Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


19. Pray To Godcie


Maddi fumbled through her handbag trying to reach her phone, throwing the contents of her bag across Sammie's room.

"Babe what's wrong?" Sammie asked confused as she tried to collect Maddi's belongings that were spread across the floor of her bedroom.

Maddi was mumbling and cursing under her breathe as she tipped her bag upside down on the bed next to Grace and Bella who were still lying there having their staring competition.

"Shit! It's not here! Where is it! Where's m phone!" Maddi announced, speeding down stairs and running into the kitchen, remembering that was the last place she put it. She grabbed the phone off the bench and Sammie entered the room.

"Maddi. Are you going to tell me what's up? Or are you going to be annoying and keep it to yourself?" she joked.

"How could I be so oblivious!" Maddi babbled. "I am such an idiot! How could I not see it?"

"MADDI!" Sammie yelled. Maddi stopped fiddling with her phone and looked at Sammie who was standing at the kitchen doorway with her arms crossed.

"I'll tell you in a sec. Can you please just give me a moment in private. Thanks babe." Maddi smiled, and hurriedly pushed Sammie back up the stairs. She went back into the kitchen and unlocked her mobile phone, opening up the contacts and searching 'N'. It was the only name under that letter so she selected it and held the phone up to her ear. It rang once. Twice. Three times. She was just about to hang up and retry when a familiar Irish voice answered.

"Hello?" He asked. It sounded like he had a mouthful of food. Typical, Maddi thought.

"Hi. It's Maddi." she spoke in a rushed tone.

"Oh hello love. How are you?" Niall asked kindly.

"Where are you at the moment?" Maddi snapped into the phone.

"I'm in Ireland. At home. Where else would I be?" He chuckled.

"Don't you lie to me Horan!" Maddi snarled.

"Woah, calm down there lovely. I'm not lying. I am seriously in Austr..." Niall stopped himself. "Ireland. I'm in Ireland." He laughed. "That was awkward. I almost just said Australia. That's where you are. Not me." He said awkwardly, trying to cover his tracks.

Maddi clenched her fists. She had been through enough lying for one day already. She didn't need any more at the moment. She was already in a pissed off mood.

"Please don't lie to me. I don't need it any more. I'm already pissed enough today and your just making it worse!" she grumbled.

Niall laughed again. "I'm sorry. But I'm not lying."

"So you said that you're at home. Right?" Maddi asked, as a smirk grew on her face.

"Yeah..." he said steadily.

"Well, can I please speak to Greg. Or your mum?" Maddi asked.

"Uhhh. They're um. Not home at the moment." Niall denied.

Maddi chuckled. "That's actually quite funny because I just texted my mum and she said that they were at your place for breakfast."

Niall was silent. "Shit." he mumbled into the phone.

Maddi laughed. "Sorry. What did you say?"

"I said, fine! You got me! I'm sorry." he sighed.

Maddi stopped laughing and went straight back into the main issue.

"How could you not tell me that you are part of the biggest fucking boy band in the world?! It's not something you just forget easily!" She exclaimed, pacing back and forth through the kitchen.

"I'm sorry! It's just it would of been so much easier to catch up! I just wanted things to be the same!" Niall pleaded through the phone.

"Are you actually serious? Yes it would of been a huge surprise but how on earth would that have that made it harder to catch up?" Maddi said in a more quieter tone when she saw three heads popping out behind the staircase.

Maddi walked outside and shut the big glass door behind her, then poked her tongue out at the girls who just pouted and stalked back up the stairs.

"I'm soorrrrryyyy!" Niall whined, making Maddi roll her eyes.

"I can't believe it." She whispered, shocked by everything that had unfolded.

"Well believe it love. And you're going to see me tomorrow night. Niall Horan in the flesh!"

"Don't flatter yourself. I'm not going." Maddi said.

"Good luck with that. From what I heard about your friends, they won't let you back out so easily." He chuckled.

"I didn't even tell you anything about them! But they do have their weaknesses."

"You're still going to get forced into it." Niall stated, "They are very...um... dedicated?"

"And how would you know that?" Maddi questioned.

"They spam my twitter on a regular basis. Oh, and could you tell them I'm following them." Niall sighed, acting as if this was a normal thing.

Maddi was just about to come back with a smart reply when she was interrupted by an ear piercing scream.

"HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!! GRACIE, MY EYES ARE GONE!!!! NIALL HORAN IS FOLLOWING ME!!!!" She heard either Sammie or Bella scream out. All girls then chorused with several more screams, jumping up and down repeatedly- making the house shake.

"Is that them?" Niall laughed through the phone, making Maddi's head throb little more.

"Mhmm..." She agreed, grimacing as she heard more screams echo through the house.

"Wow. They're one of the worst I've heard." He laughed back into the phone. "Do they know you're friends with me?"

"No. And I'm not planning on telling them anytime soon either. And who said we we're friends anyway?" Maddi snickered.

"Oh they're going to find out. I'm going to spam your Twitter and Facebook and everything else you have until they do find out. Watch out world! The unleashing of the world's deadliest fan girls is on the rise!"

"Oh ha-ha." Maddi mocked. "I'm still not coming though."

"Aww... Now I'm sad you don't want to see me. So many girls would kill to be in your position right now." He joked

"Don't try to sweet-talk your way out of this. I'm not in the mood to see another liar." Maddi snarled.

