Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


21. Someone Was Popular

"Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me, dontcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me, dontcha....." Maddi could hear being screamed all of a sudden through the once silent bedroom.

"Grace shut up!" She muttered, turning over so she was lying flat on her pillow.

"As long as you love me. We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke!"

"No Bieber!!!" Sammie screamed from the bathroom which was across the room.

"Oh mickey, your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!" Grace belted out, running across the room to jump on Bella who was squishing her pillow against her face.

"OW!" She yelled, pushing Grace off her stomach and to the spot next to her.

"I never thought it hurt so bad, getting over you-o and ow! You're giving me a heart attack, looking like you do-o!"

"Music to my ears!" Sammie smirked, walking into the room with her dressing gown on and a towel wrapped round her head.

Maddi groaned as she felt Sammie try and tickle her feet.

"Come on grumpy bum." she snickered.

"Go away!" Maddi yelled, covering her face with the doona.

"It's a big day today! We need to start getting ready!" Sammie smiled, pulling the doona straight off.

"What's the time?" Maddi whispered, clamping her eyes closed.

"7 o'clock." Sammie sighed, stepping back and taking the towel from her hair and shaking her hair out.

"What the hell?!" Bella yelled, obviously listening to the conversation. "It doesn't take us 12 hours to get ready!"

"That's what you think," Grace piped up, rubbing her eyes gently, "but it's me doing your hair!"

"Still..." Bella mumbled, pulling herself up from the bed.

"Still.... It's going to take us a while. And remember, we're going in earlier for dinner so we have to be ready 2 hours before hand. So technically, we only have 10 hours to get ready." Grace smiled, feeling good about what she had just figured out.

Maddi sat up in her bed and started to sarcastically slow-clap at Grace. "Wow... Einstein definitely wouldn't have been able to figure that one out. Most difficult equation ever!"

Grace furrowed her eyebrows. "Shut up." she sneered, playfully throwing a pillow at Maddi.

Sammie quickly picked out a pair of denim shorts and a singlet top and threw them on. "Maddi, hurry up and get dressed. You have to drive us to the shops. I kind of forgot to get us something for lunch."

Maddi groaned in agreement and pushed the sheet off her, getting out of bed and slowly moving into the bathroom to do her hair and get changed. 

"What about me?" Grace pouted. "I drive too."

"Yeah but babe, you always get distracted at the shops. We have to be back before midnight." Sammie said whilst she did her hair quickly in a side plait.

Grace rolled her eyes. "True. But you're not taking my car!"

"How else are they going to get there?" Bella asked.

"I dunno." Grace decided. "Gonna have to find another way."

"That's not fair!" Sammie complained.

"Well, it's either let me drive or we don't get lunch. Which I'm fine with."

Maddi gasped and walked out of the bathroom. "We are getting lunch. If it's the last thing we do."

"Public transport it is then." Grace smirked, patting Sammie on the back as she walked past her.

"Or," Maddi started. "I don't come to the concert. Remember, no lunch, no concert." she smirked and crossed her arms proudly. "And you don't want me missing out on those great seats you have. Do we?"

"Well we can go, you can just stay home like a depressed loser and eat cookie and cream icecream, whilest we have the time of our life and live days in happiness together!" Grace smiled, shrugging her shoulders and started running a hairbrush through her hair.

Maddi smiled and swung her arm around her shoulders, "I'll buy you that pretty bracelet you saw in the shops yesterday?"  

Grace thought for a moment. "Fine." she grumbled under her breath, throwing Maddi the keys to her car. "Don't crash it! And I want the blue one!"

"Love you babe!" Maddi and Sammie called out already half way down the hallway.

Grace sighed and turned around to Bella. "So, hair time." She smiled, holding up the hair dryer.


*** 10 hours later***


"I gotta feeling! That tonight's gonna be a good night. That tonight's gonna be a good night. That tonight's gonna be a good good night. A feeling. Wooo hooo!"

The car of four girls sung loudly as they drove around the busy Sydney city streets. The girls chose to dress a bit classy, but not looking too desperate or too young.

"I'm so glad you're driving here Grace. I can't handle crowds well." Maddi yelled to Grace from the passenger seat next to her, trying to compete with the volume of the music and the voices of Bella and Sammie in the back.

"Well I'm used to it. The best shops are in Sydney so I kinda have to drive if I wanna go shopping here." She laughed.

"Parking spot!!" Bella suddenly yelled.

"Perfect. Right outside the restaurant." Sammie observed.

"And right down the street from where the concert is." Maddi stated. The girls stopped and looked at her confused.

"Where...? I can't see it." Bella asked, attempting to look out of the car window as Grace tried to park.

"Well, it's like a ten minute walk to the corner where it is." Maddi admitted.

"You never over-exaggerate stuff Maddi. You're so cute." Sammie laughed sarcastically.

