Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


18. Big News x2


Just a warning to people who are reading this. There is a bit of swearing in this chapter. If you don't like it, just ignore it. Sorry if we have offended anyone in anyway :) Thanks

Maddi S & Maddi A x



The girls pulled into the drive way after the terribly long day at the shops. They all sighed and plied out of the car, all feeling incredibly tired and sore. Grace popped the boot of her silver car and the four girls proceeded to take the over flowing bags out of the boot. They headed to the house, talking and giggling away until Maddi noticed something and her facial expression dropped immediately, making all the girls stop in their tracks.

"Luke." Maddi said pathetically.

"Maddi." Luke smiled, walking over to her as if he was going to give her a hug. She stepped back, moving out of his reaching range.

An awkward silence fell over the group. Bella cleared her throat. "Um... Yeah... So, we're going to ah... Leave you two alone." she stated, taking Maddi's shopping bags from her and moving inside, Sammie following. Gracie glared at both of them and motioned her head towards the walking problem but only got shut down when Bella roughly shook her head.

Grace rolled her eyes looked back at the Maddi who was already visibly breaking.

Grace pulled Luke aside quickly. "I thought we told you to stay away until she was ready to see you?" she whispered angrily.

"I know but I just had to see her." Luke whispered persistently.

"You're a moron if you think she's going to take you back." Grace rolled her eyes and stepped inside, closing the front door.

Luke took a deep breath and spun around to face an angry looking Maddi.

"So... I missed you. A lot!" he admitted, smiling sweetly.

Maddi didn't respond. She just stood there with her arms crossed, glaring at him.

"Are you alright?" He asked her, looking very confused.

"You're a dick head." she finally spoke, resting her hands on her hips.

"Excuse me?" He replied, shifting his weight on his feet.

"You heard me Luke! You're a dick head! You ruined everything!" She yelled at him.

He stepped away from her, very confused and a little bit scared of her anger.

"Woah woah woah. Slow down there love. How did I ruin everything?"

"You don't remember? Seriously?!" She asked, stunned that he could be so oblivious and not remember back to that day in the airport.

He chuckled to himself. "No. I seriously don't."

"What!? Luke that's not funny! You're the biggest dick I have ever known. How much crack are you on, seriously?!"

"Maddi, please just calm down. Just take a deep breath and chill." He suggested.

"Chill? You're telling me to chill? This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about! You don't think of anyone but yourself! You only remember the things that are important to you! Obviously I'm not on your stupid list of your importance otherwise you would of remembered what happened at the airport!" Maddi yelled again, immediately feeling the strain on her voice. She hated this side of herself and felt horrible because this was the side becoming a real pain lately. She hated being angry but she also hated when people treated her like dirt.

"Ohhhh... That..." Luke realised what she was talking about. "So that's how I 'ruined everything' was it?" He asked sarcastically, using his fingers as quotation marks as he spoke.

"Yes! That! The time you said, 'Maddi I love you. I want to be with you. Don't leave me. I want to be together forever'." Maddi mimicked in a very high girly voice, resulting in Luke glaring at her.

"I wasn't thinking." he mumbled.

"Oh. Really? Like when you've been screwing Jamie Langer? You obviously just don't think!" 

"That is none of your business!" Luke snarled at her.

Maddi laughed sarcastically, "Well the whole world knows it. So you know, I don't wanna be left out of your screwed up life."

"Well at least I'm getting some. You're just jealous because it's not you!" He snapped.

"Seriously? You think I'm jealous of Jamie because she's having sex with you and it's not me?" Maddi clarified, "You are one disgusting son of a bitch! I would never do it with you even if my life depended on it! I actually feel sorry for Jamie. She's probably giving you the sympathy vote."

Luke chuckled. "Doesn't seem like that from what she screams in my ear." He winked.

Maddi covered her ears and shut her eyes quickly. "Gross! You're foul! I really didn't need to know that."

