Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


13. In Luncheon Attire

Maddi got out of the shower and put on her tracksuit she had chucked on the toilet seat. She wrapped a towel around her hair and walked out into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She noticed a bruise on her shoulder creeping upwards on her neck. She rolled her shoulders back trying to release the pain and tension riding into her muscles. She walked out of the bathroom and over to the stairs, just to be greeted with her parents at the bottom

"Maddi, We need to talk to you about something." Her dad said sternly.

Maddi rolled her eyes and groaned in frustration.

"I DIDN'T HAVE SEX! I'M STILL A VIRGIN! " Maddi yelled, pushing past her parents to get to the laundry, dumping her dirty clothes furiously in the washing basket.

Her parents followed her through the hallway, whispering secretly to each other. She could hear her Dad asking about his daughter's innocence.

"Sweetie, we weren't going to talk about that, but we can if you need to." Her mum said kindly, cutting off her husband. "We were going to tell you that we have been invited to Maura's place for lunch tomorrow."

Maddi snapped out of her imaginary state and focused on what her mum just said.

"Is Greg gonna be there?" Maddi asked hopeful.

"Yes he is." her mum smiled.

"And Niall." Her dad added, ruining the exciting moment. Maddi's face dropped- she didn't feel like seeing Niall! Never mind even speaking to him.

Maddi grumbled under her breath. "Of course he is."

"Yes Maddi! Of course he is! He does live there." Maddi's dad started to get angry and loose his cool. "I understand that you and Niall haven't gotten on since we moved back here, but Maura is really excited to see you and Jack and it will not take a lot from you to suck it up and be kind for a day. Please Maddi. One day! Don't let your feelings take over your emotions!"

Maddi was silent in shock. Her dad hasn't yelled like that in ages. It made her feel really bad that she was the reason behind it. Usually her dad was a happy, carefree person. He was especially happy since moving to Ireland and she knew that her parents really loved their jobs here and Maddi did have to suck up her feelings and be supportive of her parents.

Maddi sighed. She was being immature and to be completely honest, she would be sick of herself as well. 

"O-ok dad." Maddi said quietly.

"Thank you." he sighed.

It was silent for a moment when Maddi's mum broke the silence, "Well dinner's ready so, let's eat. Jack! Dinner's ready!" she yelled, walking into the kitchen. Maddi and her dad awkwardly turned to walk into the kitchen where her Mum's deadly meatloaf awaited them.

************************next day********************************

"Maddi get your big fat arse out of your big fat bed!!!!" Jack yelled into Maddi's ear early in the morning.

Maddi rolled over to face her pubescent, alienated brother.

"Get your flea infested face out of my air bubble otherwise I'll be sure to strangle you in a maximum of 10 seconds." Maddi whispered roughly with her morning voice.

"You fuc..." Jack started, before Maddi flicked her leg out of the covers and kicked him straight in the balls.

Jack fell to the ground, tenderly covering his groan with his hands.

"You suck!! I hate you!" He shrieked, having a testi-pop through the middle of 'suck'.

"And you blow but hey, no judging." Maddi smiled gently, unwrapping the covers around her and making her way to the bathroom.

Maddi closed the door and giggled when she heard Jack stumble out of her room groaning with pain. That will teach him, she thought, washing her face with cold water.

Maddi started undressing to hop in the shower when she noticed the bruise on her neck. It was massive! It hadn't been that big last night. The bruise now covered majority of her neck and had a purple and deep blue look to it.

"Well, that's just dandy."

Maddi decided to skip her shower since she had one last night and put on a summer dress with three quarter sleeves.

"I knew it was a good thing to buy this." She whispered under her breath as she looked at her reflection through the mirror. She took out her hair straightener and turned it on. Whilst waiting for it heat up, Maddi realised she forgot to let Cassidy, her boss, know that she couldn't work today. She quickly ran back into her room and jumped onto her bed to grab her phone on her bedside table. She quickly texted Cassidy telling her she couldn't go in today. She knew she would be fine. Cassidy was very lenient towards Maddi working. She knew she only moved here and her parents would probably have a few things for her to do so she didn't really mind if Maddi took a day or two off. 

Maddi walked backed into the bathroom and picked up her straightener and started curling her hair. With each turn of her hand, each hair strand resulted in a soft bouncy curl which she then brushed her fingers through to make a wave. Maddi finished her hair and observed her work in the mirror. She sighed and glanced done at the makeup that was covering her vanity. Maddi always wanted to be one of those girls that had perfect hair and flawless skin; the ones that were plastered across magazines and TV. She wanted to be one of those girls! The girls that artists sing about in their songs and then kiss in their music videos. 

Yes, Maddi knew that imperfections make a girl perfect and all that jibber-jabber but doesn't mean she believes it. To prove it, in Year 9 she was confident that she was ugly. Quote: 'I'm uglier than a poo, I'm going to end up as a low paid prostitute and no one will ever love me!" 

Lets just say Gracie, Bellsie and Sammie knocked that thought right out of her head fast.

Maddi groaned inwardly and started dabbing foundation lightly on her fingertips and brushing it onto her cheeks. Maddi heard someone lean against her doorway, watching her in the bathroom.

"I don't know why you put that gunk on your face." Jack muttered, eyeing Maddi's every movement.

Maddi really didn't know either; maybe it was just a self- confidence thing.

