Escape ( A one direction fan fiction )

When Ashley has had enough of her stepdad she runs until she finds some one that has been willing to take care of her. But fear strikes again when not only stabs Ashley but her British love too.


2. Your coming home with me

Ashley's POV
"Are you okay, love?" , asked a tall curly headed boy with emerald eyes.
" Yeah, I'll be fine" , I told him.
He stared at my bloody night gown and the cuts on my cheek.

Harry's POV
Woah! I'm not going to just leave her their in the slide! I took out my hand and said, " I'm taking you home."
"NOOO!", the girl screamed at me.
" Why?"
"Can I tell you something?"
"Of coarse love. What is it?"
"My stepdad. He treats me like crap. That's where all the blood came from. See?". She lifted up her shirt to show me all bloody cuts.
"I'm sorry love"
"by the way my name's Harry"
" you're coming home with me. And then I'll take you to the doctor."
"no no no I coudn't"
"please it's the only way you can get better"
" Oh I guess"

I Took her hand and helped her walk. Ashley was so nice. I hope she stays for a while.
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