"Well you know it's true." He grinned, taking a step towards Maddi.

"No. She's screaming for you to stop ruining her pussy with your sad, small cock." Maddi snarled at him, making his grin plummet to the ground.

"Your such a bitch." Luke muttered, rolling his eyes and pushing his hands into the pocket of his jeans.

Maddi swore under her breath and clenched her fists. She was sick of all this 'bitch' bullshit! Just because she can't find a polite way to say 'fuck you'!

"Go to Uni or something Luke, I'm finished talking to you." Maddi sighed, feeling emotionally and physically drained.

"No can do." He replied, making no effort to move.

"Why the hell not?!" Maddi yelled, turning around to see Luke smirking at her.

"I didn't want to do Uni and I had other plans."

"Please tell me you're joking." Maddi muttered, feeling her hands cramp up.


Maddi couldn't breathe. This spastic and underdeveloped shit head quit Uni? Just like that? Maddi had spent over 4 months working with him to get in! 4 MONTHS! Every afternoon and every weekend and every holiday, bloody hell, she even did his application! Maddi felt her throat begin to tighten as she tried to swallow. Yeah, best not to shout anymore.

Maddi turned around and started walking down the hill to Sammie's front door.

"So, your not going to talk to me anymore? After everything I've done for you!" Luke yelled after her.

Maddi whipped her head back around, "You have done nothing for me! I have done everything for myself! I'm the one that spent my weekends filling out your bloody Uni application Luke. Not you, me! If you for one second think that I'm going to do another favour for you, you should turn around and get your head out of your arse."

"I had other plans! Those were your plans! Not mine!" Luke defended, yelling down the hill to Maddi at the bottom.

Maddi rolled her eyes and ignored his petty excuse, she opened the gate and walked towards the front door.

"Go see your girlfriend Luke. She'll want your company more than I ever would." Maddi sighed, stretching out her sore hands.

"I'm married." Maddi heard Luke utter.

In that moment, Maddi swear she felt her heart break. That feeling where there is this tightness in your chest and it feels that someone is trying to pull your heart out.

She turned around with tears in her eyes, threatening to spill across her flushed cheeks.

With all the courage Maddi could muster, she opened her mouth hoping that the sobs would hold back. "Congratulations. In the 1, maybe 2 weeks I'm gone, you quit Uni and get married to a girl that bullied me everyday through school. You should be terribly happy."

Maybe it was the light or something, but Maddi could of sworn that she saw tears in Luke's eyes.

"It was a mistake! We were drunk an...." Luke carried on before being cut off.

"As I said, congratulations. You should be with your wife right now Luke, if you can seriously call her that. Not some girl that barely knows you." Maddi said, shaking her head as he tried to follow her down the hill.

"I haven't changed Maddi! I'm still Luke!"

"Bullshit! Have you even seen yourself lately? You're a fucking cow! This isn't you Luke." Maddi turned around and knocked on the door once and could see Sammie rush from the top windows to come down stairs and unlock the door, leaving Grace and Bella secretly watching.

"Your not my Luke though." Maddi let a tear slip from her eye as she faced away from him.

"Yeah. I screwed up. But deep down it's still me." Luke grabbed Maddi's arm and spun her around to face him. "Trust me." He said sincerely.

Maddi diverted her eyes away from him but before she knew what was happening, Luke planted a very passionate kiss onto her lips. Maddi didn't know what had hit her, but in no time at all she pulled away and stepped back.

"YOU FUCKING PRICK!" Maddi snapped. Wiping her mouth on her hand vigorously.

"Come on Madz. I need you. I know you want me." Luke smirked, trying to pull Maddi into another kiss. Before anything else happened again, Maddi slapped Luke right across the cheek.

"Why would you even think about doing that! And you think I want you after all you've done to me!" she yelled, letting more tears spill out of her eyes.

