Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


20. What Should We Say?

"I am not going!" Maddi yelled, slamming the door of Sammie's bedroom in her friends face. "This is the last time I'm telling you!"

"Come on Madz." Grace pleaded, banging the door with her fist.

"Yeah. Come on Maddi. We're sorry. We didn't mean it!" Bella continued also hitting the door.

"Bull!" Maddi yelled through the crack, frowning when she heard silence.

Grace cleared her throat, "Ok, yeah, we kinda did mean it. But what can you expect Maddi? We're fan girls through and through."

"It was still stupid." Maddi muttered, knowing the girls could hear her from the other side.

"Probably, but your know us! We have no filter when it comes to One Direction." Bella sighed, leaning on the door, making it squeak at the hinges.

"Fine. Whatever, but you still want it to happen!" Maddi protested, sliding down the back of the door and resting against the ground.

"Well it was a good plan." Gracie whispered but quickly covered her tracks when she heard Maddi growl through the door, "We can think of something else!"

"Like what?" Maddi said, looking at the 3 chairs in front of her, where Sammie, Gracie and Bellsie set their outfits for tomorrow's concert. It took about 4 hours and Maddi was exhausted just from watching.

It seemed like hours of discussing that Maddi heard from behind the door. The girls whispering and deciding what's the new plan, but from what Maddi heard she wanted none of it.

"Ok since you won't agree in marrying Niall and having his cute and very adorable babies. Even though you are pretty much the only one in this group who now has the chance for this to actually happen. I don't know why you would turn it down..." Gracie took a huge breath, "Then I guess it would be appropriate to ask if we could at least get to meet them, if you were going that is..." She dragged out.

Maddi rolled her eyes, waiting for the catch.

"Annnndd?" She suggested.

"For you to go to the concert, we will collectively buy you lunch for the rest of your holiday here. Without hesitation." Sammie continued. 

Maddi thought for a moment. That's a pretty good deal. As much as she doesn't want to see Niall during her holiday of D&Ms and relaxation but what was the chance of it actually happening? She would just have to tell her friends that the boys were too busy to see them tomorrow or something like that. Niall doesn't have their seat numbers and he had a feeling that Maddi wasn't going tomorrow... so why not? What was the harm of a little lie, just to get them off her back?

"So?" Bella asked, banging on the door for the answer.

Maddi got up from her seat and opened the door.

"Deal." Maddi smiled, "But, if you mention me and Niall again, so help me I will...."

"Shut up! I'm hungry!! Pizza arrived ages ago and would of been eaten if it wasn't for your carrying on." Gracie cut in, reaching out to grasp Maddi's jumper and dragging her downstairs with the others following behind.

"PIZZA!!" Bella yelled, pushing forward and galloping towards the now cold pizza boxes.

Maddi followed the girls to the table where the food was placed on top of it. A sad feeling swept over her as she realised what she was going to end up doing to her friends. This would probably crush them and she never like lying to them, but in a way, she wanted to protect them.






"Grace. Sammie. Wake up." Bella whispered, softly kicking the two beds that the girls were sleeping on.

"Go away..." Grace moaned.

"Shhh... be quiet. We don't want to wake her up." Bella whispered again, pointing in Maddi's direction.

"It's 3 am Bella. Whyyyy?" Sammie groaned.

"I need to text him." Bella said quietly in a whiney voice.

"Why?" Grace mumbled, still trying to ignore the noise.

"Because it's fricken Niall Horan!" Bella insisted. "He's amazing! I need to talk to him!"

"Trust you to be like this Bellsie." Sammie whispered. Now sitting up in her bed.

"Yes. This is me. The one who really wants to speak to one of her teen idols. Cause you know, that's weird to think about. Especially when you have the chance to do it. Like I'm just going to ignore it." She whispered in a forced tone. "And I'll use my phone so Maddi doesn't know that we've been doing it. Okay?" she sighed.

Sammie rolled her eyes. "Fine..." She whined. "I'll do it with you. But you're the one who is going to steal her phone. And no calling! Just texting!" She agreed.

Bella smiled and slowly tip-toed around Maddi's bed and grabbed her phone.

"Coming Grace?" Sammie smiled, getting out of bed. Grace rolled over and faced the roof.

"Fine. I'll come." She mumbled, rolling out of the bed and sliding into her slippers, "But if Maddi finds out then you two are dead. Not me. It wasn't my idea." She whispered as she followed the other girls out of the bedroom quietly closing the door behind her.

The three girls tip-toed down the stairs and planted their bodies in the bench seats in the kitchen.

"Damn it!" Bella cursed.

"What?" The other two asked.

"She has a pass lock. And she's changed it since she was here last." She grumbled.

The girls were quiet, thinking for a moment.

"I have a brilliant idea!" Sammie whispered enthusiastically, taking the phone out of Bella's hand and started breathing continuously over it.

"I don't even want to know what your doing, but hey, enlighten me with your... technique." Gracie said sarcastically, looking at Sammie confusingly.

In between breaths, Sammie somehow managed to whisper, "I'm being that the spies who use the steam of their breaths to fog up the screens."

"That will help us how?' Bella asked.

