Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


15. Not Most Girls

Maddi and Niall both chucked a drunk and extremely heavy Greg flat on his bed.

"I miss Annniiiee..." Greg mumbled, slowly pulling himself up onto a pillow.

"I know buddy, you'll get her back. " Niall whispered, pulling the drawn back duvet over Greg.

"Night Greggie." Maddi said softly, walking closer to the bed frame and lightly pecked his cheek.

Greg weakly opened his eyes and looked up at Maddi, softly smiling.

"It's only 1 in the afternoon. it's not good night. It's good afternoon.

"Just go to sleep Greg." Niall chuckled.

"I don't feel good." He whined, pulling Maddi's arm down so that she feel to her knees.

"You just need to sleep." She whispered, using her free hand to stroke his hair.

"You.. you" He stuttered to Maddi, battling against his droopy eyes.

"What mate?" Niall chuckled from the doorway.

"You..remind me of ..ah ..ah." He continued, closing his eyes.

"Remind you of what?' Maddi asked gently, removing his hand from her wrist and laying it down next to him.

Maddi could hear Niall chuckling from behind them, seeing that Maddi was basically on top of Greg.

"You remind me of Hayley." Greg said the in tiniest of whispers, slightly opening his eyes to look up at Niall, who had shut up almost instantaneously.

"She's the kindest girlfriend you ever brought home." He spoke to Niall, stuttering his words at the end.

"Yeah well, that's in the past. Hayley isn't mine anymore." Niall uttered roughly, causing Maddi to look up at him.

Noticing the tension, Maddi stepped away from Greg and slowly moved to the doorway, which Niall was leaning up on.

"It's a compliment Maddi, no matter what he says." Greg muttered, weakly pointing up at Niall then letting his arm fall back on the bed.

"Thankyou, Greggie." She spoke, ducking under Niall's leaning arm to get out of the room.

Maddi made her way down stairs, hearing Niall whispering to Greg harshly. Being not bothered to listen on, Maddi found her car keys on the bar bench and started walking towards the front door.

"So are you just going to ditch me?" Niall joked, walking down the hall from Greg's bedroom.

Maddi spun around to face him. "Uhh... I have to go home and pack." She continued her walk to the door.

"What are you packing for?" Niall questioned, walking forward to block Maddi's way from the exit.

"Um... Why do you care?" she replied, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Just curious." He smirked, leaning up against the door frame.

Maddi rolled her eyes. "If you have to know, I'm going back to Australia for a few weeks to see my friends. They're dragging me to go to some concert they got tickets to."

"Ohhh..." Niall dragged out. "Who are you going to see?" He queried.

"Does it matter?" Maddi asked again, trying to dodge around him. "Why do you want to know anyway?"

He put his hand up, blocking her escape again. "Cause I'm a curious Irishman." he smiled, adding in a wink at the end.

She groaned and rolled her eyes. "Ok, you're not allowed to judge me though. I know they're one of those typical poppy teenage bands, but I don't even really like them. My friends do. I mean, I don't even know any of their names or whatever. I don't even like them or their music. I'm just going because my friends want to go.." She was cut off.

"One Direction?" He smirked.

Maddi was silent for a moment. "....Yes... See! You're judging me!" she complained.

"No I'm not." He chuckled, adding another wink. "They're amazing."

"Don't be an idiot." she smiled, playfully hitting him. Niall smiled at her.

"Can I come with you to pack? I really don't want to go home right now." He begged, following her to the car.

"If you really want. It will probably be boring for you."

"Anything will be better than back there." he admitted

"Fine. Tag along, but you raid my fridge, you restock." Maddi chuckled, jumping in the driver's seat and pushing the key into the ignition.

"No promises." Niall muttered, clicking his seatbelt in.

Maddi reversed out of the driveway and hit the gutter roughly. Maddi groaned and eased up on the brake.

She could feel Niall's eyes burning into her head and which just made her crack an embarrassed smile.

"I'm still a bit rusty..." She rolled her eyes.

"I can see that. I thought we were experiencing some turbulence." Niall criticised.

"I can drop you off at the nearest brothel if you want." Maddi challenged, causing Niall to raise his hands in surrender.

"No thanks." He chuckled, pulling out his phone and texting someone.

"Um so, why do you hate One Direction?" Niall questioned, not looking up from his phone.

"If I answer, can I ask one back?" Maddi queried, looking briefly over at him.

"Yeah sure, whatever." He rushed, dropping his phone into his lap and fixing his attention on Maddi.

"Ah, alright. I guess I like more original bands. More down to earth and meaningful. One Direction are just a bunch of teenagers singing songs to 11 year olds, telling them that they're beautiful and wanting them to buy their albums for their money."