"It's sloppy and gluey. Basically, it's paint that goes on your skin." Jack continued, ignoring Maddi's directed glares through the mirror.

"I know it hides spots and all that, but hey, I'm surviving without it! But I guess I'm much more good looking than you." He added, purposely driving Maddi up the walls.

"You suck." Maddi whispered, loud enough for Jack to hear.

"And you blow but hey, I'm not one to judge." He shrugged, Maddi hissed at his words. She was sick of all this sex infected talk.

Maddi turned and pegged her hairbrush at Jack, though he only dodged it.

"I'm going to give you 10 seconds to get the hell out of my room." Maddi spat harshly.

"Ok, ok; but I just wanted to say Mum wants us in the car in now," Jack whipped out his phone to check the time," 3 minutes, exactly."

"Swell." Maddi groaned sarcastically as she pushed past her brother to reach her bag on her bed.

"Are you going to be rude and all that cause Niall's there?" Jack whispered form behind her.

"Cause he has apologised heaps and he doesn't deserve that crap." He continued hesitantly as Maddi froze at the sound of his words.

"How di..." Maddi spun around only to see Jack holding up her phone.

Before Maddi could register the amount of anger about to rise out of her mouth, Jack threw her phone into her bag and ran out of her door.

"JACK!!!" Maddi screamed after him, grabbing her bag and following him down the stairs.

By the time Maddi made her way down stairs in her heels, she could see Jack climbing into the car. She huffed and turned to her Mum, who was talking randomly to herself.

"Ready to go?" Maddi spoke clearly, announcing her presence.

"Yep! Out of the house!" Helen said, pushing Maddi out of the door and locking it behind her. Maddi made her way to the car and climbed in the back subtly next to her brother. She knew he still had her phone but she didn't want to make a big fuss about it. To her surprise, Jack gave up and handed her the phone. She took a confused glance at him.

"You're lucky I'm feeling kind today." he leant over and whispered, "Please be nice today. For mum and dad's sake."

Maddi gulped. She didn't want to be her usual bitchy, stubborn self, but she really did not feel like being around Niall today. Especially after what has happened since she got back to Ireland.

She fastened her seatbelt and the car started driving. Where they were going was only a short drive, probably only ten minutes. Mullingar isn't a particularly big town. There's only one main shopping street and you can get from one side of it to the other in under fifteen minutes.

The drive agitated Maddi a lot. She was angry for some reason and had no idea why. She knew she was angry at Niall but it wasn't as much anger as she was feeling now. She had no idea what was going on. She guessed it was a little bit of homesickness. Yes, Ireland was her home again but it didn't feel like that to her. She missed Australia. She missed her old house. She missed school. She missed her dog who they had to leave behind. She missed her friends the most. The people who were always there for her through the good times and the bad. Through the boyfriend breakups and the makeups. The birthday's and the celebrations. The long phone calls in the middle of the night because you're worried about something. The long text conversations that cost a whole lot of money. The sleepless sleepovers. Maddi always wondered why they are called sleep overs. You hardly ever sleep at them. You usually stayed up all night talking about school, and boys and crushes. Maddi knows that her friends are only a phone call away but it's not the same. It's not the same as getting a hug at school or going over to their house randomly just to say hello. And Maddi was very busy at the moment so the phone calls never really go for very long anymore. Maddi didn't want to drift apart from her friends. That's why this short trip back to Australia will be good for Maddi to see her friends again. Even if its only for a week.

They arrived at Maura's place and got out of the car. Maddi noticed her parent's faces light up when she came out of the front door. Even though Maddi was still really young when they moved to Australia, she remembered that her parent's and Maura, Bobby were really close. Maddi remembered her mum telling her that Bobby and Maura had split. Maddi didn't even know why her mum told her but it was a bit of a shock because they are both really sweet and they got along really well. At least they don't hate each other and still talk. It's good fro Niall and Greg. Maddi knows the full force of parents splitting. Grace's parents split when she was 13. It was really hard for Grace because her parents didn't want to see each other and there was a huge custody battle that went on for months. It really messed Grace up, but she doesn't really mind now.

Maura came up and gave Helen a huge hug.

"It's so good to see you!" she said excited, moving on to hug Maddi's dad. Greg came out of the house, followed by Niall. They went and hugged Maddi's mum and shake her dad's hand. They got to Jack and play-tackled him as a hello. Maddi laughed a bit. It satisfied her to see her brother getting attacked by someone other than herself. Greg helped Jack off the ground and went up and hugged Maddi.

"Long time no see love." he winked and hugged her. Maddi smiled and hugged him back.

"Come on! Move over. You're turn is up." Maura came over, pushing Greg aside and hugging Maddi tightly.

"You've grown up so nicely Maddi. It's so good to see you!"

Maddi grinned. It was really good to see Maura again. She was the sweetest person Maddi has ever met. Her son's took after that as well, even if she didn't really get along with one of them. They were really nice guys. They wouldn't hurt a girl in anyway. They take your feelings into consideration and Maddi really missed that.

"Well let's go inside!" Maura exclaimed. Maddi smiled. She looked over to Niall. He gave her a half smile but he didn't go and hug her. She was alright with that. Maddi didn't blame him for not wanting to hug her. She had been a bitch to him lately so it was fair enough he didn't really want to be around her, Maddi wouldn't want to be around herself either.


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