My Rock

Maria is a 16 year old girl who lost her brother in a car crash. Her father blamed her and turned to alcohol. He abuses her when he's drunk. Her mom is subject to emotional break downs and can't be there to defend Maria some times. Just as Maria is about to give up hope she meets the One Direction boys, and finds something to keep her going. And who knows? She might just find a little romance in the process.


18. My Rock

Niall’s POV: As we went into the living room to watch the film I couldn’t stop smiling. While Maria had been singing I had recorded her. I was going to show my management the video, and they would convince her she’s extremely talented. But I felt a little bad. When she turned around I was exiting out of the camera app, and she thought I had gotten bored and gone to my phone for entertainment. It was completely false, but it makes sense from her point of view.

“What would you like watch love?” I held out a couple of movies.

“Woman in Black” she told me, pointing at the movie. I put it in the player and walked back and sat next to her. We were sitting on the floor with our backs against the couch. The moment I clicked play she pressed her body closer to mine.

“Are you going to alright? Do you want to watch something a little less scary?” She shook her head, but looked like she was about to freak out, even though the movie hadn’t even started yet. “Well if you get nervous just hide your face in my shoulder like this,” I buried my head in the crook of her neck. “Or have me turn it off. I don’t want you to freak out.” She nodded okay just as the movie started.

Maria’s POV:  Why oh why did I pick this movie? I’ve seen it before and it scared me out of my wits. I guess I just wanted an excuse to cuddle with Niall, but I swear I’m gonna end up pissing myself. That would not be attractive. I guess I’ll have to take Niall’s advice and hide my face in his neck. As the movie started I moved closer to him; it made me feel safe.

I didn’t watch most of the movie, I just hid my face. I think Niall found it a bit funny. When the movie ended I was extremely happy. I thanked him, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and left. I really had to get home, since my dad was coming home today. Ugh!

Niall’s POV: She barely watched the movie. It was quite comical. When she had to go she gave me a kiss and left. Now was time to show management all Maria could do. Once she had gotten far enough away to where              she wouldn’t see me leave, I got in my car and drove to where management was staying (the lads and I had each gotten a flat in LA since we were here so often; management just stays in a hotel) to show them the video of Maria singing. I know they’ll love it!


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