"Yeah." Grace agreed. "She's a glass-half-full person. I guess you need one of those in a group of glass-half-empty friends."

"I don't even understand what you just said." Sammie said, tilting her head at Grace.

The girls laughed as they got out of the car and walked up to the entrance of the restaurant. A waitor dressed in a nice tuxedo walked up to the counter that had a fancy opened notebook and pen sitting on it.

"Reservation under O'Neill." Maddi mentioned, looking over the counter into the book.

The man checked the name off and grabbed a bunch of menus. "Right this way ladies."

The girls giggled like Year 2 girls as they followed him down the aisle of tables and sat down in the middle of the restaurant. It was pretty busy for a half past five booking.

"Lucky we booked early." Grace stated, trying to get her voice over the loud talking surrounding them.

The other girls agreed and opened up their menus. Deep in thought, all the girls got a little bit startled when a kind sounding voice spoke, thick in an Irish accent.

"Hi, I'm Jeremy. I'll be your waitor tonight ladies." He said. Sammie, Bella and Grace quickly looked up at the young looking man standing next to the table with a small notepad and a pen.

Grace quickly looked over at the rest of the girls with a smitten look on her face, mouthing 'I got dibs'.  Bella started to giggle, causing Maddi to look up for the first time from her menu.

She stared into his bright blue eyes for a moment. Running her line of vision over his features. His wispy brown hair. His nose. His cheeks. That jaw line. How could she have forgotten? Her jaw dropped, quickly turning into the biggest smile her friends had ever seen her have.

"No way!" she shrieked jumping up from her chair. "Jeremy!"

A bright smile grew rapidly across his face as soon as he realised. "Maddi!" He exclaimed, pulling her into a huge hug. "I missed you so much!"

The other three girls were left at the table feeling very confused.

"Scusme?" Grace frowned, looking at Maddi.

Maddi laughed and pulled out of the hug which most of the restaurant was now fixated on.

"This is Jeremy. He's one of my other best friends from Ireland." She couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

"Wow. ANOTHER sexy best friend? Someone was popular back there." Bella stated.

"Girls we are in the wrong country!" Sammie said.

"No." Maddi chuckled. "It was just Jeremy. And Niall. We were tight likethis!" She sighed, crossing her fingers close in font of Sammie's face.  She turned back to face the smiling Jeremy who was still holding onto one of Maddi's hands.

"What are you doing here anyway?" She asked.

"I'm taking a gap year. Thought if Australia is nice enough for my beautiful Maddi to live, then why shouldn't it be good enough for me to work." He winked.

Maddi giggled. "Too cute. I missed you." She hugged him again.

"I missed you too babe. More than you could ever imagine." He whispered in her ear.

She went back over to the table and grabbed a pen out of her handbag. She wrote down her number on a serviette and gave it to him. "I would seriously love to chat all night Jeremy, but we have a concert we have to go to. So here's my number and you can call me tomorrow or whatever. Whenever you're not working." He smiled at her and took the number.

"Are you going to see One Direction?" He asked.

"Yeah." She sighed, looking down at the ground.

"You know about Niall don't you?" He lifted her chin up to look her in the eyes.

"Yeah. I found out. After he lied to me. I saw him again back in Ireland. He didn't tell me."

"He's a bit like that. He never really went around flashing his fame to the world. If someone didn't know who he was, he never bothered telling them. He liked the fact that he could just be normal around them. So don't take it to heart." He held her hand.

Maddi looked up at him again. "I know. Are you guys still friends?"

This time Jeremy looked away and sighed. "Not really. We kinda stopped talking after you left. We started fighting a lot and just turned on each other. I know we were only ten, but we never agreed on anything. We started drifting apart."

Maddi hugged him. "I'm sorry. I should have kept in contact. But I was only young. I thought it was up to my parents. They never did and I dunno, I guess I never really got around to it. I'm so sorry Jeremy."

"It's ok Madz. It's not your fault. At least now we've seen each other again. I'm not really planning on letting you go again either."

"Neither." She smiled up at him.

"Well I'll let you girls get to it." He walked back over to the table with Maddi and pulled her chair out for her. He took the girls' orders and went back to the kitchen.

Maddi watched him the whole way. What was she feeling? Did she like Jeremy? She only just saw him again but what she was feeling right now was more than just best friend feelings. She smiled, seeing him turn back and smile at her. She turned back to her friends who were just starting at her in either shock or really pissed expressions.

"What the hell just happened?" Bella finally spoke.

"I got dibs!" Gracie sulked, sinking into her chair.

"It's not what you think." Maddi rolled her eyes.

"But it's not fair! All the guys like you! All the really hot ones!" Sammie frowned, nudging Maddi's shoulder.

Maddi just smiled again. "Just some things that you miss out on when you live in Australia."

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