Escape ( A one direction fan fiction )

When Ashley has had enough of her stepdad she runs until she finds some one that has been willing to take care of her. But fear strikes again when not only stabs Ashley but her British love too.


1. The Runaway

Ashleys P.O.V

I felt something drizzle down my face. I looked in my mirror to see what it was. It was rose red oozing out of a massive cut in my cheek. Not again.

Ever since my mom died last month my life has torn apart. Now it's just me and my stepdad, Nick, the killer. Nick is not your everyday stepdad, instead he trys to kill me like how he did it to momma.

I have more than 20 cuts, scratches, and bruises since momma died. It's a miracle I'm still alive.

"Ashley get your bratty self out here right now" , Nick demanded. I walked down to steps in my blood stained night gown.

"I'm here" , I said.

"Come here you little idiot!", Nick demanded again but this time his knife was in his hand pointing at me.

I ran out my secret door into the field, trying to get away from that no brainer. I ran until I got to Callin Park. Dumb me I forgot all my clothes, money, and cellphone. But I was not going back for sure!

I fell asleep in the tube slide on the playground until someone woke me up.
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