Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


1. The Last Day

 "Sweetie. Wake up." Maddi's mum cooed in her ear, gently shaking her.

"Mum... go away" she groaned, rolling over.

"You don't want to be late for the last day of school sweetheart" her mum insisted as she walked out of the room. Maddi groaned again and pulled the doona over her head, mumbling something illegible. She felt a thud on her bed as her dog jumped on top of her, making her way up to Maddi's pillow and licking her face.

"Eeew! Jazz! Get off!" Maddi grumbled, pushing her dog off the bed. She rolled over and checked the time on her phone which was sitting on a box beside her bed.

The O'Neill house looked like a warehouse at the moment. There were boxes everywhere and hardly any furniture. Maddi and her younger brother Jack, were born and grew up in Ireland. Her and her family had moved to Australia for her parents work when she was 10 years old. Maddi was now in year twelve and her brother was in year nine, so their parents thought it would be the perfect time to move back.

It was a Friday, the last day of school for 2012. 'Thank goodness' thought Maddi, puling herself out of bed. Maddi and her family were moving back to Mullingar in Ireland on Sunday so it was a very busy and very noisy household at the moment because of all the removalists. She walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out her uniform; a light blue short sleeved shirt, a short navy blue checked skirt and a navy blue blazer. She slumped over to the bathroom for a shower. She turned the water on an stepped in, feeling the warm water wash over her body. A shower in the morning always woke her up- tired or not.

Maddi stepped back in surprise as the ringtone on her phone echoed through the ceramic bathroom. She turned the water off, wrapped a towel around her and fumbled to reach the answer button. With a lot of delay, she finally answered it and held the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" she said, putting her phone on speaker and juggling getting her uniform on.

"Do you plan on missing graduation or is skipping the last day of school just on your bucket list?" one of her best friends, Grace, said jokingly.

Maddi groaned. "I'm getting there. School is still school! It wouldn't matter whether I was there or not!"

"Excuse me 'Miss school captain 2012' . This is a day you can definitely not miss out on! So get your arse out of that house. My car door won't be open forever!" Grace hung up, leaving Maddi shovelling food into her mouth whilst straightening her shoulder-length, blondey brown hair. She pinned up her side fringe and put a little bit of eyeliner and mascara around her chocolate brown eyes. She dumped her pyjamas onto her bed and rushed downstairs, grabbing her school bag and lunch money off the counter.

"Bye mum!" she called out, rushing out the front door. She ran down the driveway to Grace's silver Audi car. Grace's family was very well off. Her parents had bought her the car for her eighteenth birthday a few weeks ago and she took great pride in it. It wasn't too shabby to turn up at school in either.

"Took your time, slow coach." she said in an unenthusiastic tone. Grace was sitting in the drivers seat with her sunglasses on, playing on her phone. Her golden blonde hair was tied up in a high ponytail and she has a red ribbon in her hair.

"Sorry. Didn't want to get out of bed." Maddi laughed.

"Where's Jack?" she asked, putting her phone in her pocket.

"He's getting a lift with a friend today." said Maddi clicking her seatbelt in place. "Please don't kill me this morning. I kinda want to be alive for my speech this morning."

"Oh, ha-ha. Very funny" said Grace sarcastically. "Don't worry, I won't. Although it might stop you from leaving on Sunday."

"I know Gracie. I don't want to go either. I still have today and tomorrow though."

It was a short car trip to school but it saved them from walking. It was a hot day today. Maddi and Grace were sweating in the car with your blazers on. At least it was a nice day for their school graduation. She parked the car on the side street near the school. They both got out and took the short, 2 minute walk to the school gates. When they were inside the school, Maddi was almost knocked over being hugged by her other two best friends, Sammie and Bella. The four girls had been best friends ever since primary school when Maddi had moved from Ireland. It was good that they went to the same high school as well and their friendship was as strong as ever through the tough days of year twelve. They stuck it out together trough thick and thin and nothing was ever going to change their life-long friendship.

"Whoa!" Maddi laughed, trying to balance herself again.

"Why do you have to go!" cried Sammie.

"Yeah why?" agreed Bella.

"I'm sorry guys," Maddi sighed. "I don't really want to go either. Mum and dad do though. And what they say goes."

"But you can stay with me instead!" suggested Bella.

"Or me!" added Sammie.

"Or me!" interrupted Grace. "I'm just going to join this group hug cause I feel left out!" she added.

The girls all laughed an Maddi puled away from the hug.

"Promise you won't ever forget us..." said Sammie wiping the tear from her eye.

"I promise" Maddi gave a half smile and hugged Sammie. "I could never forget you. Any of you. You guys are the most amazing friends I've ever had. I don't know how I will be able to live without you. I promise I won't forget you guys. I never could." A tear rolled down Maddi's cheek.

"Awww... Don't cry" Smiled Bella, motioning for a group hug. The girls hugged for a few minutes then pulled away.

"Oi! Maddi!" Came a voice from behind her. Maddi spun around with a huge smile on her face.

"Luke!" she yelled, jumping forward to give him a hug. Luke was another one of Maddi's best friends.  They had also been best friends since Maddi had moved from Ireland. They used to out but decided that being friends was the best option for their relationship. They were really close and now, Maddi looked at him more as a brother than a friend. She looked at all her best friends as more family than anything else. Luke hugged her and whispered and whispered in her ear, "I'm sorry you have to go."

She hugged him tighter. "Thanks for everything Luke." she whispered in his ear. The bell went for the beginning of school and Maddi and Luke stopped hugging. Maddi noticed a tear in Luke's eye as Grace handed Maddi her bag.

"Let's go GRADUATE!" yelled Bella as she was skipping across the main quadrangle. Maddi laughed and playfully punched Luke on the shoulder.

"Come on you big baby." she giggled. He laughed and they all walked to the main hall for their graduation.

Maddi and Grace took their seat up on stage with the principal and the two boy captains. Maddi was school captain and Grace was vice captain. The ceremony started and Maddi noticed her parents faces and her brothers face in the audience. Maddi and Nathan, the boy captain, were called up to the pedestal to make the opening speech. The ceremony finished just as quickly as it started and the day ended and before she knew it, Maddi was at home finishing up with her packing.

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