My Fan Book (contest, etc.)

Okay so like this is my book to:
A) Help all you newbies
B) Answer questions
C) Host contest
D) Do shoutouts to people and there books

Yeah, so basically its a guide and a review of things/a book wrapped into one...

I also have to other movellas, but they are actual books. You guys should read them. (They are "Everything About You" and "The Unforgettable Vacation".)

Also anytime you have a question or something of that sort, comment below, and I will write them in this book, and answer them.

I think that's all.... Might add more later.....


2. Shout out page

ShannonStyles: Hey! I love your movella " Everything About You"!!!! It's soooo good!!! Can you give my stories a shout out? They are " Am I Really Good Enough" and " Loosing Myself For You". Thanks! :)

Go read her books, they are really good! Thanks(: ~C
Her books are "Am I Really Good Enough?" and "Loosing Myself For You"

Want a shoutout? Just ask!
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