Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


16. Fingers Crossed

"Did you pack enough clothes sweetheart?" Helen asked Maddi as they were rushing through the airport.

"Yes mum."

"Did you pack your passport?" Rob asked worried.

"Yes dad."

"What about your toothbrush?"

"Yes mum!"

"Have you got enough money?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes and YES!" Maddi said in a now unenthused voice.

Helen and Rob stopped rushing through the airport and stopped and hugged Maddi.

"We are going to miss you honey." Helen said tightly hugging her.

"I-I can't breathe..." Maddi said gasping for her breath.

Maddi's dad let go of her and stood back, facing Maddi straight on.

"Ok. Tell me the rules again." He began.

"Dad... Again? This is like the tenth time." Maddi argued.

"Madeline Teagan O'Neill! You will say those rules as many times as I want so I can trust you to follow them. Okay?" He said sternly.

"Got it." she replied.

"So..." he started.

"No drugs. No Sex. No Alcohol. No Late Nights. No Clubs. No Parties. No Cars. No Boys. No spontaneous shopping trips. No using your credit card stupidly. No jail. No police. No sex with police. No body piercings. No Tattoos. And don't loose my passport." Maddi listed.

"Good girl. Don't forget them." Rob smiled, kissing Maddi on her forehead.

"Have a good trip sweetheart. I'll be expecting a call from you when you land." Helen added, hugging Maddi one last time.

"Ok, sure no problem. Love you too." Maddi said, rushing with anticipation. She grasped her suitcase handle and left her parents behind.

Maddi quickly strode through the customs gate before her dad could dose her with more of his 'amazing' advice.

She lined up and prepared herself for an extremely long flight.




Maddi heard some excited shrieks behind her as she tiredly slumped through the customs gateway at Sydney airport.

"Maddi! Maddi! Maddi!" Maddi turned around just in time to be tackled by Bellsie, Sammie and Grace.

"I missed you sooooooo much!!" She heard Sammie shriek, pressing a kiss against her cheek.

"You look so Irish!!!!" Bella sarcastically yelled, pulling at Maddi's cheeks.

Maddi looked at Grace who was just squeezing every ounce of air out of her in a massive bone cracking hug.

"It feels so good to be back." Maddi sighed, feeling the humidity and the sticky air clasping to her skin. "It's too cold over there." 

"Your not leaving ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever...." Grace continued, talking into Maddi's shirt.

"Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever never again." Grace ended, straightening up and allowing Maddi to allow some air into her lungs.

"You look so pale!" Sammie exclaimed, gobsmacked.

"I've only been in Ireland for, what, like a 2 weeks?" Maddi questioned, raising her arm to Sammie's and seeing not difference in tan what so ever.

 "I won't hear it!" Sammie butted in, pulling Maddi towards the car park, making Gracie and Bellsie carry her luggage.

"Oh no. I will not deal with this shit." Gracie yelled from behind them, making them turn around to see both of them staring at Maddi's cracked and overflowing suitcase.

Maddi gasped as she realised her suitcase lid had snapped off whilst her friends had crashed tackled her. Her clothes were falling out of the case faster than Grace and Bella were trying to squash them back in.

Gracie looked up at Maddi and Sammie who were just watching them with amused faces.

"Wanna help?" She said sarcastically, raising her eyebrow as the hesitated for a moment.

Maddi and Sammie scampered over and helped squish all of the clothes into a this cracked and lid-less suitcase.

"Ok. New game plan." Bella spoke, taking her bag off of he shoulder and heaving some of Maddi's clothes into it.

Maddi giggled at the spontaneous thought and opened her own handbag, shoving clothes in.

When the pile of the suitcase seems some-what manageable, Gracie lifted the case with both her hands while the others throw their bags back onto their shoulders and started making way towards the exit, when some god awful noise stopped them in their tracks.

"Maddi please tell me that was a dying dog or something." Gracie said cautiously.

"Can we stop at Nandos?" Maddi asked sheepishly, turning a shade of pink and looking down at her feet.

"That was your stomach?! Holy shit Maddi! Did you swallow an alien or something cause that does not sound human!!" Gracie yelled, attracting anxious glances from the passing people around them.

"She's had a long flight. Quit your complaining and bring her suitcase to the car." Sammie ordered, dragging Maddi along with her.

The girls continued their trek to the car park, when they turned around when they heard a loud and extraordinary high pitch squeal.

"If that was your stomach Madz, I am not getting into the car with you." Gracie said, staring at Maddi's tummy.

"Oh my god!" Sammie squealed, turning to shake Bella.

"I totally forgot!!! That means where breathing the same air as them!!!!!!!" Bella jumped up and down.

