Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


14. One Tequila

 "ONE TEQUILA, TWO TEQUILA, THREE TEQUILA...." Greg yelled, heavily pouring tequila into 3 small shot glasses. He was well past tipsy, even though it was barely past 1 in the afternoon.

"Slow down on the liquor mate." Niall whispered to Greg, trying to wrench the tequila out of Greg's clenched hand.

"Nup nup nup. not for you little bubby Niall!!!" Greg slurred, pulling the bottle to his chest.

Maybe it was the change in Niall's concerned eyes that made Maddi interfere but without thought Maddi placed her hand softly on Greg's tense arm and slowly pulled the bottle away.

Greg looked down at Maddi's hand then up at her, confusingly- as if his expression was asking a question.

"You've got 3 shots. Use them well." Maddi nodded towards the overfilled glasses on the bench top. Without any warning, Greg snatched one glass, yelled out 'ONE TEQUILA!' and shot it down with one flick of his hand. This repeated with the second soon after, though as much as Maddi found this amusing, Greg started swaying uneasily and was mumbling something incoherently. Maddi smiled and dragged up a chair behind her and pushed Greg's shoulder lightly so he would land in it.

Greg looked at the last shot, questioning if it was really a good idea. Maddi looked at Niall who was smirking at his supposedly older and more mature brother.

"Going to finish the last shot, little baby Greggie?" Niall cooed, pinching Greg's cheeks.

"I'm no little! You just jealous cause you can't hold your liquor!" Greg mumbled, fiddling with Niall's shirt aggressively.

"Go to bed mate." Niall laughed, nudging Greg's arm.

"NO!!" Greg shouted, which caused Maddi to jump and take a step back but only made Niall laugh louder. Maddi must admit she did miss Niall's laugh. She could recognise his laugh anywhere. There was just a certain feeling about it that made you want to laugh along with him. It was contagious.

Greg pushed himself off the chair to stand up and wobbled over to the bar counter, where he grabbed the shot, whimpered "Three Tequila" and swallowed it. Greg closed his eyes briefly, then tried to make it back to the chair- not succeeding what so ever. He tripped over his own feet and landed flat on the floor- asleep.

"One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor." Niall chuckled, nudging snoring Greg with his foot. "Help me get him to his room?" He looked up at Maddi with pleading eyes.

Maddi rolled her eyes and nodded- lifting Greg's dead arm onto her shoulder.


**********One hour earlier**********

"I love what you've done with the place." Helen complimented as they walked through the house. Maddi smiled, noticing her parents laughing and smiling during the conversation with Maura.

"You right love?" Greg asked Maddi, noticing her long-faced expression.

Maddi snapped out of her quick day-dream. "Y-yeah. I'm right. Sorry. Just thinkin bout something." she stuttered. He smiled and put his arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer.

"Let's eat." he grinned.

Maddi notice that Niall kept glancing at her. She had no idea why, but she had never seen him look at her that way before. There was something about him that was different and strange. It was something about his eyes. The yearning look that lingered in them. He had almost an apologetic look on his face. Like he is saying sorry to her. 'But what for?' Maddi asked herself. She kept following everyone else through the house, past the kitchen, out the backdoor and onto the patio. They all stood around near the frosted glass table already laid out with fancy place settings. Maddi remembered Maura always had everything perfect whenever there were guests over.

A silence fell over the room. I guess we haven't seen or heard each other for 10 years so how would we know what have changed and what hasn't.

"Um, Greg how has work been going? He's running his own company you know." Maura piped up, gaining the attention of everyone in the room.

Greg looked over at Maura and his face suddenly tensed up slightly, but then softened when he noticed Maddi's eyes gazing upon him.

"Ah, yeah it's going fine." Greg glanced over at Niall who was looking staring down Maura.

Maddi could slice the tension with a butter knife- only someone with common sense could understand that there was a family 'dilemma'.

Maura smiled, not noticing the death stares aiming at her.

"Have the profits risen?" She continued, "Because you know, your rent is due soon."

Greg's face reddened a bit and he loudly swallowed. Before Greg opened his mouth, Niall quickly jumped to the chase.

"Lunch, yeah? I'm starvin!" He exclaimed, herding everyone into their seats.

"I'll help you in the kitchen." Helen offered, following Maura back inside. The rest of them sat awkwardly in silence for a few minutes. Just as Maddi expected though, her Dad cleared his throat and scooted out his chair.

"I'll go help the ladies." He muttered and removed himself from the inexistent conversation.

"Well we're just bustling with our conversation, aren't we!" Jack chatted, breaking the quietness.

"How's school going for ya, ah Jack?" Niall chuckled, nudging his pessimistic brother, who jumped out his own little world to pay attention to the one in front of him.

"Yeah it's good. I guess." Jack shrugged. "It's a bit annoying that I don't know anyone. I kinda miss my friends in Australia."

"Fair enough." Niall admitted. Again it was an awkward silence, until the adults reappeared with the food, setting it down on the table and taking their seats. A waft of aroma's arose from the beautiful roast chicken dish presented.

"This smells amazing." Maddi mentioned, showing a smile. Her stomach grumbled from hunger and the smell made it a whole lot worse.

Everyone started eating, mostly in silence but with the casual short conversation being thrown in. When everyone had finished, the adults cleared the table, again leaving an awkward atmosphere. Maddi assumed that Maura could feel the awkward tension and tried to lighten up the conversation.

"So Maddi, any special boy in your life?" She pried, having a sly smile on her overly made up face.

"Nah! Didn't she tell you? She's as gay as Elton John!" Jack snickered, sending the table into giggles.

Maddi rolled her eyes and smacked his arm gently, giving him a hint that hell's going to go down when they get home.

