; we are on the second level underground. Up there” Emma points upward “is a real hospital and down here is where they send the very sick or criminals and do experiments on them” I couldn’t believe where we were; and nobody knew about it other than my brother. 
    “And people don’t know about this?” I ask in disbelieve.
    “Some people know but are threated, so they stay quiet and some like me who found out about it when my brother went missing, are forced to work for them, to keep their loves ones alive” she says miserably. I knew it was bad but I couldn’t believe what they are doing.
     “Do you know why they are doing this?” I inquire, knowing her response.
     “No” she says, shaking her head; losing her neatly braided hair.  “But I think it’s so they have a weapon against us all, for them to have thousand people with incredible strength, would be a really good weapon against us, but that’s just my theory” she says ripping half of her fruit bar in half and handing me one half. As I eat, she brushes my wet hair into ponytail.
     “How did you get in here?” she asked me curiously. I stay quiet for a while and then she say “Sorry”
     “No it’s ok; I just don’t know how to start” I say wretched “I was in my room listening to music, and when I got hungry I . . . pulled out my ear phones and went down stairs to the kitchen. I made a tuna sandwiched” I could fell the tears run down my face, and wipe them away.
     “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to” Emma says finishing my ponytail and sitting next to me on the bench, holding my hand.
     “No, it’s ok; I want to” I say taking a breath and continue “I went into the living room looking for my parents . . .” the tears that fell were coming down in rivers, blocking my eye sight, but it didn’t block me from the memory that was so clear in my mine, it was like I was still in the house. I continue anyway “as I enter the living room, I stop, I don’t know why I just couldn’t move any more, but . . . but when I hear my m-mums scream I run into full view of the living room, my parents were sitting on the lounge. I run up to my parents . . . and there necks, arms, faces, legs . . .” I take another regeared breath. “Are . . . were all cut up, spilling there blood all over the white lounge . . . I couldn’t look away and instead off calling for help . . . I stood there; looking at them. Thinking if I shut my eyes harder enough I would wake up. But it didn’t work, I tried again. I realised it wasn’t just a horrible dream it was real. My parents were dead” I put my hand on my knees and hold my head in my hands. “When I could move again I went back into the kitchen, I called the ambulance and the police. I sat there the whole time until the police came, they couldn’t peel the phone from my hand, I was holding on that tight” I could hear the police cars as if I was still there; in the kitchen. When they thought I couldn’t hear them they said “Do you think she did it?” “You think she did?” I knew the both had nodded, if they did I wouldn’t be here.
   “Who do you think did it?” I was pulled back into the present. “Was there any clues that someone had come from the widow?” I take more breaths and think about what Emma just asked.
   “No, I don’t know. I didn’t check” I say as I wipe the last of my tears away. She looks at me, and I know what she’s thinking I have to go back to my cell. We walk to the door where the guard was waiting behind it. I give her a hug and she opens the door, I knew her expression had changed back to the weary look she had when I had first seen her.
  The guards hand grabbed my arm, ready to restrain me if I try to hit him. The door closes behind me and I walk into the direction of my cell, before I walk into the cell I stop and look back at where the boy had once stood, I could see the blood smeared on the floor, they properly kill him because of me. The guard shoves me in my cell and locks the door behind me; I lay on the bed too exhausted to think any more. It wasn’t long before sleep claims me and my eyes slips close.

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