My Memories With You

Michelle Cowell is a typical 18 year old girl. She was friends with a boy named Louis Tomlinson ever since she a was a kid, but when she bumped into Harry one day she didn't know anything about him at all. In shock, Louis "coincidentally" bumps into Michelle several times. He tries to regain her memory without her knowing his big secret that led to disappointment to her one day.


1. Meeting You

Michelle's P.O.V

I see lots of kids playing in a park in a cold winter day. I thought to myself

"Why are kids playing in winter? Isn't it dangerous?" 

I try to move but I couldn't. Then out of the blue my head slowly looks down to the ground. I could see the white snow on the grass that has been covered. I heard footsteps coming closer and closer to me and stop right in front of me. I try to move my head up but I couldn't, I didn't have any control. I felt paralyzed, even if I was, why can I move? I felt a warm hand stroking my hair and snow falling down. As the person stroked my hair the person said in a loud voice.

"You know, you shouldn't be out without the proper attire on. You'll get sick for sure!"

It was a boy, he sounded British by his accent. Then my head rises up and then I see a clear image of the little boy. He had crystal blue eyes and brown hair. I saw him smiling so adorably. My mouth suddenly opened.

"I-I know... I just... Forgot..." I said nervously blurted out.

"That isn't a good idea." the boy replied.

Then, he takes out his red wool hat and puts it in my head.

"You didn't have to-" I said as I was cut off

"Yes! I have to be a gentlemen to everyone. Mostly lovely girls just like you."

"Eh? Um, flattering won't get you anywhere!" I say. I felt my cheeks getting hotter and hotter by the second. I was worried he would notice. I saw his warm smile, and his mesmerizing eyes, and it calmed me down by he minute.

"My name is Louis Tomlinson! What's yous?" he asked brightly.

"Mine is Michelle! Michelle Cowell! Hey! Do you want to be friends?" I replied.

"Sure! :)" he said happily

We both laughed together, the I heard echoes of my name repeatedly. Then I slowly opened my eyes. I saw my father, Simon.

"Michelle, finally you woke up!" he told me.

"How... How long did it take you to wake me up?" I asked in my sleepy voice.

"Err... Not so long. Just like, 3 minutes or so?" he replied.

"Alright..." I responded.

I saw him leave my bedroom. I look away and heard the door open and close shut. Everything that I just saw was just a dream. The boys name, Louis Tomlinson repeatedly echoed through my mind. It sounded so familiar, but I couldn't find out where the name was from. I sat up from lying down on my bed and stretched my arms. I took my iPhone and checked my text messages. I saw messages from my best friend Violet.

"Hey! Did you know One Direction is in town?" she messaged me.

Louis Tomlinson ringed through my head as I read the boy band "One Direction" I shook my head and texted her back and got up, and quickly went downstairs to eat breakfast. After I finished, I flopped into my bathroom and took a shower. Then, I got dressed into my black skinny jeans, a white frilly t-shirt and a grey blazer. After I took my iPhone and  went to my car outside and drove to Starbucks.

Louis P.O.V.

I was disguised in a black wig, and sunglasses. I was just hanging out in a table in Starbucks staring at a glass window. Then I see a girl pass by going into the shop. She looked awfully familiar but I didn't know where. I saw her ordering to the cashier, and then she looked around the shop and we locked eyes the moment she looked at me. She was my old best friend, Michelle. My childhood friend, I got worried that she would notice me and yell at me after what happened. Once she got her drink, she got closer and closer. My heart started beating faster as she came closer. She sat down on the chair in front of me.

"Um... Sir, your not supposed to wear sunglasses inside" she told me.

"Well... Erm... I can't take it off." I replied.

"Is there a reason why your not supposed to?" she asked.

Her voice was so beautiful just like always.

"Yes, and I cannot say it love." I said.

She reached in and removed my sunglasses. I saw her face clearly, and she had a shocked expression. I smiled slightly as she said

"Are... I mean, Do you happen to be Louis Tomlinson?"

"Yes, It's nice to meet you again Michelle" I replied.



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