"No, I don't." Maddi confessed.

"But she did." Jack added.

"Yeah I did but that didn't really end very well." Maddi sighed, looking down at the table.

Rob cleared his throat. "Ah, yes... what about you boys? Any lucky ladies in this family?"

Greg looked at the wide-eyed people at the table, interseted at the convesation about to develop.

"Greg does. Annie." Maura smiled kindly. "How long have you two been going out for again sweetie?"

Greg looked down at the table. "4 years." he mumbled. Helen and Rob nodded their heads awkwardly.

Maura added, "They're a perfect couple. I wish he would hurry up and propose to her already because then hopefully I'll have grandchildren soon... Niall doesn't really seem to want to settle down anytime soon. He's only eighteen but I was settled down with Bobby by then."

"And we all know how that turned out, don't we." Niall butted in.

Maura gave her son a glaring look. "Yes..." she said slowly. "We do. Doesn't mean you can't settle down."

"Mum! I'm only eighteen. Times have changed since you were my age. People apparently don't grow up as fast anymore."

"Clearly." Maddi said quietly. She was sitting next to Niall so he obviously heard her.

"And do you know what's really annoying?" Niall emphasised. "When people think you're not mature enough for them." he said, motioning in Maddi's direction. "Or, when people steal you're food. Or when people don't pick up their phone calls. Or when people don't text you back." Everyone noticed the anger rising inside of him. "Or when you try to help someone and they get angry at you even though it would have ended badly for them. Or..."

Maddi cut them off. "Or when people lie to you and pretend they don't know you when they actually do. Or 'forget' to keep in touch with you for so many years." Niall and Maddi were talking directly to each other now.

Everyone knew something was going on but didn't know exactly what. Except for Greg. In the middle of the argument, he stood up and left the table. "Thanks for lunch. Lovely to see you again guys. Sorry it was so awkward. I gotta go now." and he walked out of the room.

The fighting stopped as Helen, Rob and Maura gave their children the sternest look ever. Niall and Maddi looked down at the table, a little bit embarrassed.

"Maybe you two should go see what's wrong." Maura suggested kindly. Maddi and Niall stood up at the same time, silently.

"Here." Rob said, throwing Maddi the car keys. Maddi had just gotten her red 'p' plates before she came back to Ireland but she was still legally allowed to drive here. Her and Niall walked out to the front of the house and hopped in the car.

"Where do you think he went?" Maddi asked, starting the engine.

Niall thought for a moment. "Most likely his place. He's not very creative with places to go. he usually like staying home. We can try anyway." Maddi nodded and reversed out of the driveway. The ride to Greg's place was silent and felt like it took forever, even though it was probably only about 2 minutes.

They pulled up to his place and got out of the car. They could see some movement through the half closed curtains.

"Yeah he's home." Niall mentioned as they walked up to the front door.

"Or there's a robber." Maddi added. Niall looked over at her with an unenthused look plastered on his face.

"Really?" He asked. She shrugged her shoulders.

"It's possible." she smirked. Niall shook his head and chuckled slightly to himself. He knocked on the big, wooded door. 

"Greg?" he called out.

"Go away!" a half drunken voice came from inside.

"Greg. We want to apologise. Just let us in. Please." Niall requested.

There was a moment of silence before the door was opened. "It wasn't you two." Greg sighed, motioning for Maddi and Niall to come inside. They noticed he was on his way to being tipsy already. He must have started drinking fast.

"What's up then mate?" Niall asked. Maddi could hear the worry in his voice. She always admired how close Niall and Greg were. Their bond obviously had grow over the years as well.

Greg made a big sigh. He walked over into the lounge room and flopped on the couch, picking up the half-full bottle of whiskey on the coffee table and taking a big mouthful. Niall looked over at Maddi and they walked into the lounge room as well.

"The company is going broke." He mumbled, taking another sip of whiskey. Niall sat down next to him.

"It's alright mate." He sighed. "You won't be alone. Annie understands right? Or haven't you told her?"

Greg took another big mouthful of the liquor. "We split up."

"Oh..." Niall murmured. "I'm sorry bud." Maddi sat down on the other side of him.

"It's ok Greg. She didn't deserve you anyway. She doesn't know what she's missing out on."

Greg kept drinking the whiskey. "A failure. She's missing out on a failure. And I wouldn't blame her for not wanting to be a part of a failure's life. If I was her, I would have left a LONG time ago." He emphasised the 'long' in the sentence.

"That's not true." Maddi reassured. "Your mum loves you. Your dad loves you. Niall loves you. I love you. You're not a failure."

"I don't even know how I'm going to tell mum that there isn't going to be a wedding soon. There probably will never be one for me." His words started slurring together as he guzzled down the now almost empty bottle.

"Woah.. steady down. Since when did my brother be a depressed soul?" Niall demanded, whisking the bottle out of his hand and setting it down on the counter.

"Don't be a prick." Greg muttered, staggering up to the bar counter and setting himself down on one of the stools.

"Hey, if your going to drink your life away, at least do it with some balls." Niall chuckled, reaching down behind the counter and bringing up a clear tequila bottle, clanging some shot glasses with it.

Niall graciously poured the liquor into the glasses and handed one to both Maddi and Greg.

Maddi looked the shot hesitantly then up at Niall, who had this sly evil- like grin on his face.

"I'm only 17." she said hesitantly

"Don't be a hard-arse, Maddi." Greg bellowed, winking at her.

She rolled her eyes and threw back the shot, grimacing as the tequlia burnt her throat.

"That'a girl." He breathed out, looking back at his shot.

"One tequila!" He announced, shooting the liquor down then slamming his shot glass hard onto the table.


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