Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


10. 'Hi...It's me...'

The short walk home gave Maddi some more time to think. The cool air made Maddi's fingers and nose numb. She let a few small tears fall onto her cheeks, she quickly wiped them away. "Why should I be crying over him?" Maddi asked herself. It had been a long day and she just wanted to go to bed. It was only 4pm but it was already getting dark. She shuffled up her driveway and knocked on the front door. Her dad opened it. She didn't even say anything but hugged him tightly, sobbing into his chest. He held her tight and tried calming her down.

"What's wrong honey?" he asked compassionately.

"N-nothing." Maddi sobbed.

"Sweetie, you can talk to me about anything. You know that." Her dad reassured her. Maddi did know that and told him everything in one big sentence.

"I caught up with Greg but Niall was there and we had a big fight and then I was a bitch but I didn't mean to be but I was and now I'm confused cause he wants to catch up but I don't know!" Maddi gushed out

"Bu.." He started, but was quickly cut off by Maddi.

"It's nothing, Dad." With that, Maddi marched into the house and straight to her room- slamming her head down on her pillow.

Halfway through her anger/confused/annoyed/tired/frustrated filled cry, Maddi jolted up at the sound of her phone buzzing through her jean pocket. She retched the phone out of her tight fitting pocket and took a look at the message.

*Grace is a sexy beast xox*

Maddi unlocked her phone and opened the text message that her friend had sent her. It read:

'Hey my bitch! Hope ur all good :) Sam, bellsie and I just wanted to tell you that we won front row 1D tickets for their concert in a few weeks! We noe u were never really into them but it would be cool to all go together. It would b really good to see you since u think skype is dangerous. R u out of ur flipping mind? Skype is the most friendly and un dangerous program in the whole freakin world! That beats facebook by heaps! So listen or just um read... we hav literally found every penny under the family couch and worked our butts off to raise enough money to get u back down to Aus- So i'm sending u the money through the intergalactic air to ur account and I expect ur lazy sexy arse to be on a plane and come down to ur bitches!! Love u bub xxxxxxx'

Maddi was really confused about the message she had just read. She had only just come to Ireland and she was going to go back to Australia for a holiday? She replied to the message with a very concentrated face.

'Hey Gracie! What r u goin on about? Mum and dad would never agree. Love u too xxx'

Maddi always knew Grace was a fast texter but from the length of the message she wrote back she thought she had probably already written the message before she even replied. Maddi chuckled at how well Grace knew her and what Maddi would always reply back.

'Screw ur parents! actually dont... thats disgusting :) hehe anywayyy ive talked to ur parents its all good buddy! Yeh yeh i know.. im bloody amazing :) its was actually a pleasant convo they like me alot haha. Met any sex gods up ther?? I want a slice of irish too!! so make friends.. i could climb them lik a jungle gym! ;) xx'

'You're disgusting. You know that? I dont even know y im friends with u. You perverted girl ;) haha. Alrighty... thanks soooo much for everything! Thank Bellsie boo and Sam bam too please. I cant wait to get on that plane and come see you :D  can u please just promise me that I dont have to see Luke... xxxx'

'Um no promises but just to let u know he sorta screwing Jamie Langer... awkward.... i think he still likes u but sam and bells keep punching me for saying it... I dunno madz, after the airport thingy the shit hit the fan and literally spread over all of the flipping states of australia and well he sorta stopped hanging out with us and turned into a man whore and drunko basterdised goth- which means not goth but depressed but still really really hot.. it has to be his little dimple ... um so he kinda chipped in for the moneyyy as well........ awkward.... xxxxxxx'

'Really?! Jamie Langer? Eeww... That's gross... too much information Gracie... I didn't even realise that he took it that bad. I thought he would just move on. I didn't know I meant that much to him. I don't know what to do about it...'

'Well I think you should talk to him when u come down... I know he's acting like a menopausal woman but he kinda gave us 1000 bucks for ur trip + return... be the bigger person madz .. hahah funny coz ur tall :) x'

'Yea ur right... I should... Email me the info bout the flight. Thanks heaps again babe xxxx :)'

'No problemo bubby boo talk to u soon xxxxxxxxxxx'

Maddi sighed and flopped back on her bed letting her phone fall onto her stomach. She rolled over and looked at the alarm clock on her bedside table. It was only 7pm and for a girl who usually stays up all night, she was extremely and utterly exhausted.

Just as she was about to go under, the buzz of her phone went off, indicating a text.

Maddi just buried her head into her pillow and nodded off to sleep, ignoring the illuminated screen, lighting up her bedroom.

*New message from 0467 232 223*

'Hi... It's me, Niall'

The light in her bedroom lasted for a matter of seconds and eventually went black leaving a sleeping Maddi in an amidst of darkness.

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