Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


24. Calm Your Farm

"Niall, I'm sooorrryy!! How many times do I have to spell it out?" Maddi whined, mentally rolling her eyes at her own pathetic actions.

Niall scrunched his eyebrows and looked away, crossing his arms over his chest like a two year old.

"Come on, you're my Irish buddy!! Don't make me be all mushy and desperate on you!" Maddi continued, hearing the rest of One Direction and the girls giggle behind her as Niall turned his back away from her again. This was all Harry's idea. After Maddi miserably told Harry her predicament, this was the best he could come up with. Beg.

After much consideration, she figured it wouldn't hurt since she did bitch about his life style and what not.

'Great move', she thought, for what must be the billionth time this hour.

"What do you want me to do?! Get on the ground and beg?" She pleaded again.

Niall turned around and arched his eyebrow, suggesting that she should do just that.

"Far out! Rhetorical question! I'm not going to act like a dog just to get your forgiveness! Who do you think I am?" She yelled at him, making Niall now turn around to face her straight on.

"You have no right to yell at me!!" He yelled back.

"Hallelujah! He speaks!" Maddi said.

"What is with you and sarcasm?!"Niall accused, "Or is your brain just wired incorrectly? Just bang it into a wall a couple of times, will you?"

"You would love that, wouldn't you? How about I just kill myself while I'm at it?" Maddi yells back, too absorbed in the argument to concentrate on the things actually being said.

"No. When did I say to kill yourself? Maybe severely injure, but not dead!"

"You pig! You're just angry cause I'm the only girl that doesn't drool over the sight of your bony figure." She snapped back, picking up her purse next to her- getting ready to make her dramatic exit.

"I'm sure when you try and concentrate on my supposed 'bony figure', you're only using your limited imagination on the size of my actual boner!!"

"Oh please, flattery will get you no where. Anyway, girls can only imagine your 'size' since I'm sure your 4 parts gay and 1 part gayer." Maddi snarled, raising her eyebrows awaiting Niall's reaction.

"Alright time to go!" Sammie yelled suddenly, giving Maddi no chance in saying something worse.

"Yes, we need to ahh, sleep." Louis agreed, hastily standing up and opening the door for the girls.

"Ahh wasn't there 4 of you?" Liam asked, double checking by counting the girls like they were sheep.

"Bella's outside, she had to take a phone call or something." Gracie quickly explained, walking over to Maddi and pulling against her jacket in order for her to walk out of the door.

"Bye Niall, bye boys." Grace said, dragging through Maddi the door behind Sammie.

"Yeah see ya. We'll catch up when things aren't so... tense." Harry said, leaning against the door, ready to close it.

"Yeh defs." Grace quickly said, smiling at the fact that the Harry Styles wanted to 'catch up'.

Harry smiled and then frowned when he saw Maddi frown at him, making him quickly close the door.

Sammie counted 7 seconds until Maddi unleashed her..... stress?

"What the hell is up your butt? I needed to finish that argument but nooo you had to butt in like you always do and push me out of the door." Maddi started, yelling at Grace.

"Whoa don't start bitch slapping me now! You were out of line, in fact, you crossed about a million lines and then graffitied the out of bounds area. I had to 'butt in' cause more than likely you would've started a big fuss then dragged everyone in when we have more than one problem to deal with. Have you even noticed that Bella hasn't come back for an hour or so? So get your head out of your arse, because it sure isn't a hat and check your phone." Gracie calmly but harshly threw back at her, making Maddi re-evaluate and open her purse.

One Message: Bellsie :) 

"Yeah look somethings come up need to get home.. caught a taxi, dont worry bout me im all good ill talk to u tomorrow i just gotta deal with something first dont come over cant explain now say bye to the boys for me and maddi dont be so hard on niall ur being a hard arse bitch and u need to get a hold of urself..fix it before u screw it up lik u did with luke. and sammie I'll pick up my crap tomorrow from ur house love u guys xxxxx" 

Maddi lightly tapped her phone against her palm.

"Well that doesn't sound good." She looked at both Gracie and Sammie, "Okay, head successfully out of ass. I'm sorry."

Sammie frowned, "Damn straight your sorry."



Bella grasped another tissue and dabbed at her puffy eyes. She threw away another overdue payment letter and crashed against her ripped sofa. Bella cringed when her tail bone hit the metal structure, exposed by the stuffing that was falling away.  She was losing everything. She hadn't come to terms with that since the diagnosis. Everything was about money now. Money this, money that and you'll lose everything if you have none of it.

Bella looked around. She had nothing left to sell and was clean out of ideas. She refused to sell the house; Bella couldn't bring herself to do it. After all, things could turn around- maybe.

It was a exactly one year and six months today that her Mum was diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease.

From what Bella knew, this disease meant their was limited blood and oxygen getting to her heart as the artery was swollen or something. It didn't matter what the disease was, Bella thought, ultimately her Mum was sick.

Treatment costs $2000 a month and without it, she would die.

Her Mum stayed at the hospital and if she did ever come home, it was only for a maximum of 24 hours.  

Bella's dad left the family a  year ago with that blonde dip-shit that he had an affair with and her sister, well she was 4 year old and had no idea what was going on. So she moved up to live with her Grandpa.

So Bella basically had the whole apartment to herself. Most days she would crash at another person's house for company and security hence why she was staying at Sammie's house at the moment- and because Sammie has heating and it's the middle of winter. Bella's excuse was because Maddi was coming down to Australia and all the girls should have a massive one week sleepover and so she invited Gracie as well.

Insurance refused to pay anymore, since Bella hadn't paid them in a year and her boss declined her a raise.

She bailed out of Uni and spent most of her time at the hospital. She works 30 hours a week and only gets paid for 20.

Today, Bella received the 3rd overdue rent letter of the month and is still waiting for someone to buy her bed off eBay- since she's perfectly capable of sleeping on her sofa.

Her friends don't know about any of this because frankly she's more afraid of what they will think than what will happen if she doesn't ask for their money. It's embarrassing. To have a shabby apartment, a crappy job and still put up with the crap of daily life was something Bella didn't need everyone's sympathy on.

Bella's lost. She's vulnerable and hates it. It's little issues like the things with Luke that make her lose perspective and that's something Bella legitimately can't afford.

The phone call she received earlier this morning really turned a good day into a very very bad one. It was her Mum's doctor who had been strictly ordered to ring every time something happened, no matter how small it was.

Turns out Mummy had another seizure and had a reaction against the treatment. $2000 for a faulty treatment and zero recovery.

Bella rubbed her eyes and stretched out all her sore joints. Sleepiness was slowly dawning upon her even after the three cheap instant coffees that she tossed back.

It was 3:20 am.

Her bus would be here in ten minutes, Bella stood up, collected her things and slowly jogged down to the bus stop which was only a couple of blocks away.

It was a miracle that she got this extra shift at work and luckily, her it ends when the hospital opens so she can go straight there.

When people say time is priceless, they're wrong. The cost of living is freaking expensive and the longer you live the more you have to pay.

Sleep is unproductive and it costs far more than it's worth. Who needs the expense of sleep when instant coffee can be  purchased for less and prevents the loss of productivity.






Sorry this chapter was a long time coming. Thanks for your patience. Hope your enjoying the story and thanks heaps for reading :) xox 

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