Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


11. Times Have Changed


"Shoot!" Maddi cursed through her teeth as she realised that she was expected at work in 5 minutes.

"Holy mother fudge cakes, shit, shit, shit." Maddi ran through the house like a mad women jumping into jeans and throwing t-shirts everywhere. Quickly, she messily tied her hair up with a rubber band she found in her pocket and raced downstairs, out the door and along the cement sidewalk, where she could already see customers piling into the already busy cafe.


Maddi was sprinting down the street, totally unaware of all the eyes trailing on her. She huffed in annoyance and continued of running- thanking her stamina thoroughly.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!" Maddi rushed as she entered the cafe and yanked on her apron.


Maddi felt a person's eyes burning into her and with one swift movement she turned to face Erica's equally confused and stressed expression.


With one handed caring a large cappuccino and the other trying to balance a large croissant on a tiny plate, Erica sighed and rolled her large brown eyes.


"I left you about 30 messages!" Erica huffed, nodding her head at Maddi to follow her.

"Uh, why?" Maddi asked, expecting the worst like she was fired or worse, someone died and was reincarnated into a zombie!

"I'm stealing your shift!" She joked, placing the coffee on the table with the golden pastry.

"Why?" Maddi asked cautiously, she was fired, guarantee it!

"Your freaking exhausted all the time! Go home, get some sleep and you have a shift at 12 tomorrow. You're probably still jet lagged even though it's already been like a week since you got here."

"Wha...?" Maddi started before being abruptly interrupted by Erica pushing her out of the cafe.

"Bye!" Erica shouted, pointing Maddi in the direction of her house then turning back towards the seas of people.


Maddi shook her head in confusion and started to walk down the road, though walking soon turned into dawdling as she found no reason to return back home.


Maddi stumbled through an alleyway which led up to a quiet shop in the back corner. At every corner she turned her head, she was always a cautious type of person. Maddi sighed and pulled her jacket tighter around her body and kept a steady pace through the abandoned- horror movie type alley. Usually, Maddi would learn from all the movies she had watched and not walk alone but being the stupid person she is, Maddi ignored her conscience and swiftly put one foot in front of the other. Maddi stopped and considered turning around, it couldn't be that good of a shop, could it? Maddi sighed and started turning back, feeling a bit of confidence washing one her.


It wasn't long until Maddi heard quite whispers and footsteps behind her. Maddi swallowed roughly and turned her head back slightly to see only a young family behind her. Relief washed over her and she reconsidered her plan- if a family could manage the walk, why the hell couldn't she? Maddi turned back up the alley and walked past the family strolling down happily with their purchased items swinging in a bag. Maddi felt the cold air leak into her jacket. She crossed her arms across her body, hoping to trap some heat.


Maddi could see the front of the shop now, it was a faded shade of blue- with little wind chime hanging from the eves. It was pretty, most of these shops have disappeared from town and it was actually nice to see some were still hanging in there. Maddi remembered how many of these shops were around when she used to live here. She was really disappointed to see how much the town had become urbanised instead of the cute, little, quiet town that Maddi had left all those years ago.


While Maddi was self-absorbed in her own thoughts, she didn't notice a group of about 4 guys walking up the path behind her. With one swift moment, one of them grasped Maddi's shoulder and spun her around to face them. They looked about the same age as her, even a bit older, maybe 18 or 19. 


Maddi gasped and tried to block out the pain that the guy was inflicting on her shoulder blade.

"Can I help you?" Maddi squeaked, feeling the little bit of confidence flash before her eyes and was quickly filled in by an overwhelming amount of fear.


"Oh, sweetheart." He growled, pulling Maddi towards the gate leading out of the alleyway.

Realisation soon reached Maddi's brain and her reflexes acting faster than a bolt of lightning.

With one shove and a few grunts, Maddi wrenched free of the man's grip with all her force but to her dismay, was caught by several men behind her.


"Get your filthy hands of me." She snarled, slapping the hand that was firmly plastered on her shoulder.


"That was quite a get-away, sweetheart." The leader mocked, grasping a fist full of Maddi's shirt and dragging her forward.


Maddi's knees buckled with the sudden movement and she crashed to the ground, causing the men surrounding her to giggle like little teenage girls.


"I'm not your sweetheart." Maddi grumbled standing up, just to be met with the group leaders hands pushing her down again.

"I can call you what I want... Maddi." he growled in her ear.

"H-how do you know my name." Maddi whispered, feeling the fear now take over her whole body.


He stood up. "I have my ways." he chuckled giving the rest of the boys a wink.


