Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


17. A Girly Day


Hi guys :)

We would just like to say that this chapter is really bad and boring because we are just using it as a filler chapter. We will update the next chapter ASAP.

Sorry for your disappointment. Thanks for your patience :)

~Maddi S and Maddi A :) xx



"I've tried playing it cool. But when I'm looking at you. I can't ever be brave, cause you make my heart race!" A harmony of tone deaf girls' voices came flooding up the stairs and into Sammie's bedroom where Maddi was still laying there, sound asleep. The music gradually got louder and louder as someone was turning up the volume just that little more until the chorus.


Maddi rolled over and shoved her head flat on the pillows. She could hear the girls shout their way up the stairs.

"Shhhh. Shhhh" Maddi could hear the hushed whispers at the door and she quickly shut her eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Maddi heard a bunch of footsteps around her pull-out mattress and little giggles burst out of their mouths.

"Maddiiiiiiii....." Sammie whispered, patting her hair and shaking her gently.

Maddi mentally rolled her eyes and continued her act as Sammie continued to shake her.

Gracie huffed, "This is how you do it."

Maddi braced herself. Grace was a rough bugger.

Gracie pulled at Maddi's foot and with a tug, Maddi was getting dragged out of bed- literally.

"Ok, ok! I'm up!" She yelled, swatting Gracie with the back of her hand.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" Gracie surrendered, holding her arms up.

"Sleep well?" Sammie asked sweetly.

"Yeah it was all good." Maddi smiled. "Thank for letting me sleep guys."

"No worries babe. Now, we're planning on going to the shops today so, get your butt downstairs and eat the pancakes that we made for you." Bella yelled, walking back downstairs.

"Which are damn good! If I can add!" Grace bragged, following Bella.

Maddi giggled and went downstairs to the kitchen and sat down at the bench.

"Can we please turn the music down? It's too early!" She complained, laying her head down on the bench and covering it up with her arms.

Maddi chuckled as the girls groaned and carried on, upset that their little party was ending.

The music was turned down and Maddi was served up with a big plate of pancakes.

"Bella! Grace! Guess what!!" Sammie yelled, jumping up and down.

"What?!" Bella and Grace yelled in unison.

"THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT IS TOMORROW!!" Sammie screamed, pulling the other girls into a hug. There was a big mess of jumping around and screaming as Maddi just sat and the bench eating her pancakes. She groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Shhhhh! Your hurting my mature and intellectual brain!" Maddi shouted, attracting the attention of the crazed fan-girls.

"Just because YOU don't like them doesn't mean we can't!" Grace stated.

"Yeah, well you're lucky I'm actually coming to this concert with you." Maddi joked, "Because I have such a peachy life in Ireland." She continued sarcastically.

"Eat your food." Bella snapped, lightly slapping her arm.

"Yes ma'am."

***************After messing up some shit**********************

"Get out!!!!!!!!!! Get OUT!!" Gracie yelled at Goldie who was standing confused at the door, SAMMIE!!! Your dog is a psycopath!!! She won't go outside! If we want to go to the shops, this dog needs to go outside!! Where it belongs!! Out Goldie, Out!!!" Gracie pointed out the door, using her foot to gently push the small shitzu out of the glass door.

Sammie walked down the stairs and stood behind Gracie, watching her try to push a dog out of the door with her foot.

"You're shouting at a dog." She says is such a monotone and unenthused voice, pushing Gracie away from Goldie and picked the dog up.

"Step 1." Sammie joked, "Pick dog up." Stepping over the doorframe and onto the wooden deck outside.

"Step 2. Step outside."

She dropped Goldie onto the grass a few metres away and looked back at Gracie with her sly smile, "Step 3. Put down dog."

"Ste.." Sammie continued, before getting cut off by Grace.

"Step 4, get your arse inside before I lock you outside as well." Gracie smirked, slowly closing the door so Sammie could squeeze in just in time.

"Bitch." Sammie whispered jokingly, nudging Gracie playfully.

"Yeah yeah, get in the car." She replied, grabbing her handbag and swinging it onto her shoulder.

"I'm leaving!" Gracie bellowed through the house before stepping through the door and up the stairs towards her car.

"Coming! Coming!" The rest of them yelled back, collecting themselves and running through the door.

Grace jumped her Audi to life and started to backing out and turning around.

"Noooo Gracie!!!!!!" Bella screamed, "Don't leave us!!"

Gracie decided to keep the joke running a little bit and started to drive forward very slowly, watching them run behind the car.

"Don't be mean!!!!!" Maddi yelled out, pulling Sammie along behind her simply because she hates running.

"I'll steal Harry from you!!!" Bella screamed, halting Gracie to a stop and made her reverse.

"You wouldn't." Gracie harshly snarled when they caught up to her.

"You know I would." Bella smirked, jumping in the front seat.

"Your bluffing."

"Oh Grace, you know I love some curls and dimples."

Grace turned around in her seat and slapped Bella's bare leg.

"Bitch you can have all the dimple you like but if you take him, Tomlinson's all mine." Grace snided, smiling as Bella's expression dropped.

After seconds of consideration, Bella realised the better deal.

"No one touches my Tommo." She whispered, reaching up to Gracie's head and messing up her hair.

"Good move, babe. Very good move." Grace smiled, smoothing out her hair.


**************** Car ride full of awesomeness!***********

"There's one!" Maddi shouted, pointing to the empty parking space, "but you missed it."

"Next LEVEL!" Sammie shouted, "Let's go to the top!"

Grace rolled her eyes and continued up the ramp to the next level which was filled with empty spaces.

"Up, up, UP!" Sammie protested but let out a disappointed sigh when the car was parked a few seconds later.

"Why can't you let me have fun?" She groaned, opening the car door and letting herself out.

"Blah." Gracie replied, sticking her tongue out and shoving her car keys in the front pocket of her handbag.

The girls got out of the car and headed towards the elevator.

"Nup. Stairs." Bella said, pointing to the fire exit next to it.

Bella saw all of the tired and frustrated looks pointed at her but held her ground.

"You know I'm claustrophobic!" She argued, grasping the closest hand and pulling them towards the stairs.

Bella started walking up knowing they were following because of the heavy and slow footsteps behind her.

"Wow. Your enthusiasm amazes me sometimes." She sarcastically said, rolling her eyes as the girls just let out groans.

"You're ridiculous." Bella muttered, opening the door which led into the centre.

"CIVILISATION!!!" Gracie screamed, as she walked through the door and into the crowds.

"So. Grace. You're the 'shopping expert'. Where to first?" Maddi stated

"Glasson!" Grace shouted in excitement. "Then Factorie. Then McDonald's. Then Sports Girl. Then..." She was cut off by Bella pulling her along the shop fronts.

"Why don't we just start down this end and work our way up." Bella suggested.

Grace had a huge smile on her face. "I just love shopping!" The other girls rolled their eyes and smiled, following Bella and Grace along to the first shop.

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