Live While Were Young

Camille was going to a One Direction concert, but got into a car accident. When she meets the boys and falls in love with Harry, where will her life go?


1. Truth or Dare?

   "I think she's stable now." I heard a man's voice from my left. Where am I? What's going on? With that, I woke up. My vision was blurry, but I could make out several figures around me. I finally recognized my mom. "Mom?" I crackled out. "Yes honey, I'm here." she said. "Where am I? What's happening?" I ask. She says to me, "You were in a car wreck. You were on your way to that boyband, One Direction's concert and a drunk driver hit you." I start to tear up. I love One Direction. I can't believe I missed their concert because of a drunk. "Are you okay, sweetie?" she asked. "Yeah, just sad I won't get to see them." I say. "Well, the important thing is that you are alive." Mom said. We hug, and then I am tired so I go to sleep. I dream about One Direction. I dream that we are on the beach and were playing volleyball. How nice.

   I wake up at about ten in the morning My mom brings me a breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, pancakes, and orange juice. "Thanks, Mom." I say. "Your welcome darling." she says, before she kisses my forehead. "What time do we leave?" I ask. Mom replies,"About three. They have to do some things and I have you ready to check out. A nurse will tell you when you can leave." "Okay." i say, and then she takes my tray down to the food court.

   A few minutes later, my mom walks back in and says, "Hey, Camille. You know that band, ummm- One Direction The one you were going to see?" I look down dissapointed, "Yeah..." Mom steps to the left and in they come. My jaw dropped. One freakin' Direction came walking into my hospital room. "Your uh, O-One D-D-D-Dire..." I mumble, still shocked. "One Direction, that's right!" Louis says. "W-What are you doing here?" I ask. "We heard about your accident, and how you didn't get to come to our concert. So here we are!" Harry says. They walk over to me and I get hugs from my five idols. Inside, I was fangirling a bit.

   "So how are you doing?" asks Niall, who was eating a bag of crisps. "I get to go home in a while. I actally feel quite alright!" I answer. "That's great! Do you mind if we hang out here for a little while, Camille?" asks Liam. "Sure, that'd be awesome!" I say, trying to not explode. "Cool!" Zayn says, and they all sit down.

   I give my mom a look and she says, "Well, sice you have someone to talk to, I will go get some groceries before you get home. Have fun." "I will." I laugh. Mom kisses my forehead and then leaves, closing the door behind her.

   I, Camille carr, an average eighteen year old, am sitting alone in a room wit Oe Direction! "So, tell us about yourself." Zayn says, giving me a smile. "What do you want to know?" I ask. "Anything. Your family, interests, friend, and so on." says Liam. "Well, I live with my mom, my dad died when I was twelve in a plane crash." I say. "Oh, I'm sorry." says Liam. "No, it's not your fault. You didnt know." I say. "My three best friends are Emily, Haley, and Breanna. But Haley just mived a few months ago to Canada. Emily and Bre are in California." I said. "Well, I take it you like One Direction?" Harry says, grinning a little. I decide to play along. "Yes, very much. I've always wanted to meet them. I hope I can, eventually. Though, I do find Harry to be a little annoying, and pitchy." I smile at him, and he fake cries, so I laugh. "Well, what do you like to do?" Louis asked. "Ummm...I play softball and volleyball. I like to draw, a little. I love music. I also like to swim and I ride horses, but I love all animals." I say truthfully. "Wow. Do you like carrots? And pigeons?" Louis asked excitedly. "Sure, why not?" I say, laughing a little.