The leader looked up behind Maddi and gave a firm nod. At first Maddi wasn't sure what this meant, confusion and anxiousness swept over her until she felt someone snatch at her top and try to pull it off her head.


Maddi took a deep breath, closed her eyes and let out the most high-pitched and deafening scream that her lungs could take.


Everything moved so fast from then on- Maddi was dizzy from the lack of oxygen.

She could hear a lot of banging and crashing and people were still pulling at her clothes. Maddi felt defenceless. Her feistiness faded her away and she could only push the intruding hands away from her body. The fear was building and building to the point where Maddi was sure she was about to faint.


It felt like it was going on for ages, but in reality it was only a few minutes. The guys were teasing her, pulling her up then pushing her back on the ground again. When all of a sudden it stopped.


"Oi! Nate! Leave her alone!"


Maddi didn't dare to open her eyes but she could spot that voice from a mile away.

Maddi scooted back on the ground whilst Niall now moved in front of her, keeping the gang away.


"Oh, Niall... We were just having a bit of fun..." Nate, the leader said, slowly moving backwards.


"No! You're not having fun!" Niall yelled, moving closer towards him. "You are not having fun at all! She is a girl! There is no reason at all for you to pick on her like that. And not just her. With anyone! You don't have the right to treat her like that. It's not even funny at all! It's assault and you do know that you can get arrested for it. And I have my connections Nate. You know that very well too. Don't you?"


Maddi noticed Nate and his gang backing away from Niall. They looked like the tough ones of the town. She couldn't believe that he would back down to Niall Horan; harmless Mullingar boy. The one who was so sweet. So considerate. Who would never hurt a fly.


It scared her that Niall was acting this way. Sure he was protecting her but this new edition of Niall wasn't the same as the old one.


"W-we were only teasing. We wouldn't do anything like that. You know that Niall. We wouldn't do anything to hurt a girl." Nate stuttered.


Niall moved even closer to Nate until their noses were almost touching. "If you go anywhere near Maddi again. If you even think to take a look at her, you know what can happen and it won't be pretty. Now go and leave her alone. Never do this again." Niall growled at him. Niall then pushed him away and Nate and his gang turned quickly at ran down the alley-way not taking a glance back, like little rats running from a sudden movement. Niall then turned to face Maddi and held his hand out to help her up.


"You alright love?" He asked, brushing the dust off her back and shoulder.


"Yeah. I'm fine." Maddi said still in shock.


"Why didn't you yell louder? Or more times? You could have gotten seriously hurt."


"They weren't doing anything really." Maddi said, looking at the ground, embarrassed. She hated feeling weak and useless, people can only take advantage of you.


"They weren't doing anything!? Maddi, four tough guys against you. No offence love, but you could've gotten hurt. Badly."


"I was fine!" Maddi grumbled.


"Fine? Is that what you call being shoved on the ground. Fine? Alright then, next time I won't come save you."


"Fine by me!" Maddi yelled, a tear slipping from her eye. "I didn't need your help. I was handling it fine."


"Yeah, looked like it." Niall added sarcastically. "Anyways, you're lucky I was here and was actually in the right mind to 'rescue' you. Especially how shut down I felt because you haven't answers any of my texts or calls. I assumed you didn't want to talk to me."

"What?" Maddi said confused. she searched her pockets for her phone, soon realising that she had forgotten to pick it up this morning because of the rush she was in to get to work. "I'm sorry Niall. I just forgot to check it."


"Yep. Sure. Is that your excuse as well when you moved?"


"What are you talking about?" Maddi was seriously confused at this moment.


"I tried to keep in contact with you when you moved. You never replied to my letters."


"I never got any letters Niall. Did it never occur to you that you might of had the wrong address or they weren't being delivered? Did you not think to maybe get a phone number or e-mail or anything off your parents to keep in contact with me?!" Maddi started yelling again.


Niall's expression softened and his voice turned into a whisper, "I thought you weren't replying cause you didn't want to talk to me. You seemed angry when you moved. I thought it was me."


"You? Of course it wasn't you. I didn't want to leave. I was upset. That's why I 'seemed' angry. I kinda was. Even though we were only like 10. I still had feelings. But no one cared."


"Oh..." Niall looked at the ground. "I'm sorry. I didn't know.."


"It's alright Niall." Maddi shrugged.


The realisation soon dawned on Maddi that something wasn't in check, "How come those guys were scared of you? You wouldn't hurt a fly."


Niall sighed, almost predicting that this question would come up.


"It's been a while Maddi. I was 10, of course I wouldn't have hurt a fly. Times have changed. A lot."


And that was that.

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