They are wrong


1. They are wrong


I run,

I run through the fog that fills the sky,

I run away from what has happened,

The death,

The death of someone I loved,

Something I witnessed.


They find me,

They find me in the depths of a forest,

They find me and question me,

They accuse me.

They are wrong!

I did nothing.


I plead,

I cry,

I beg,

But they don’t believe me

I was the only one,

Who the others saw at the crime scene,

I was the only one,

Who had contact with her.


I feel betrayed,

Betrayed by my friends who did not fight for me,

Betrayed by the police who I know dearly

 But I can’t change their thoughts,

They won’t listen

They won’t believe

They are stubborn.


I’m tiered,

I’m alone,

I’m trapped,

Somewhere  don’t deserve to be.


 But it’s too late now,

 I’m dead inside,

I’ve lost my friend,

I’ve lost my justice,

And I’ve lost myself.

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