"Liar? Why are you calling me a liar? I didn't lie to you."

Maddi chuckled. "Oh really? You didn't tell me that you were in One Direction!"

"Exactly! I just never told you I was. You never asked, 'Hey Niall, are you in One Direction?'. If I had said no, then that would be lying. But you never asked so, technically, I didn't lie." He laughed.

Maddi clenched her jaw. "Don't be a smart arse Niall. I'm not in the mood!" She walked back and forth around the back yard angrily. 

"Come on love, you know I'm just teasing. You know that I like a little bit of banter."

"No Niall! I didn't know that! Do you know why? Because you never told me anything! We hadn't seen each other for so long, I didn't even recognise you and you expect me to remember something that I never could have known about you because we were like 5 when we last saw each other." Maddi yelled in a frustrated tone.

"We were 10." Niall mumbled.

"Oh what ever! Same thing! It doesn't really make a difference Niall!" she snapped back.

"Well, it kinda does..." he began before being cut off by Maddi again.

"Shut up Niall! Just don't even try to get yourself out of this. You lied to me. That's the biggest issue here. And there is no way that I am coming to the concert now. I guess I'll see you back in Ireland then!" She yelled.

"Okay... I'm sorry love. I really am." Niall expressed.

"I'm sorry too." Maddi sighed. "Actually, why am I sorry? I shouldn't be the one who's sorry! It's not my fault!"

"Well, not completely..." Niall added.

"You know what? I am sick of dick heads like you, messing with my life. So, good bye Niall. Have a great life!"

"You're going to see me again Maddi. You do know that don't you? You know, back in Ireland." Niall chuckled.

Maddi groaned and rolled her eyes. "Good bye!" Maddi hung up the phone and squatted on the grass. She put her face in her hands and she felt the tears well up in her eyes.

"Why me God?!" She let a tear fall into her hands.

Maddi heard a loud grumble behind her and shifted her weight around to see what it was.

"I AM GOD!!!!" Gracie shouted out, her face smushed against the glass.

Maddi rolled her eyes and quickly brushed her tears away. She smiled and walked up to the glass.

"And what is my future, God?"

Gracie/God thought about this for a moment and moved her face so her nose was pushed up against the glass.

"BOYS!!! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF BOYS!!! YOU SEXY BEAST!!" Gracie screamed out, making the glass shake slightly.

Maddi laughed lightly and tugged the sliding across to get inside.

"Your one crazy crazy girl, Grace." She uttered, moving into the lounge room and falling back on the couch.

Grace came over to her and sat on the arm.

"You wanna talk baby chicken?"

"Yes God." Maddi sighed. Gracie moved closer to Maddi and lifted her head up so it would rest on her lap.

"I have decided that my name should be Godcie instead of Gracie. It has a better ring, doesn't it?"

"Definitely." Maddi agreed.

"So talk to me, love."

"Are you sober enough?"

"100% babe." Grace nodded, patting Maddi's hair.

"Ok, long story short. My best friend from 10 years ago, turned out to be Niall from One Direction and I had no idea about it and now I'm going to the concert and I feel like a big giant fool." Maddi gushed out, leaving Gracie bug eyed.

What seemed like hours of consideration, Gracie sighed and contemplated an answer.

"What did you just say...?" Grace murmured.

"I feel like a giant fool?"

"No no no. Before that."

"Um... My friend from 10 years ago is Niall..." Maddi said slowly, preparing herself for the screams she knew would come out of Gracie's lungs.

"Niall? Niall Horan? THE Niall Horan? The one and only Niall Horan from One Direction is your friend?!" Grace stuttered out getting louder and louder as the sentence ended.

"Shhhh!" Maddi hissed, holding her finger up to Grace's mouth. "Please don't say it loud..."

"This is so exciting!!!" She squeaked, unable to wipe the grin of her face, "I can't wait to meet him!"

"What?" Maddi exclaimed, "Who says you're going to meet him?"  

"Well your going to introduce us, arn't you?" Gracie said, pouting. 

Maddi frowned. If she didn't go to the concert, her friends would be heart broken but this is Niall they're talking about! He's not as special as everyone thinks he is.

"We'll see." Maddi whispered, running her fingers through her hair.

Gracie looked relieved," For a second I thought you would go all stupid and say you weren't coming." She giggled.

Maddi laughed lightly, trying to cover up the lie.

"So are we going to tell the others?" Gracie asked excitingly.

"Mmmhm. I guess." Maddi agreed.

Gracie jumped off the couch and ran up stairs, yelling for Bella and Sammie.

Maddi closed her eyes for a second and tried to clear her mind.

"Maddi?" Sammie muttered behind her. Maddi blinked her eyes open and rolled over on the couch to face them.

"Yeah?" She smiled.

"Why the hell is Niall tweeting me?" She said.

Maddi was confused, shouldn't she be happy?

"And why the hell is he saying your not coming to the concert?" Sammie frowned, putting her hands on her hips.

"Guyyys..." Maddi started but was just cut off by Bella.

"You've got some explaining to do and please, do it before the pizza guy comes." She said, dragging up a chair and sitting in front of the couch that Maddi was lying across.

Maddi sighed and started to think how she would begin.


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