Live While Were Young

Camille was going to a One Direction concert, but got into a car accident. When she meets the boys and falls in love with Harry, where will her life go?


2. Bridges and Movies

   We are walking the back way, a small dirt road that's long forgotten. Except by me. It is a rather beautiful walk, we are surrounded by the small palms, ferns, and polk salad. There are a few other flowers I don't know the names of. But they are still beautiful. There is also a small frog pond. I watch the slimy, green critters hop from water to rocks, and back again. Dragonflies zoom around us. Birds chirping in the distance. I love it out here, so peaceful.

   "So where are we going?" Zayn asks, interrupting my thoughts. I don't mind though. "We are going to Stony River old bridge. My dad used to take me here when I was younger." I say, looking down and let a small tear roll down my cheek. They don't seem to notice, thank god, except for Zayn. "What's wrong?" he asks me, his beautiful brown eyes filled with concern. "Nothing...I just...I just miss him." I say, now crying silently. Liam pulls me into a tight hug, and I hug him back. "Shhh, love. It's alright. It's okay." he says, rubbing circles on my back. I take a deep breath and pull away from his hug. "I'm sorry." I say. "It's alright." he says, wiping tears from my eyees with his thumbs.

   I continue leading them to the bridge. About five minutes later, we are there. "Here we are." I say smiling. It was an abandoned bridge, now rusty and crawling with vines. "It's beautiful here." Niall says. "We used to fish, and swim, and just...hang out." I say smiling at the thought of it. I walk to the edge of the water and pick up a few rocks, smooth and circular. I skip them across, one getting eight skips. All the boys have joined in and it's an all out stone-skipping battle. "Okay, okay. I think Louis has clearly won." I say, noticing his twelve skips. "Yaaaaaaaaaaay!" he says and starts running in a big circle, hands in the air. "Your SO weird." I say laughing. "Come on guys, let's go back to the house" I say, and we start walking.

   We enter the house and walk to the kitchen. "Hey, were back." I say and give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hey. Umm. Can you sit down?" she says. I am a little confused, but I sit. "What's up?" I say. "You know your Uncle Eddie in Australia?" she asks. Of course I do. "Yeah." I say. "Well, his farm is in trouble, and he wants me to go there and help him."she says. "How long would you be there?" I ask. "About three and a half months." she says, looking at me. "Okay, you can go Mom. I understand." I say. "Thanks, sweetie." she says. "When do you leave?" I say. She says ,"Tomorrow morning. I just feel bad leaving you here alone, especially after your accident." she says. "We will watch after her." Harry said. I had forgotten that they were in the kitchen also. "Well, I guess so. But no funny business." she says. I can feel myself go pink. "Mom. Stop." I say, giving her 'the look'. "Okay, time to eat!" she says.

   We all sit down and get some tacos on our plates. "Yes, tacos. They're my favorite!" Harry says. "Everything is my favorite!" Niall says and we all laugh a little. "These are delicious Mom!" Louis says. I smile. "Thank you , Louis." she says. I look over at Liam. I start laughing. He has sour cream all over his face. "Her you go Liam." I say and wipe it from his face. "Thanks, love." he says laughing.

   After we all finish eating, we go up to my room. We all climb up on my bed. "Nice room." Zayn says. "Thanks." I say. Then I notice them giggling and whispering. I trace Harry's eyes to the floor. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. I had left a bra on the floor. I turn bright red an dget up to put it in the hamper. "So..." Louis says, "you have five guys that you just met in your bed at one time?" he asks smirking. "Shut up Lou." I say and throw a pillow at him. He fake cries, so I laugh. "Hey guys, do you want to watch a movie?" I say. "Yeah, sure." they all agree. " about," I look over at Liam and grin," Toy Story?" Liam almost flips out, "YES!!!!" he says. "Okay. Calm yo' tits." I say.

   I put it in and sit down on the bed, after turning the lights out. A few minutes later, I feel a hand near my bum. I look over and find Harry, not even noticing. Okay, if he's not trying, then who cares?

       Harry's POV         

   Oh my god. I think I am in love with this girl. Am I? I just met her today. I decide to move closer to her, but then change my mind. My hand was pretty close to her bum. She looks at me, and I pretend not to notice, like I'm lost in the movie. It seems to work. I know I will find out tomorrow if I love her. She is beautiful, funny, clearly smart, and nice. I know this: If her mom is going to be gone for three and a half months, then I will have tons of time to get to know her.

        Niall's POV          

   I think I like Camille. She is incredible. It killed me to see her cry earlier. I hate it when girs cry. I think I will try to hang out with her this summer, after all we have four months and she has three and a half. I quickly glance at her. Damn, she's beautiful. Her straight brown hair and big brown eyes. I think she will be my princess that I'm looking for.

        Zayn's POV          

   God, Camille's amazing! I like her. Alot. I just hope that none of the other lads like her, or else it's gonna be World War Three. I love how she is so comfortable around us, natural. Most girls would be screaming their head off or crying or something. Don't get me wrong. I love our fans! Just, they can go overboard sometimes. But Camille isn't like that. She's down to earth and beautiful, not to mention funny. I want to make her mine.

         Liam's POV       

   Usually, I would be deep into this movie. But there's one thing distracting me.....Camille. I think I love her. When she cried today, I hugged her. I could of stayed that way forever. She is beautiful, too. She has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes. Her lips are a soft pink color. She just...I don't know. She's like an angel.

        Louis' POV        

   Camille is cool. A very nice, pretty girl. I think some of the other lads like her. This summer is going to be an interesting one. I don't love her like agirlfriend, though. But, I do love her as a best friend. I just hope she, and none of the boys, get hurt. Gosh, I have a lot on my mind. I could go for a carrot right about know.

         Camille's POV   

   I love this movie. My favorite part is when the alien toys and them are stuck in the toy crane.


   A fter the movie, we all head downstairs. "We will pick you up at eleven for the beach." Niall says. "Okay. Bye guys." I say and hug them all. I stand at the door until they leave. I trudge upstairs and go to bed. I play music on my iPhone and it just so happens that Moments comes on. I drift off to sleep, excited for the next morning.



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