Confessions of A Serial Scammer

Maxine Powell is a serial scammer. She just never thought that it would get that bad. Once she meets Christopher Thompson, she gets in over her head, and she knows that she can't go back.


4. 13 June

13 June

Here we are at the airport. George and Lindsay are making their tearful goodbyes to civilization, air conditioning and 24 hour law protection. Good. They deserve it. Now their asking me why I always write in my diary. Because you listen and they don't, duh. But they can't know that. So I just told them that it's none of their business; of course, they dropped it.

I have to put you down while I go through security and the whole trip. Stupid TSA. I hate them.

I'm back. They better not have read you. Annoyingly, my parents have a stupid habit of either being super early to things, or super late. Of course, today, we're super early. I don't even think our planes here. At least  I'm not sitting near any of them. Or I'm not supposed to.

After we waited forever to load onto our plane, I knew I had to move fast. After half the plane was loaded, I made sure that no one in my family was watching me (didn't take long. shocker.) then I left.

I wandered the terminal for a while, until I felt a hand on the small of my back. "Come with me," the low voice said. I didn't resist. Why should I? A bag was thrust into my hands. "Change into this." I looked at the owner in the corner of my eye. Michael was wearing dark sunglasses, with a flannel shirt and khakis. He's so amazing. And he was all business. I changed into the clothes he got me and he handed me a passport. I quick peeked at it. Danielle Bridges. Michael led me to a terminal, where he flashed our tickets and we got on.

The flight was silent between the two of us, Michael toying with my fingers. We got off in London. The second we got out of the airport, we couldn't take our hands off each other. When we finally came up for air, he told me that he had a private flat somewhere in Brighton, so we had an hour long car ride in front of us. I didn't care. I just wanted to be with him.

When we finally got to Brighton, and amazingly, it was not that bad of a place. It was fully furnished with heating and water. It was a one bedroom suite with a huge bed in the room. It also had a huge bathroom and an even bigger walk-closet. It kind of irked me that half of it was full of the latest women's fashions, but I brushed it off. He probably prepared for me being there. It was kind of weird how there was only a TV, and no computer, but I just let it go.

What he didn't prepare for was how hungry we'd be coming in. All he had was a jar of honey, peanut butter and a couple apples. It was super cute how he was making me lunch with it. I loved it when he licked that honey off my lip.

I'm really tired, so we're going to sleep in the bed together. :)

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