"Because it's true. I missed you so fucking much, it's not even funny." Luke admitted, rubbing his now very sore cheek.

Maddi was now crying a lot. Hearing these words come out of his mouth hurt her so bad. It made her wonder if it was true or not.

"You didn't act like it." she sobbed.

"Every time I was with Jamie, I imagined it was you." He smiled.

"What?! Luke! That is actually disgusting! You're a fucking prick who doesn't care about anyone but himself! And quite frankly I'm done! I'm done with you! I'm done with myself! But most of all, I'm done with this fucking friendship. Goodbye Luke!" Maddi cried, turning around furiously and went inside, slamming the door in his face.

Maddi locked the front door and slid down it, collapsing in a heap on the floor. Sammie wrapped her into a big hug.

"Were you watching?" Maddi whispered, blinking her tears back.

"Yeah." She hesitantly admitted.

"HOLY SHIT!!!!! HE'S CRYING!!!! THAT BITCH IT CRYING!!!" Maddi could hear Grace scream from upstairs.

"The bathroom window has a pretty good view." Sammie muttered, leaving Maddi weakly giggling into her shoulder.

"Come on, lets get into our onesies." Sammie continued, releasing her grip on Maddi and pulling her off of the couch.

Maddi obediently agreed and followed her up the stairs like a lost puppy. Slowly pulling herself along, she stopped at the bathroom door way to see Bella on top of Gracie's shoulders and sticking her head outside of the window.

"YOU RUN LITTLE BOY!!!! RUN WITH YOUR LITTLE LEGS TO YOUR LITTLE HOUSE!!!!" Bella screamed out of the window. Grace was laughing so hard it looked like she was turning blue, though this just made her laugh harder.

Maddi was gobsmacked.

"Get your arses into Sammie's room now!" Maddi roughly spoke, attracting their attention and making them awkwardly untangle themselves.

"Yes ma'am." Gracie saluted, as she marched past Maddi into the bedroom.

Maddi followed them and shut the door behind them, for no reason what so ever, since no one else was home. For effect, she guessed.

"What the hell were you thinking!?" She questioned, amazed at their own stupidity.

"Calm down Mum! That dickhead was being a dickhead! We were just sticking up for you!" Bella laughed, slurring her words slightly.

"Oh shit." Sammie rolled her eyes, pushing both their foreheads back so they fell down on the bed.

"They're drunk." Maddi stated, "We got home 10 minutes ago and they're already drunk?" Maddi said surprisingly.

"Yeahhh." Sammie dragged out," They can't hold their liquor well, what's so ever."

Maddi smiled at the two drunks on the bed. They were having an intense stare battle but where too slow to see if anyone blinked or not.

Maddi looked around the room and noticed that things had changed since she was last here. She hadn't noticed much last night because she was so tired but now she had all the time in the world to look around.

"You changed your room." Maddi said to Sammie, turning to see her reading a magazine.

"Hmmm?" Sammie looked up, "Oh, yeah. I had to fit my posters somewhere." She added pointing to the wall where posters covered.

Maddi walked up close and studied it. Sammie had nearly every artist splattered across it but it was only one that caught her eye. One Direction.

Maddi looked at all the guys and roughly swallowed. She didn't recognise 4 of them but it was the last one that made her head tick.

Nah, she thought, that can't possibly be him.

Maddi thought back a little.

The hair.

The smile.

The eyes.

Just a coincidence, right?

Maddi knitted her eyebrows together as memories came flooding back.

Why were the guys in the alley so scared of him?

Why was he always talking about his 4 new frie....

Maddi gasped and pointed at the blonde head on the small A4 poster.

"Niall." She breathed out, feeling a tear roll out of the corner of her eye. Maddi flinched as she felt Sammie's hand on her shoulder.

"Madz? Are you ok?" She whispered, cautiously pulling her hand away.

"This has so not turned out to be a good day." Maddi sighed, turning around to face Sammie. "I need my phone."  

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