Everything About You

Every love story is typical. The girl always gets the guy. There aren't any problems. Well this is reality. This could happen. Lily has a normal life. She has everything she could ask for, except that her dad treats her like crap. he has never liked her. He does something that causes her to completely have to change paths. She has to go live with her cousin Liam. While with him, she falls for a blonde irish lad or a brunette british boy. Will everything be okay? (Love/Romance)(not based on a true story) DON'T FORGET TO LIKE IT!!!!!! (:


19. I love you more than you can imagine

Niall's P.O.V.

"So, where are we going tonight?" she asked me looking at her phone. " Well I was kind of thinking we go eat and maybe something else." Not wanting to tell here where exactly we were going. We then pulled up to this nice restaurant called The Peddler Steakhouse. It smelled amazing, and had a cool oldtimey/country look. We sat down, and ordered our drinks, I looked at Lily, who looked at me. She had a half smile, half frown nher face. Then I completely went into a blank stare. She tapped my arm, and it made me jump a bit. I then smiled realizing it was her, and we started talking. Our drinks came out, and we ordered our food. Then we talked, ate, and left. I wondered why Lily ignored me during the car ride and plaed on her til' we got to the next place? Was she kind of upset with me for doing something? I hope I didn't hurt her.

We pulled up to the ice skaing rink, and she smiled. "How about we go ice skating?" "Of course! I would love to go." she said now smiling at me. We got out and met at the front of the car. I grabbed her hand, and walked her up to the ticket booth where I got two tickets. We got on our skates and we got out there. We skated and skated, and neither of us had fallen down. I looked a her as the snow fell onto her soft dirty blonde hair. She smiled, and I did the same. Then I remembered the ring, I had completely forgotten! She then looked at me funny as though I did something stupid. I told her that we had more spots to hit, and so little time. Then she smiled at me, and we left to the next place.

The zipline. Just another one of the places we had went when we first met. We paid, and we rode. We had a great time too. Then after about twenty times we got bored and went to the park. I think this is it. This is where I am going to ask her. I should do it tonight, before its too late.

We go over to the snow covered park bench under the dim street lamp, and we sit, watching the beautiful snow fall onto the ground like a soft blanket. She smiles, as do I. Then I get up standing her up too. "I love you," I say to her. "I love you too," she says smiling."You don't know how much I love you do you?" "Well, I have a guess. "I love you even more than food," she giggles at that one. I smile and get down on one knee. Her face has a smile, with a bit of a questioning look. I say, "I want to be more than what we are. I want to be there for the rest of your life, to protect you, and defend you. I love you Lily. I then pull out the box, and she goes into a state of shock. "Will you be Mrs. Horan, and stay with me for the rest of your life?" She smiles and tears form in her eyes. "I- I--" I stand up, and she hugs me. "Yes, yes Niall, I will be your Mrs. Horan." Then we kiss out in the snow. We go to the car and head home. "I don't know if I want to tell anyone about this ecspecially the fans. Let's keep it a secret," she nods in agreel

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