The Perfect Book

Thousands and thousands of books there are on this land alone. But this is the one I want to read, the one I want to own.


1. The Perfect Book

I reach out, ever so carefully

My fingers brush its spine

A tiny sigh escapes my lips

For this thing so divine.

Thousands and thousands of books there are

On this land alone.

But this is the one I want to read,

the one I want to own.

My hand reaches towards the shelf--

But stops and hesitates

For what if the tale I'll read inside

Isn't worth the wait?

Oh, bogwash! I chide myself.

Is this what it's come to?

I'm making excuses for myself

When I can't try something new!

Before I lose my nerve

I take it home with me.

I open up the covers

and hold them reverently.

I begin to rethink the thoughts

I had just recently:

What if this is boring?

What if it isn't for me?

I've never felt this way before;

so full of second thoughts.

The only way to find out

Is to give this book a shot

I fall back onto cushions

Plumped perfect for my read.

I start on Page One--

There is nothing else I need.

Nothing but that perfect book

Sat with me that day

That long wait and those cushions made

All else fade into gray.

The next day I went back to school

With a heavy heart.

I was feeling a lonely ache

Where my book and I had part.

I almost fell asleep when

Up I jolted with a start.

"Homework for today," said teacher,

"Prepare a book report!"

I went home and read and read

I was sure I could do this.

But every writing attempt I made

Was completely amiss.

"What is wrong with me?" I thought

"This is the perfect book.

I know I've thought of everything,

left nothing overlooked."

Just then inspiration struck!

I scribbled it down fast.

I rushed to school next day and

when the teacher asked,

"Who wants to go first?' my hand

Shot up into the air

Unfortunately I wasn't picked

So it had to stay there.

When, finally, it was my turn

I looked around and said,

"This book taught me unmeasurable things;

it's the best one I've ever read."

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