My Rock

Maria is a 16 year old girl who lost her brother in a car crash. Her father blamed her and turned to alcohol. He abuses her when he's drunk. Her mom is subject to emotional break downs and can't be there to defend Maria some times. Just as Maria is about to give up hope she meets the One Direction boys, and finds something to keep her going. And who knows? She might just find a little romance in the process.


14. My Rock

Maria’s POV: Hmm, cute but casual. That’s what Niall said to wear our date. I looked in my closet. It was a huge, walk in closet, filled to the bursting point with clothes and shoes. I went digging for an outfit. I finally came up with something cute. It was white shorts with a neon orange tank top, and a double wrap belt. I picked out some cute flats and laid the outfit on my bed while I got ready. I took a shower then dried and straightened my naturally wavy hair. I pulled it up into a messy ponytail, then went to work on my makeup. Once I was finished, I got into my outfit. And with perfect timing, too. Just as I was putting on my shoes the doorbell rang.

                I ran downstairs, got my purse, and went to the door. When I opened it, I saw Niall standing there with a big, cheeky smile spanning his face. He led me to his car, but before he opened the door, he pulled out a blindfold.

                “Oh no.” I told him. I had some trust issues, and something you don’t do is blindfold me. Especially going into a car. “You are not putting that on me.”

                “Please?” he whimpered with the cutest puppy dog face. “It will make it even more of a surprise.”

                I hesitated. But I felt like I could trust Niall. “Fine, but you owe me.” Goodness what was I getting myself into? He put the blindfold over my eyes, and I couldn’t see anything.

                “Can you see at all?” he asked, somewhere on my right.

                “Nothing but black and a hint of red.” It was a red bandanna, so that made sense. I heard him giggle a little, then he took my hand. He drove for what seemed like forever. In reality, it was probably like 20 minutes. Finally I felt the car stop and heard Niall open the door. I began to open mine, but he told me otherwise.

                “Wait,” he said rather urgently. “You can’t see and it would be best if I helped you.”

                “Or you could just take the blindfold off…” I told him, some sarcasm in my voice. He laughed and opened my door. He took my hand and led me somewhere. The terrain was bumpy and kind of hard to walk on. I see why e wanted to help me. I would have fallen and broken an ankle.

                Finally he stopped. “Okay,” he said, rather excitedly, like a little kid at a festival. “We’re here.”

                He took my blindfold off and I was taken aback by the sight in front of me. We were on a cliff, facing the setting sun, and on the rocks in front of us was a picnic all set up. It was so romantic.  “After you, my lady,” Niall sang, the words like honey off his lips. He gestured toward the picnic table, and we sat down to eat.


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