My Rock

Maria is a 16 year old girl who lost her brother in a car crash. Her father blamed her and turned to alcohol. He abuses her when he's drunk. Her mom is subject to emotional break downs and can't be there to defend Maria some times. Just as Maria is about to give up hope she meets the One Direction boys, and finds something to keep her going. And who knows? She might just find a little romance in the process.


1. My Rock- Preface

Maria’s POV: Hi, my name’s Maria. I’m 16 and I’m a junior in High School. I want to be a model when I get older, and move to London. But I can’t do that until I’m 18. Right now I live with my  mom and dad, and the spirit of my brother, Michael. My mom’s an interior designer in L.A. and my dad doesn’t have a job at the moment. Michael died 2 years ago in a car crash when he was 17. I was in the car with him the day he died. He was talking to me when a car hit us on the driver’s side. He was killed on impact, Though I got away with minor cuts, and a broken arm. I was very lucky, though to this day I sometimes blame myself for his death. For 6 months I went through therapy, but it didn’t help; I still feel guilty. After Michael died my dad turned to alcohol to cope, and my mom started having random emotional breakdowns. My father blames me for Michael’s death, but my mom doesn’t. My mom still loves me, but my dad has pretty much disowned me. When he’s drunk he will abuse me, which is most of the time. He’ll call me awful names and beat me. My mom tries to defend me, but when she has a breakdown she can’t help, so I have to suffer through.

            My friends at school don’t know any of this. They know Michael died, but they think I’ve gotten over it. They think my family’s moved on, but they know nothing. Whenever I try to catch up with some friends, I always make sure we are hanging at their house, or somewhere else. If we have to come to my house I make sure my parents will be out of the house. I don’t need my friends seeing my dysfunctional family. I have no boyfriend, but I would like someone, someone to be my rock and comfort me when necessary. I hope I’ll get that soon…


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