Confessions of A Serial Scammer

Maxine Powell is a serial scammer. She just never thought that it would get that bad. Once she meets Christopher Thompson, she gets in over her head, and she knows that she can't go back.


2. 06 June

06 June

Last night, I pulled off my best scam yet!

I went to the local bar today, off seventeenth; you know where it is. The whole time I was there, I was so scared someone would find out about me.

Summer vacation started today, and some of my so-called friends have already abandoned me. Whatever; who needs them? Their losers anyways.

Anyways, while I was at the bar, I met the most amazing guy ever! His name is Michael. He bought me a couple drinks and danced with me. He told me he'd just graduated his sophomore year; I said me too, even though I know he was talking about college. He said he's studying Biology and he gave me his number.

The first couple times I had pulled off my fake ID scam, nothing interesting had happened, so naturally, I want to see more of Michael. I texted him earlier today, asking him if he wants to go back to the bar today and meet me there. It's totally risky, but I don't care. What I care about are the stupid things I said while I was a little tipsy. "You could be a male model"? Seriously? I don't care how drunk I was, I remember it, and I hate myself for saying it. Today, I'm going to wow Michael with my wit.

Oh, yeah. Guess what George and Lindsay are did today? You know, other than giving a rats arse what I do. They decided that we should have a family vacation to "settle our differences" and to "get to know each other better." I mean, really? How obscure can you get? Do they really expect me to spend time with them and the dweebs that claim to be my siblings? I don't think so; and they better not either if they know whats good for them. Of course, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee showered them with praise on how "amazing their idea is" and how "this will be a great chance to unwind together." Man, I want to hit them; but their not worth the muscle.

I'd better get ready for tonight; I don't want Michael ever forgetting it. :)

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