Confessions of A Serial Scammer

Maxine Powell is a serial scammer. She just never thought that it would get that bad. Once she meets Christopher Thompson, she gets in over her head, and she knows that she can't go back.


3. 09 June

09 June

George and Lindsay really dropped the bomb today.

We're leaving for the family "vacation" on the thirteenth. I'm so angry! And the two little trolls are, of course, super excited, leaving me, again, looking like the bad child. It's not my fault if I think that George and Lindsay's attempt to bring our family together is going to be a total flop. I mean, honestly, when have they ever tried to make it work before? Why try now?

I got sent to my room to pack my bag and think about what I've said to them. Apparently I insulted them. Well, they don't have to be so defensive in the first place. It's not my fault that all that I said is true. Apparently all of this is supposed to be solved over a stupid trip to Mexico.

Hold on, I just got a text from Michael. He's asking what I'm doing Wednesday. Guess I have to tell him. God, I'll sound so lame. By the way, I told him how old I really was. He was, oddly, okay with it. Even a little happy about it. Wait a sec... He's offering something... He needs to call me so that we can talk more about this.

Anything he's going to tell me will be better than going to Mexico with my family. I mean, honestly? Making amends in the world of thieves? Yeah right.

I forgot to tell you, only one of my friends is talking to me. The rest of them all think I'm ridiculous. News flash for them: they don't have a crazy family that doesn't get you at all. I only have Kim left, and she's being super impossible. I'm leaving her before she leaves me.

I've got to go. Michael's calling me. I'm curious to know what he wants. Whatever it is, I know it's going to be awesome. :)

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