My Rock

Maria is a 16 year old girl who lost her brother in a car crash. Her father blamed her and turned to alcohol. He abuses her when he's drunk. Her mom is subject to emotional break downs and can't be there to defend Maria some times. Just as Maria is about to give up hope she meets the One Direction boys, and finds something to keep her going. And who knows? She might just find a little romance in the process.


10. My Rock

Maria’s POV: I packed everything I needed. My basic camping essentials: sleeping bag, pajamas, and clothes for tomorrow and the food to make smores. Plus I packed the things I need for my time to pay respects. I bring flowers, pink roses to be exact, cedar wood, to make a fire that smells good, a picture of him, some of his favorite possessions, and my ipod filled with his music. I packed it all up and got into my car to drive to my field. While I was walking to the spot I always went to I saw a car on the  grass. I nearly blew up, but I knew I had to control my temper. Leaning against the car was Niall. He had this big, goofy grin on his face, but I didn’t know how he could when he was destroying the beauty of my field.

            I went up to him. “You’ll need to move your car if you wanna stay. You’re killing the grass and flowers.” I told him in a stern voice. He looked at me confused, so I pointed at his car.

            “I know you mean my car, but the nearest parking lot it like 200 yards away.”

‘So?’ I thought. ‘You have two legs, you can use them to walk a couple hundred yards. But that would be rude. So I simply told him, “I realize, but this was my brother’s and I’s special place, and won’t let anyone ruin it, especially tonight.” He looked at me, sighed, and got in his car. As he drove away I started to unpack and set up. I started the fire and soon enough it was smelling amazing. I laid out the roses in a nice pattern around the fire. I set up his picture and possessions in the front and start playing the music. By the time he comes back I’m completely set up and tearing. Niall just stands there like an idiot.

Niall’s POV: I was walking back after parking my car thinking ‘Wow, this girl is crazy. What did I get myself into?’ When I get closer I smell something, it smelt like a fire. A nice fire. When I get to where Maria was last I see something that completely caught me off guard. She was sitting there in front of the fire, but there were also roses, a bunch of random things like a basketball and a snow globe, and a picture of some guy. In the background Ed Sheeran’s The A Team was playing. I didn’t quite know what to make of it, so I just stood there. She turned and looked at me. She was trying to give me one of her cold looks, but she couldn’t because she was about to start crying. I didn’t quite know what to do, so I went over to her and gave her one of my famous Horan hugs. She started crying on my shoulder, and I let her. I didn’t want to her to cry, but I couldn’t do anything about it, so I just tried to comfort her.


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