Live While Were Young

Camille was going to a One Direction concert, but got into a car accident. When she meets the boys and falls in love with Harry, where will her life go?


4. Who?

     Harry's POV    

   We kiss. Her hot breath pours into me. Her lips are soft, and we move harmoniously. She pulls away. I smile at her. "So, we'd better get back." she says. We walk back and the boys are still playing waterball. Damn, they are entertained easily. I decide to let Camille think, so I play with them. I hope she will go out with me.

     Niall's POV    

   I wonder what Harry and Camille were doing? He'd better not like her. I want her. She is going to be my princess. But what if she doesn't like me? I will find out tonight.

     Liam's POV    

   I can't stop thinking about Camille. She is wonderful. I tried not to stare at her, but I failed. I'm going to tell her tonight the way I feel. I hope she feels the same way.

      Zayn's POV    

   I could't help but get somewhat angry when I saw Harry and Camille going on their walk. What if she likes him. No. I want her to like me. I want to be able to hold her forever.

     Louis' POV    

   Oh god. Harry's done it now. I could see the other lads when they went on that walk. They all like her. Fuck. This is not going to be an easy summer. It's good I don't like her, or else she'd have no one to talk to if something went wrong. I want to let her know that she can tell me anything.

      Camille's POV  

   I'm so confused right now. Harry likes me. Do I like Harry? I told him I did. So I must. But that could have been spur of the moment. That explains him last night almost touching my bum. I just need some time to think. I decide I will go change. The boys are all playing, so I think I'll be alright to just change quickly in the van.

   I walk to the van and get in. I pull off my bottoms and slip on the underwear and shorts I brought. I take off my top. That's when the doors fly open. I was sitting in the space in the back. Both of those doors open. Shit! It was all five of them. It takes me a second to realize it. A second too late, because all five were staring at me. "Oh, sorry!" Liam says covering his eyes. They shut the door and turn away. I put on my bra and top. How emberassing!  I get out and tell them I'm dressed. "We're SO sorry!!!" They all say at once. "It's okay." I say and smile. It is okay. They didn't know. I should have told them. So, it's my fault not theirs.

   We all drive to a McDonalds and park. We get out and walk in, and a few fans run up to us. Well, them. I decide to pick a table while they finish up. I'm not mad at them or the fans. I know if I traded places with any of those girls, I'd do the same. A few minutes later, they come over to me. "Sorry, love. The fans." Louis says. "I'ts okay. No biggie." I say truthfully. We walk up to order and I get some chicken nuggets, fries, and a Coke. "Is that all?" the cashier says. "Yes." Liam says smiling. "Could I get an autograph from you guys?" she asks hopefully. "Sure." They all say and sign it. I'm about to move down to the other side when, "Wait! Can I have your's too?" the cashier says. She's probably sixteen or seventeen. "Mine?" I ask shocked. "Yeah, aren't you one of their girlfriends?" she asks. "Oh, no. Just a friend." I say looking at the boys. They all look slightly sad, except for Louis. "Can I still have it?" she asks. "Uhhh. Sure." I say and scribble my name on the paper.

   We get our food and sit down next to the window. "So...Your first autograph." Liam says smiling. "Of many." Niall says. "What do you mean?" I ask confused. "Well, she wanted it, so others are going to want it too. Because your a very close friend of ours." Louis says. "Oh, whatever." I say, rolling my eyes. We all finish eating and throw our trash away. It's now dark out. We climb in the car, and start driving away.

   I wake up with my head in Liam's lap. "Love. Your home." he says. I sit up, emberassed. "Sorry Liam." I say. "Don't worry about it." he says smiling. Then it hits me. "I can't stay here by myself." I say. "Why not?" Zayn asks. "I've been afraid to stay alone since my dad died. I have nightmares." I say, a tear rolling down my face. I look at Niall. He is silently crying. "Niall, I'm sorry. I didn't try to make you cry." I say, feeling bad. "It's not your fault." he says reassuringly. "So we can stay here, or you can stay with us?" Harry says. "Well it'd be easier to stay at your house, because I'd be the ony one to bring stuff." I say. "Okay." Louis says. I grab some clothes and get in the van. Louis heads toward their house now. I realize that I have never been there.

We pull in there and hop out. We walk into their house and is a nice, large flat. "Okay. There's only three rooms. Camille, you can stay with one of us or I can sleep on the couch?" Liam says. I was not about to make Liam sleep on the fucking couch. "No Liam. No one is sleeping on that damn couch. I'll stay with one of you guys." I say. "Who?" they all ask. "I don't care. You guys flip a coin or something. Where's your shower?" I ask. "Down the hall to the right, love." Niall says. I walk to the bathroom and take a shower, singing to some of the songs. I wash my hair to get the salt out and dry off. I throw on some booty shorts and a light blue tank top. Then I am about to go downstairs, but I run into Louis. "Looks like your staying with me tonight, love." he says. Then he leads me to the room.

     Louis' POV   

   "So who is Camille staying with?" Liam asked. "Me," I say, "me, because I'm the only one who doesn't fancy her." They're all trying to look innocent. "I've seen the way you guys look at her. You all like her, right?" I say. I give them a look telling them to be honest. "Yes." they say in unison. "Exactly. Maybe if one of you gets in a relationship with her, then she'll stay with you. Understood?" I say. They all nod. "And another thing. I don't want you all to fight over her. If say, o...Niall is dating her. You cannot get mad at either of them, okay? It's her choice. No fighting." I say. They nod again. "Now. ANYTHING to do with Camille, more than hugging. Even talking to her about love, explain now. " I say. "Liam?" I ask. "I've only hugged her, mate." he says. He's telling the truth. "Niall?" "Nope." he says. "Zayn?" I say. "Nothing, Louis." he says. "Harry?" I ask. I'm mostly worried about him, being 'The Flirt' and all. "We um...uh. I told her I like her. She said she liked me. And ummm.......then we uh... kissed." he says. Leave it to Harry. It's no big deal they like each other just, someone is going to get hurt. I'm not sure who yet. But, someone will. "Thanks for telling us, mate. " I say and pat his shoulder. "Guys?" he says. He knows that they like her. He knows that they are mad. "I'm not mad at you Harry. Just... I really like her."Zayn says. Niall and Liam nod in agreement. "Alright lads. We will all talk to Camille tomorrow. Good night." I say and walk upstairs. I run into Camille. "Looks like your staying with me tonight, love." I say and lead her to the room.

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