"We can see her fingerprints!!!" smiled, obviously proud with her idea.

Bella and Gracie looked at each other with the same smirks.

"Ahh, Sam. You know that she has a touch phone right?" Bella questioned

"Duhhh." Sammie replied.

"Then you understand that if fingerprints do magically appear, they will be all over the screen." Gracie cautiously asked, patting Sam on the back when a crease appeared in between her eyebrows.

Sammie sighed and passed over the phone to Gracie who had her hand stretched out.

"Luckily for you, I know her password." Grace stated, grabbing the phone quickly out of Sammie's hand and punching in the 4 digit code on the phone. It unlocked.

"How?" Bella asked amazed.

"Guess I'm just better friends than you." She jokingly boasted.

Sammie and Bella glared at her.

"Orr, I could've looked when she changed it." Grace smirked, passing the phone back to Sammie.

"Well. That was rude." Bella chuckled. Grace just smiled at her.

"Okay. So, are we actually going to do this?" Sammie asked, pressing on the contacts button.

"Of course we are!" Bella shrieked excitedly, pulling out her phone transferring the number across.

The girls sat still in front of the illuminated phone for what seemed like years.

"Umm, I'm not sure what to write." Bella muttered, placing her thumbs either side of the keypad.

"What do we say to an Irish superstar?" Sammie asked, getting up and going to the fridge.

"Have you got any chocolate Sam?" Grace asked, lifting her fixated eyes from the phone.

Sammie looked through the cupboard for a moment. "Yep!" she said excitedly, bringing a block of chocolate to the kitchen bench.

"Chocolate always brings good ideas." Grace smiled, taking a row off the block.

"Ooh! Ooh! Idea!" Bella shouted with a mouthful of chocolate before being cut off by the other girls.

"Shhhh!" They hushed.

"Sorry." Bella whispered quietly. "Why don't we start of by saying 'Hi Niall.'" She winked sarcastically. "Why do we need to say anything special when we should just say hi?"

Sammie and Grace looked at each other. "Good point Bella. But a question... did anyone realise before that he's in the same country as us? So it's the same time where he is. So it will be 3:30am. So he will probably be asleep?" Grace dragged out.

"I'm gonna be asleep soon as well if you keep talking and you don't write anything." Sammie murmured pointing at Grace then at Bella when they were mentioned.

Bella smiled and let her fingers do the talking.

'Hi Niall :)'

The girls sat around the phone. Waiting.

"Yeah he's definitely asleep. Let's just wait till morning." Grace suggested, getting up from the bench stool.

Sammie and Bella agreed. "Can we just finish the chocolate?" Bella asked, holding a piece of it up to her mouth and putting on her puppy dog eyes.

Grace rolled her eyes and groaned in a joking way. "I guess we could..." She smirked, sitting back down at the bench. Just as she was about to take a seat, Bella's phone went off. The girls just looked at each other in silence and were too scared to look at what it was. All of a sudden, Bella leapt forward and grabbed the phone.

"Oh my god!" She shrieked, showing them the phone. "He said 'Hi?'"

"Oh my god!" Sammie and Grace said in sync with each other.

"What do we say what do we say what do we say?" Bella gushed out.

"Um... Just ask how he is. You need to just casually break into the conversation." Grace suggested, taking the phone of Bella and typing onto it.

The girls then sat huddled around the phone having a long conversation for a good haf hour before they heard a stirring upstairs. They sat silent and stared, wide eyed at each other.

They listened for the creaking of the house as a slow Maddi made her way down the stairs, eventually taking the last step and turning towards the kitchen to see the girls sitting at the bench.

"What are you doing?" Maddi asked, covering her eyes from the bright light that flooded the room.

"Uhh.... We were.... umm..." Sammie stuttered out.

"Waiting for a twitcam that the boys were doing!" Grace shouted stupidly.

"What?" Maddi groaned, still half asleep. "It's like 4 am."

"And?..." Bella dragged out.

"You're in the same country as them you idiots! Why would they be doig a twitcam at this time?" She asked. A little confused and still very tired.

The girls looked at each other in a way as if to say, 'quick. Think of another excuse'.

"Ohhhh..." Bella laughed. "We are so stupid guys!" Sammie and Grace looked at her confused before she continued hinting. "On Instagram, it said the boys would be doing a twitcam at 3:30am. But that's London time!"

"Ohhh." Grace and Sammie saw where she was going and went along.

"Oh yeah. We're so used to the twitcams never being on at the correct time for us that we automatically thought it was 3:30 our time." Grace continued.

The three girls fake laughed a little before being interrupted by Maddi.

"Well I am freaking exhausted. So I'm going back to bed. I suggest you do too. Other wise you're going to be tired tomorrow." Maddi stated, turning around and creeping back up the stairs.

Grace, Sammie and Bella looked at each other and sighed.

"That was a close." Grace whispered.

The other two agreed and walked back up the stairs, still being silent as to not wake Maddi back up. Bella placed Maddi phone back beside her bed and hopped into her own bed.

"Night girlies." She whispered.

"Night." Grace hushed.

"Night" Sammie murmured. "I am so excited! 15 more hours!"

"One Direction, here we come."

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