   I look at the clock. Twelve. Lunchtime. I coud see this coming. "Guys, I'm huuungry." Niall says. "Okay. okay. Niall and I will go pick up some Nando's and bring it back." Liam says. Niall jumps up and they leave. "So," Harry says,"wanna play a game?" "Like what?" I ask. "Um, how about truth or dare?" He says. "Sure, I love that game!" I say. "Okay, Camille. Truth or dare?" Zayn asks me. I knew they were expecting me to say truth, so I say, "Dare." They looked momentariy surprised, but moved on with the question. "I dare you to.....lick harry's face." Zayn says. I look at harry. He just laughs alightly. "Okay, a dare's a dare." I say and lean over to Harry. I lick his cheek. "Ooooh, yeah." Harry says jokingly. We all laugh. "Did you enjoy that?" I ask sarcastically. "You both did!" Louis says laughing. "Totally." I say in sarcasm. "Who's next?" I ask. "Zayn. Truth or dare?" Louis asks. "Dare!" Zayn says. "I dare you to ask that nurse for her number." said Louis. Zayn sighed and got up. He walked over to a nurse on the other side of the hall. We heard some mumbling, and then she smacked him across the face! She was probably forty, no wonder. We all laugh except for Zayn. he just rubs his cheek. "Are you okay Zayn?" I ask. "Yeah. Just a little red." We all play for a little while longer. Man, I love these boys. Not like that, but like brothers.

   "Were baaaaack!" Niall announced, as they walk through the door. "Good. I'm hungry." Louis says. We all get our food and I start eating my thick cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and everything. In a matter of minutes, we have all finished our food. I guess I didnt realize how hungry I was.

   "Could you guys do me a favor?" I ask. "Sure, love. What is it?" said Harry. "I've always wanted 1D to sing to me." I say. "What song do you want us to sing?" says Liam. "Could you sing... 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'Stand Up'?" I ask. "Sure, love." Zayn says and smiles. Then they start. "You're insecure. Don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or." They sound like angels. My favorite part is the chorus. "Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell. You dont kno-o-ow, you don't know your beautiful."

   Eventually, they finish 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'Stand Up' and I just smile at them. They all sit down. "How was that?" Niall asks. "Fantastic." I say. "So it's two thirty. What time do you get out of here?" Zayn asks. "Three. We have thirty minutes left." I say, and mentally frown at the thought of only that much time left with them. "Do you want to hang out tomorrow?" Harry said. "Don't you have international boyband popstar stuff to do?" I ask with a small smirk. "Well actually, we just finished our tour and we have four months of summer to do what we want." Louis said, acting like he was in charge. "Sure, then. What do you want to do?" I say, mentally fangirling. "Um, we could go to the beach." said Liam. "Yeah, that would be great!" I say. "Well, then it's settled. The beach it is." says Louis.

   We all talk for a little while, when the same nurse from before walked in. "You may leave now, Camille."she says. "Thank you." i say. She smiled at me and all the boys, except for Zayn. It was kinda funny. I stood up and said, "Well, my mom will  be here in about fifteen minutes." "I think the boys and I could drive you home. That is if you like." said Harry. "That's okay. I'd hate to bring you any trouble." I say. "It's no trouble at all! Right boys?" Liam asks. They all nod. "Well, okay. Let me text my mom." I said. I did, then we all got our things and left.

   We got to their car. Of course, it's the van from 'What makes You Beautiful'. I sort of giggle at this. We all climb in. Louis is driving with Liam in the passenger seat. In the middle row is Harry, Niall, and me. Zayn is sitting on Niall's lap. Then, Louis turns on the radio. What do you think was on? That's right, One Thing! All the boys start singing loud and badly on purpose. I guess they were trying to emberass me. I just laughed the whole time.

   I told Louis how to get to my house, and eventually we were there. It is a white, two-story house with four large windows. "Your house is lovely" Louis says. "Thanks." I say. We park and and all get  out and walk inside. "Mom!?" I yell, trying to find out where she is. "I'm in the kitchen!" she yells back. I lead them into the kitchen and introduce them. "Mom. This is Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Guys this is my mother. You can call her mom." I say and laugh a little. "Hi!" they all say to her. "So, Camille. I was thinking that since your friends drove you home, they could stay for dinner?" says my mom. "Yeah. Sure, that'd be great." I say and look at the boys. They all nod. "Okay, dinner will be ready in about two hours. Why don't you take them down to that old bridge by the park, Camille?" she says. "Okay. Come on guys." I say. We all put on our shoes and walk out the door, me leading them to my favorite place in the world.

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