This is my Luck

When a young girl moved to LA she meets some very special named Cody but can you guess his last name??? Will they have a good life or will someone step in between them and break them apart??? What will happen???


1. moving!!!!

Kara's pov

   My name is Isabella(this is not my real name)I have brown curly hair. Today my mom called me downstairs and told me that we are moving to LA. Part of me was happy that I get to see something new and the other part was sad that I have to leave my bestfriend Sarah I could tell her amything. It was the day that me and my mom where leaving, Sarah and her family drove us to the airport and before I got on the plane she told me that at least i would be living in the same state as Cody Simpson. "I dont think i will be living near him  though" I said. See me and Sarah are really big Cody Simpson fans and then it was time for me to get on the plane. My eyes started to tear up but I had to hold it in for Sarah's sake. I was really going to miss her.

When we got there...

     When we got there we called a taxi over to take us to our new house. I was really nervous about alot of things like school(next year) I was happy that we moved during the summer. I also was nervous about what my house would look like and what my room would look like. We finally pulled up to a really pretty house i asked my mom "is this our house". She said "yes". I quickly got out and grabbed my bag. I want ed to get in there and see mhy room this house was huge!!!! I walked in the house and asked my mom which house was mine she told me and I walked in it. She had to get some one else to do this she couldnt have done this. My room had Cody Simpson posters already up and it also had picters of me and sarah up on the walls they were purple. i put my suit case on my bed and started unpacking. I put all the clothes in my drawers and decided to lay down and take a nap i was so tired from today.

(sorry for the short first chapter i promise i will write as much as i can but i will be in chicago for a week but i will try to write.)

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