Maddi looked at Gracie confused but soon figured it out when she saw this mob of these crazed girls round the corner and running like blue murder straight towards the exit. And guess who were standing in the middle.

"Get down low and go, go, go!" Bella yelled, pushing the girls to the side wall.

It was a close call but they just made it by the skin of their teeth.

The girls turned around to face the mob, screaming and carrying on, stumbling over their untied shoe laces and fumbling with their One Direction posters.

"Run you mother f..." Bella started before Sammie clasped her hand over her mouth, giving her a death stare.

"They're like 10 years old! Cut em some slack." Sammie rolled her eyes.

"Come on." Maddi nudged her friends towards the exit and helped Gracie by holding half her suitcase.

When they eventually reached Grace's car, it took all 4 of them to heave Maddi's case into Gracie's small boot.

"How much did you pack!?" Grace huffed, rolling her shoulders to relax her muscles.

"It's less than you ever pack Gracie. You take a bloody caravan to an overnight camp! So you can't speak missy." Bella spoke sarcastically.

Grace stuck her tongue out at Bella and shut the boot. She went around to the driver's door and the girls piled in the car.

"So, you guys never told me where I am sleeping this week." Maddi mentioned.

"No where. You're sleeping on the street." Bella said, turning around from the front passengers seat and giving Maddi a very plain look.

"We're all staying at my place. Mum, dad, and  Katie are out of town. So they let us stay there." Sammie smiled. "Except there's a few rules."

Maddi held up her finger and dug through the bag to find a little notepad, where her dad had written down all of the 'rules.

"No drugs. No sex. No alcohol. No late nights. No clubs. No parties. No boys. No spontaneous shopping trips. No using a lot of money. No jail. No police. No sex with police. No body piercings. And no tattoos." She read out, looking back up at the girls who all shared a similar look- amazement.

"And just when I started dating a copper." Gracie chuckled sarcastically.

"It's the same with all parents. It must be some list in the 'What rules to tell your teenage daughters when you're leaving them alone' handbook." Sammie chuckled. Leaving the girls giggling at their own parent's over controlling nature.

"Well, I want to get smashed!!" Grace exaggerated, keeping her eyes on the road, laughing along with the other girls.

"Gosh I missed you girlies!" Maddi sighed, still slightly laughing.

"Well, you know what they say. God made us best friends because he knew that our mum's couldn't handle us as sisters." Bella commented.

"Amen." Sammie agreed, leaning her head on Maddi's shoulder.

For the rest of the car trip to Sammie's place, the music in the car was turned up full blast and all four girls were bopping away, probably annoying everyone taking a peaceful afternoon walk. It didn't take long until the time drifted away and they arrived at Sammie's house.

"So how is Ireland treating you my precious girl?" Sammie asked sweetly as everyone walked inside the house, heaving Maddi's luggage with them.

"Just damn peachy." Maddi yawned, rubbing her eyes.

"Oh god, your exhausted! Go up to my room. I've set up a bed with your name on it." Sammie gushed, pushing Maddi up the stairs and motioning Gracie to carry her luggage up behind her.

"Aw it's ok. I wasn't going to sit down and give my arms a rest or anything." Gracie huffed, rolling her eyes and stomping up the stairs.

"Thankyou!" Sammie yelled after her, pouring water a glass.

"It's really good to have her back." Bella said to Sammie, taking her water, earning a death stare.

"Hmm." Sammie agreed, narrowing her eyes at Bella.

"Thanks." Bella smiled, throwing back the water and sitting down on the sofa and switching the TV on.

Sammie rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone to check her messages.

"Luke called." Sammie yelled out, looking up at Bella with an anxious glance.

"Shhhhhhhhh!" Gracie hushed, running down the stairs into the kitchen. "We want Maddi to have dreams not nightmares!"  

"But he wants to see her." Sammie whispered, giving her famous puppy pout.

"Let her sleep. His news will take a toll on her. We'll catch up in a couple days but tomorrow it's going to just be a girly day." Bella said, getting up from her chair and joining the conversation.

"Ok but we have to go to the city to shop." Gracie suggested, "We don't want to run into anyone."

"Alright, but no one says anything to do with Luke's news before the concert tomorrow." Bella warns, holding out her pinkie.

"Pinkie promise." Both Sammie and Gracie agrees, linking their pinkies together and smirking at each other.

"How bad could it possibly be?" Sammie shrugged, opening the cupboard and pulling out a bag of chips and sitting on the coach with Bella and Gracie.

"Let's hope that she doesn't have the same feelings for him." Bella sighed, running her hand through her hair.

"Fingers crossed." Gracie agreed, holding up her linked fingers.  

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