Live While Were Young

Camille was going to a One Direction concert, but got into a car accident. When she meets the boys and falls in love with Harry, where will her life go?


3. I like more than friends.

      Camille's POV    

   I woke up and looked at the time. Nine-Crap! My mom left at eight. I suddenly feel really bad. I get up and located my phone. I turn it on and study the One Direction case. It's a really cute picture of them. I suddenly realize how lucky I am. I am spending the summer with One Direction. That's not what your average girl does. My phone dings and I text my mom.

TO: Mom- srry i missed u. ily

FROM Mom- its ok sweetie. ily 2

   Okay. Shower time. I get in and turn on my phone. I sing to Call Me Maybe and some other songs. I wash my hair and get out. I grab a green towel from the rack and dry myself off. Then, I put on my tribal print bikini and slip on some pink shorts, a black t-shirt that says LOVE, and dry my hair. I only put on eyeliner, because everything else will come off in the water. I throw some extra clothes, a pair of sunglasses, my phone, some money, and a towel in my pink duffle bag and head downstairs. Once in the kitchen, I make some pancakes and bacon. I am putting my dishes in the washer, when i get a text.

FROM: Swagmasta from Doncasta- we will b there in about 15 mins.

TO: Swagmasta from Doncasta- okay(:

   I head upstairs and brush my teeth, then grab my black Toms. Just as my foot hits the last step, the doorbell rings. I grab my bag and open the door. "Hey!" Liam says. "Hey, Liam." I say and smile. He takes my bag while I lock the door. I climb in the van and am greeted by the four other boys. "Hey, Camille!" they say at once. "Hi boys." I say and sit next to Zayn and Liam. It only takes twenty minutes to get to the beach. I can't wait!

      Niall's POV      

   Camille looks really adorable in her shorts and t-shirt. "Hey." I say to her and smile. "Helloooo." she says, dragging out the o's. She pulls out her phone and gets on twitter. "Hey, we have to follow you on Twitter!" I say. Then, all the boys get their phones and follow her. I put my phone in my pocket, when I get a notification on Twitter. I pull it out and hear four other 'ding's in the car.


     @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson @ZaynMalik1D  - hope we have fun at the beach today!(((((:

   "We will. I promise." Louis says. Louis turns on the radio. We all sing to Starships. Louis was hilarious! When we get there, we all jump out and put down our towels and everything. "You guys want to play waterball?" I say. "Sure!" they all agree and we split up into two teams: Me, Liam, and Camille against Harry, Zayn, and Louis. We all get undressed and then I see Camille. oly shit. She's hot. All of us boys are staring at her. She looks up and sees. "Excuse you, boys." she says laughing a little. We all look away, and blush. We run to the water and start hitting the blue and white volleyball back and forth. I start thinking about Camille. I will tell her tonight that I love her. No matter what.

        Harry's POV    

   "Good job team!" I hear Camille say and high five Niall and Liam. She makes the loser sign at us and everyone laughs. "We will get you next time" I say. She just sticks her tongue out. We paly for a little while longer, but her team wins. Duh. She decides to go lay down. Everyone else plays waterball, so I decide that it's the perfect time to talk with her. I try to think of what I will say to her. 'Hi Camille. I love you. Do you love me?' That's like-stalker mode. I stop to dry off my hair a little, and throw on my Ramones t-shirt.

"Hey." I say, standing in front of her sun. "Hey. Your blocking my sun." she says. I can't help but stare at her boobs. "Harry? Come in, Harry. Do you read me?" she says waving a hand in front of me. "Oh, uh...Yeah. I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go for a walk?" I say. "Sure." she says and gets up. We walk in silence until we are out of sight of the other boys. We sit down on a big rock.

"So what's up?" she asks me. "I just-I...Do you like me?" I stammer out. "Do I like you? Of course, I like you Harry. Your like my best friend." she says, clearly not getting the message. "Well, I like you...more than friends." I say, looking into her eyes. She blushes and looks at me. "Why?" she asks me. "Because And funny, and nice...and not to mention beautiful." I say smiling. "Oh, I'm not that beautiful." she says looking at the ground, smiling. "But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell. You don't kno-o-ow, you don't know your beautiful." I sing to her and she looks up.

           Camille's POV    

   Holy. Frickin. Shit. Harry likes me more than friends! "Why?" I ask. Wait! Why would I ask that? I mentally face-palm myself. "Because And funny, and nice... and not to mention beautiful." he says smiling at me. His eyes are like bright green emeralds. "Oh, I'm not that beautiful." I say and look at the ground smiling. This could not be happening. "But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell. You don't kno-o-ow, you don't know your beautiful." he sings. I look up. Into those eyes. Those eyes. "I like you too Harry. As more than friends." I say. We both smile. Then, he cups my face in his hands. I put my hands on his chest. And we kiss.

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