No trust

Emma is 15 living with her mom and step dad, she is a normal teenager...or at least she was before her life turned upside down, before "the incident" happened....authors note:I assure you it's interesting...thanks for reading :)


1. 1

"tell me!" says the officer pointing the torch to my face, "I refuse" is the only thing I say, I'm Emma I'm 15 and I just had the biggest shock of my life I've been trough things maybe no other 15 year old experienced, loved ones got killed in front of my eyes, best friends lied to me, well I lost trust in almost everybody, and when an officer tells me what happened to me he just expects me to say everything well it's not that easy, "Emma we're trying to help you" he says once again, "I don't need help, where were you guys two weeks ago when I actually needed help huh? I'll get killed if I told anybody anything" I say, he takes a deep breath and starts talking again "Emma I promise...we will never leave your side", "fine I'll speak, but only if you answer MY questions first,deal?" I ask, "fine deal...what's your questions?" he asks, "first of all where are Tiffany and the boys? Second is my mom okay? Third where is my brother? Forth....can I spent the night here?" I wasn't that sure about my forth question, "the answer for your first question, they are safe do t worry you will see them after you get out, your mom is also okay don't worry, they are still searching for your brother, why would you spent the night in this empty place?" he answered them all, "want the truth? I haven't felt this safe for a very long time...and I would like to spend the night here, alone because I'm the only one I actually let me speak before I change my mind" everything I said was right I feel a little safe here since its impossible to get out without the keys that only a few people in the building have, "go ahead tell your story I'm all ears" he said, and I started "two weeks ago 10:00pm at my place me and Tiffany were home alone...we decided to watch a movie, a horror movie to be exact...." I started to tell the story and I replayed everything like it was happening again..."make popcorn Emma" Tiffany shouted from the living room, "I'm on it" I yelled, I'm in the kitchen waiting for the microwave to make the "ding" sound so I can go back and watch movies with my best friend Tiffany, "popcorn's ready Tiffany" I yell, I hear her doing some kind of dance, I head to the living room sit on the sofa  and cover myself and Tiffany in a warm blanket....half way trough the film the bell rings...we weren't expecting visitors"
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