Everything About You

Every love story is typical. The girl always gets the guy. There aren't any problems. Well this is reality. This could happen. Lily has a normal life. She has everything she could ask for, except that her dad treats her like crap. he has never liked her. He does something that causes her to completely have to change paths. She has to go live with her cousin Liam. While with him, she falls for a blonde irish lad or a brunette british boy. Will everything be okay? (Love/Romance)(not based on a true story) DON'T FORGET TO LIKE IT!!!!!! (:


6. Did he truly mean it?

Lily's P.O.V.

We get to Zipline Headquarters, and we get all go to get signed up. Everyone has paid, and I start to put my money down when both Lou and Niall put down money. It's not just half-half of the money, but they both put down enough to pay for a full ticket. I could see the tension between them, so I pushed both of there hands down, and I handed the lady my money. I kind of felt weird, by the way the two looked at me when they did so. "Let's go!" I said said excitedly, trying to get the awkward presense to leave. Then we all headed to the vip line.


Niall's P.O.V.

What just happened? Did Louis just try for my girl again? I need to pull him over to the side and ask him. What if Lily likes him? What if she hates us both? What if-- I need to chill. Niall cool down. I have never felt this way about a girl. I guess I am falling hard for her.


Lily's P.O.V.

We get to the line, and it's pretty long. Since we are already going to have to wait, I think I am going to go to the bathroom."I think I am going to go to the bathroom," I say. They all nod, and I go. On my way, a familiar looking guy comes up to me. "Hey babe." he says trying to make it sound sexy. "Hi," still not knowing who it was. "Remember me?" he says backing me up into the wall. Then it hit me. That is Kyle's cousin, Derek, that always tried to take me form Kyle. "Umm.. No" I say trying to act like I don't. "Mhmm.. Sure." He gets closer to me until his lips are ownly inches away from mine. I try to kick, and push him away, but he pins me to the wall. "Hey!" I hear someone shout. Recoginizing the voice, I call back, "Help me." "Who is this?" ask Derek with a smirk. Before I can answer, Niall says something. "Speak up." says Derek. "She's my girl!" shouts Niall as he blushes a bit. Derek let's go. "Once you dump this loser, call me." He says winking. Then he walks away. "Come on." Niall says grabbing hand and half way pulling me to the zipline. Did he mean it? About me being his girl. Probably just a way to help me though. "Thanks." I say to him in a soft voice. "No problem babe." He said as he started to swing our hands back and forth, then letting go before we got to the boys. All I can think about is what he said. Did he truly mean it?

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