It's Hard

Katy Wood is on a plane to London with her best friend and the rest of her college class. She meets Niall Horan from One Direction and falls in love with him. Her ex boyfriend Jacob wants to get Katy back but does he win her back or no.
I am not really good with summarys but I promise the story is AMAYZAYN! Hope you guys like it. Tell me what you think. :) XXXX


1. A plane ride and apologies

Katy’s POV

I was on a plane with my best friend Taylor to England. We were on a field trip with our history college teacher Mrs. Smith and the class. We lived in New York, New York and the plane trip would be forever. We had only been on the plane for 2 hours and I was tired of sitting. Taylor was sitting beside me and my ex Jacob was in front of me. He kept trying to say sorry for cheating on me but I kept ignoring him. We have been dating for a year and an half and he just broke my heart. I got out my I phone and put my earphones in. I turned on ‘Give your heart a break’ by Demi Lavato as loud as I could so I would block out the world. Taylor was asleep so I was bored. I sat by the window and stared at the clouds. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I closed them and felt the tears roll down.

We were about 5 hours away from England, Taylor finally woke up. She got up and went to the restroom. I was listening to ‘Everybody Talks’ by Neon Trees and I was still staring out of the window. I felt someone sit beside me and thought was Taylor. I looked over and saw Jacob. I rolled my eyes and turned back around. He pulled out my earplugs and turned my phone off.

“What was that for????” I said while turning around.

“I had to, you were ignoring me.”

“Well I wonder why I am ignoring you.” I said while grabbing my phone back.

“I said I was sorry a million times.”

“Sorry doesn’t make things better.”

“I love you. It was wrong of the things I did. Please take me back. I won’t do it again.”

“I don’t know if you are telling the truth.”

“I am.”

“I don’t believe you.” I said while staring into his blue eyes. They looked guilty but looked like he was lying. He grabbed my face and kissed me. I pulled away instantly and wiped my face.

“Don’t do that again!” I said. I turned back around. He sighed. Taylor finally came back.

“Get out of my seat bastard!” She said. He got up and went back to his seat.

“Thanks for getting rid of him.”

“You’re welcome. What was he saying anyways?”

“He tried to apologize again and kissed me.”

“Did you kiss him back?”

“Eww, NO!!!”


I looked into her brown eyes and smiled at her. Her long brown hair was a little messed up in the back of her head. Her blond highlights really showed. Her curls at the bottom of her hair really curled today. She got out her brush and brushed her hair.

“Your birthday is two days from now.”

“Don’t talk about it.”

She laughed. I was turning 19 and I hated the fact that I was getting older. She brushed my long dark red hair and started playing with my hair.

“I love your hair; I wish I had your hair.” She said and I laughed.

I turned my phone back on and saw that I already had three missed calls, one from my dad and two from my mom. They were divorced and were so worried about me.

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