"You really believe that?" Niall uttered, causing Maddi to glance quickly over at him.

"Kinda yeah. I'm more of an Ed Sheeran girl. I mean some of One Direction's songs I love, like Little Things and More Than This but I don't think I could ever be a hard-core 'have my babies', 'cry when I see them' Directioner. " Maddi explained. "I mean, I don't even know anything about them so I shouldn't judge, but, I dunno. They don't really do anything for me.

"Fair enough." Niall commented, now moving his eyes out the front windscreen.

"Why do you care anyway?" Maddi asked, glancing back over at him.

"Like I said, I'm just a curious person. I just like to know the different views that people have on different things. I mean, I'm surprised because most girls your age around here absolutely love One Direction."

Maddi smiled. "Well, I think you might learn very quickly that I'm not 'most girls'."

"I've guessed that already." Niall added. There was a moment of silence before they pulled up to Maddi's place and Niall commented something before they got out of the car.

"You've changed Maddi." He said.



"In a good way or a bad way?" She asked.

He looked at her for a moment. "Well, you've obviously grown up. So that's a good thing."

She smiled. "Thanks. What about my personality?"

"Well... That's changed. A lot... Let's just say we are both different people now and have different personalities." He looked down at the floor in the car.

"Yes... we can say that." Maddi looked out of the window. "Um... Wanna go inside?" she asked, opening the door and getting out of the car.

Niall nodded and also got out, grabbing his phone that had fallen onto the floor of the car. They walked up to the front door and Maddi got her keys out of her bag. She unlocked the door and walked inside.

"Nice place." Niall Acknowledged, looking around the foyer into the lounge room and dining room.

"Thanks. Sorry bout the mess. We haven't finished unpacking yet." Maddi added.

"And you're leaving already?!" Niall queried sarcastically. "Don't you like Ireland anymore?"

"Ha-ha. Maybe I don't because you're here." Maddi admitted.

"Well that's a bit slack!" Niall winked.

Maddi stuck her tongue out at him and smiled. She took her shoes off and threw them near the front door. Niall copied her and followed her into the kitchen.

"Want anything to eat?" Maddi offered.

"Ahh... yeah if you're having anything. By the way, did you let your parents know where we are?"

"Yeah. I texted mum and told her we were okay."

"Cool." He smiled.

"Want some cookies?" Maddi asked, her head buried in the pantry.

"Sure." He replied. Maddi backed out of the pantry with a container of cookies and put them on the bench and opened the lid.

"Did you make these?" Niall asked, picking one up and taking a bite.

"Yeah. Yesterday afternoon." Maddi said, doing the same thing.

"They're good." He admitted with a mouthful of cookie. Maddi smiled.

"Thanks. Come on. I gotta pack. You can help me seeing's though you're here." They went upstairs and into her bedroom.

"Sorry if it's messy." Maddi warned before they went in.

"It's alright. Mine is really messy too." He said as they walked in. Niall wandered around her room while Maddi grabbed a big suitcase out of the cupboard in the hallway.

"Are these your friends?" Niall called out to Maddi as he picked up a picture frame that was on her bedside table. Maddi came back into the room and dumped the suitcase on the floor.

"Yeah." She walked over to him.

"Who's who?" he asked.

"Well, they're my best friends Bella, Sammie and Grace." she said, pointing to each of the people in the picture.

"Who's this?" Niall asked, pointing to Luke.

"Ahh.." Maddi grabbed the photo frame off him and placed it face down on the beside table. "That's Luke. He's not really my friend anymore."

Niall stood there awkwardly for a moment before he fixed the photo frame back up and sat down on Maddi's bed. Maddi opened her wardrobe door and sighed.

"Packing is the worst." She huffed, grasping several clothes and yanking them off their hangers.

"Yeah, but unpacking is worse." Niall answered, lying on Maddi's bed and playing with his phone.

"True true."

Maddi chucked her clothes into her open suitcase and moved around to her drawers, sorting through then throwing it somewhere close to the rest of the growing pile.

Niall was totally oblivious to what was going on around him until Maddi fell next to him.

"Done." She uttered and pulled out her own phone.

Niall looked over to her with a confused smirk.

"What?" She questioned, nudging him.

"Nothing. It's just I was expecting it to take you a couple of hours to pack, not minutes." He chuckled.

"I just couldn't be bothered to actually sort through my clothes. I'll probably just end up borrowing my friend's anyway." Maddi admitted.

"I borrow heaps of my friend's clothes too." Niall answered, preoccupied with his own phone. "It's just I thought all girls were fussy on that sort of thing." He carried on.

"Well as I said before, I'm not all girls." She smiled.

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