Everything About You

Every love story is typical. The girl always gets the guy. There aren't any problems. Well this is reality. This could happen. Lily has a normal life. She has everything she could ask for, except that her dad treats her like crap. he has never liked her. He does something that causes her to completely have to change paths. She has to go live with her cousin Liam. While with him, she falls for a blonde irish lad or a brunette british boy. Will everything be okay? (Love/Romance)(not based on a true story) DON'T FORGET TO LIKE IT!!!!!! (:


22. Authors Notes

Long time no see? Hey! I missed you guys! Well I know it's been ages since the last time I was writing. It because of school. It's crazy. Anyways how are you guys? Super Bowl Sunday? Who's watching? Go Ravens! Make sure you Like and favorite both my movellas! In May, I promise to try and get a sequel out for TUV! I promise! I love you guys! Peace out Girl Scouts!
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