Everything About You

Every love story is typical. The girl always gets the guy. There aren't any problems. Well this is reality. This could happen. Lily has a normal life. She has everything she could ask for, except that her dad treats her like crap. he has never liked her. He does something that causes her to completely have to change paths. She has to go live with her cousin Liam. While with him, she falls for a blonde irish lad or a brunette british boy. Will everything be okay? (Love/Romance)(not based on a true story) DON'T FORGET TO LIKE IT!!!!!! (:


10. A Night Full Of Fright

Lily's P.O.V.

"So... Where are we going?" I ask not sure whether I wanted to know or not. "It's a secret." he said in a hushed tone. "Why are we whispering?" I giggled trying not to be loud. "It sounds cool." he says giggling too. We drive up into a parking lot, and I see a bunch of lights flashing in the air. "What is this place?" I say looking at the huge building with the western looking building, and the cowboy looking scene. "This is the Dixie Stampede." he said also looking at the building. "Whoa this place is HUGE!!!" I said as I stepped out of the car assisted by Niall. "I know, my cousin told me if I ever came to Tennessee, then I should eat here." he said chucling a bit at my rection of the place." He grabbed my hand, and intwined our fingers together. We walked up to a big ticket booth. "Reservation?" the man at the window. "Yes sir." Then Niall pulled two tickets out of his pocket. "Alright you can go," said the man as he examined the tickets, then let us by. The place was even bigger on the inside. It was huge. It had a bunch of different seats and tables, and in the middle was what seemed to be a big rodeo rink. Everything was dressed in red white and blue, and loud country music was playing. The lady waiting tables noticed us, and she came over. "May I see your tickets?" Niall started to hand them to her, and she quickly snatched them out of his hands. "Follow me." she said smiling widely. We walked a ways, and we went to an up front seat. I felt like I was going to have a heartattack. Niall looked at me concerned, "Are you okay?" "Yeah it's just... No one has ever done anything like this for me... You are truly amazing Niall." He looked at the ground and blushed a bit. "Not as amazing as you." Now that made me blush, I probably turned as red as a tomato. I heard a fake cough and turned to see the waitress. "You can go," said Niall as he made hand signals towards the top of the arena. We sat down in the two chairs siting at a cute, little table. I looked around the room to admire the decorations. The perfectly carved wood wallwork, and the love designs all around the room. I looked at Niall who was looking at me. I smiled as did he then a big boom made me jump. Niall grabbed my hand, and said, "Whoa, it's okay. That's just them testing the mics. I calmed at sat ready to watch the show.


Niall's P.O.V.

I think she is going to love this. They bring outthe food, and it looks fantastic! You can tell by the way Lily looks at it, she thinks it is too.  They then let the animals out on the rink, and they start the show. It is a great little show. They have a bunch of cool stunts and stuff. One guy rode a wild bull while roping a cow. Now that is talent. The food here is amazing, and I think Lily is enjoying it too. I puy my hand around her back, and she leans into me. We continue to watch the show.


Lily's P.O.V.

This date.. uhh... I mean trip... no date. Well whatever it has been, it has been amazing. Is it a date? No, Why would Niall want to date me when he could have anyone else in the world. There are-- I am cut off by screams. I see people getting up, and runninng. I look in the rink to see that the wild bull is loose, and it is heading straight for me. I freeze up, and I can't move. I close my eyes ready to be hit when I feel to strong arms grab me, and pull me to the floor. I moan a bit because the impact hurt. I open my eyes to see (and hear) Niall lying next to me. He is breathing hard, but he looks okay. "Are you hurt?" he says sitting up and looking at me with full attention. "I'm fine, just bruised." I say trying not to sound sarcastic. "Good, I wouldn't want to loose my princess.. Uhh.. I mean Liam's cousin to a bull." he said blushing a bit. I look at him and smile, then before I know what is happening, I lean in and kiss him on the lips. His breath hitches, then he kisses back. then I brak, and I stand up. I hold out my hand, and I help him up. "At least I was saved by my Prince" I say making him blush. "Well this was a night full of fright," I looking to see the bull with a tranquillizer in his thigh.

Niall's P.O.V.

She called me her Prince. Crap. I haven't even ask her out or nothing, so how do I know I am actually her prince. I stop my train of thought to see her starring at me. "What's wrong?" she asks in her soft british accent. "Well, it's just.. I have a question. "Yes?" she says smiling, already knowing what I am fixing to ask. She nods, and I smile and kiss her. Now I am officially her Prince, and she is my Princess.


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