My Rock

Maria is a 16 year old girl who lost her brother in a car crash. Her father blamed her and turned to alcohol. He abuses her when he's drunk. Her mom is subject to emotional break downs and can't be there to defend Maria some times. Just as Maria is about to give up hope she meets the One Direction boys, and finds something to keep her going. And who knows? She might just find a little romance in the process.


13. My Rock

Maria’s POV: The day was pretty low key for me, despite the fact I had Niall Horan as a shadow. Well, he was more active than a shadow. During my piano practice he would sing while I played, since I don’t like my voice. He’s trying to convince me that I don’t suck. He actually says I’m quite good, but I don’t believe him, he’s too nice to be honest, so he says I’m good.

            Then, during my volleyball match he cheered louder than anyone, drawing some unwanted attention to himself and our court. It was a little distracting to have a bunch of girls constantly swarming around him while we were trying to play, but we managed. The girls on my team were impressed that I had met Niall, but they played it cool. I’m pretty sure they were major fangirling inside, though.

            I’m pretty sure Niall is my good luck charm. During my piano lesson my teacher assigned me a piece I’ve been wanting to play for a while now, and during volleyball we beat the number one seated team. Well, he is Irish I guess.

            After my volleyball game, he drove me back to his house. “Maria?” he asked while we were in the car, “I was wondering if you’d like to go on a date with me tonight?” I screamed inside! THE FAMOUS NIALL HORAN JUST ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE!!!!! But I simply told him sure, that I would love to. He dropped me off at my house, saying he’d pick me up at 7.

Niall’s POV: I can’t believe I just did that! It just kind of slipped out! I wasn’t planning on asking her out for a while, but I had really wanted to. I was afraid of getting rejected, because Maria can suddenly get quite cold if you bring up a touchy subject with her. But she didn’t get cold! She actually said yes! Woo hoo!!

            I had a really good date planned. I’ll admit, I may have been planning this since I first met her. But hey! I really liked her, so it was okay. I was just entering the parking lot of our hotel when I got a text from Maria.

Maria: I 4got 2 ask u, what do I wear?

Me: Something cute but comfortable. U will have 2 do a little walking, so I suggest no heels.

Maria: Haha, ok. C U @ 7.

Me: C ya!

            I went up to get ready for my date.


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