This is my Luck

When a young girl moved to LA she meets some very special named Cody but can you guess his last name??? Will they have a good life or will someone step in between them and break them apart??? What will happen???


6. Will she like me????

My pov…

                   Cody asked me what as wrong how am I suppose to tell him Josh kissed me. “Cody I have to tell you something” “What is it babe” he said looking at me “Well when you asked me if something was wrong and ii said no there really was something wrong” I said “Babe what is it you can tell me” “Ok well when the reason I was talking to Josh was because he kept staring at me and while I was talking to him he kissed me he told me not to tell Alli but I told him I was going to tell you and whatever you decide to do then you might tell him.” “I can’t believe he kisses my girlfriend while he is dating my sister” “Cody please don’t do anything stupid I love you to much to see you get hurt” I said. “I promise I wont get hurt all I’m going to do is tell Alli” Cody said.


          Cody’s pov…

                   I can’t believe that jerk Josh I thought he was different then that jerk she dated last time but I guess not. “So what do you want to do now?” I asked “I’m sorry Cody but I got to get home and see my mom you can come if you want”. I was kinda sad she had to go home but happy that she asked me if I wanted to come and then scared that her mom wouldn’t like me. “Yea but what do you think your mom will say about me?”  “She will love you I promise” “Ok I hope your right”. I was so glad she thinks her mom will like me when we arrived at her house we both got out and went in her mom greeted her with a hug and Bella introduced me. After that we went up to her room which had purple walls and posters of me on the walls. “I see you are a fan” I said “Yea I loved you for Cody Simpson I seen on interviews but now I see you as Cody Simpson the best boyfriend in the world!”. I love her so much she really is the best girlfriend ever.

          Sarah’s(Bella’s bestfriend) pov…

                   I miss Bella so much. I am going to see if she is on oovoo so I went to look and she was online. I pressed call and she answered with some guy beside and that is when I relised it was CODY SIMPSON!!!!! I am a huge fan of him but I was going to act normal.  “Hey who is that guy there with you?” I said “Oh this is Cody, Cody this is Sarah”. “When can I come and visit you?” “I don’t know”

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