Believe It or Not

Love isn't as easy as it seems. The best part is when you know you love someone and that they love you back, but, that's also the worst part. You may fall in love but everything that falls gets broken. But, of course, Hazel didn't actually believed that, she though that this time would be different. Will it?


1. Total Stranger

Hazel's POV:


"I already told you, El! I'm not going and that's it!" I said, a bit annoyed, to my best friend, Eleanor.


Els and I have been great friends since high school, but she's almost 3 years older then me, so I'm 18. We live together since I graduated and now we go to the same university ass well. I love her, I really do, i mean she's my best friend in the whole world but she can also turn out to be very irritating.


"Please? For me?" She pouted.


"No" I said. "I'm not going to this party"


"Why not?" She asked, sitting on my bed.


"Because" I started. "I won't know anyone there"


"You'll me and Louis" El cut me off.


Louis is Eleanor's boyfriend. I really like him he is always so nice to everyone, so funny, so outgoing and, the best part about him, his very loud. Even though I might be a bit shy i just love loud people, they always seem to cheer me up sometimes. I guess thats why I love Lou and El so much, they are very alike. And I also love the fact that they are perfect for each other.


"Yeah, but its gonna turn out to be awkward" I frowned and sat on my bed too. It was true though, it was going to get awkward.


"But Louis is bringing one of his bandmates with him so you won't feel alone" Els said. Louis was in a boy band named One Direction. I've never met any of his bandmates, and I actually didn't feel the need to meet them either. But El had met them and she always says that they are great lads and that I should meet them. She then game me the puppy dog eyes and I just shook my head no.


"But it won't be fair to you!" Eleanor said, finally giving up on the puppy face.


"How come?" I asked, a bit confused.


"Well, you helped me to get ready, you're my best friend and I can't believe that you still live with me 'cause I'm a weirdo" She said playing with her necklace, the one that Louis gave to her on their anniversary.


I giggled. "You are a weirdo" She laughed. "And I only helped you with your hair"


"That counts as helping. Now, will you please let me help you get ready too?" El jumped out of my bed and went to my closet to search for some clothes.


"How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not going?" 


"None, 'cause you're going, honey" She then turned around to face me. "Don't you have any skirts or dresses?"


"Nop, just shorts and pants" I said while shaking my head and El frowned. 


"Well, you'll just have to borrow one of mine"


"Cant I just go with pants or something?" I complained and she shook her head leading me towards her room.


---2 hours later---


"I can't believe you actually made me come to this and wear a dress" I shouted over the noisy club.


"You'll thank me later. And you look gorgeous on that dress. You should keep it" She winked. "Now help me find… LOUIS!" El ran to Louis and hugged him and when they pulled out he gave her a peck on the cheek. Found him.


I walked to them, a bit uncomfortable though. As you can tell, I'm not the partying type, at all. No wonder why I'm single… 


"Hey Lou!" I said giving him a hug.


"Hi Haze!" He said hugging me back. "How are things?"I could hear a surprised tone on his voice, must be because I never come to club or any of this stuff.


"Well, apparently, I was forced to spend my Saturday night in this place that people usually have a great time but never remember them because they got way too drunk to remember, it's also the place where people think that they found there soul mates but in the next morning they find out that they were cheating" He smirked. "Did you know that Saturday is movie night?" I said glaring at Eleanor.


"I'm sorry about that, love, but try and have some fun, will ya?" Lou pouted. "For me?" Both Louis and Eleanor said that and I giggled.


"I'll try" I said and they made a weird but happy face and in no time they were at the dance floor dancing to the sound of some random song that I couldn't recognize.


They were just so perfect for each other. I love both of them. They could look like a couple, twins or best friends, which amazed me sometimes.


I decided to go to the bar to get something to drink. I got there and ordered a beer. The bar man gave me the drink and I thinker him then took a sip of it. It instantly burn inside me and I felt a bit dizzy. I'm not quite of a drinker either… And I guess that the guy next to me noticed that too.


"Not much of a drinker aren't you?" I heard his husky, clearly, british voice say. I nodded and felt a little nervous. I'm not actually used to boys coming to talk to me, specially hot guys.


I looked over at him and was definitely a hot guy. He had a curly brown hair and gorgeous emerald eyes. He was wearing a black skinny jeans, a black Ramones T-shirt with a jacket and brown boots.


"I've never met a girl that didn't like to drink before" He admitted.


"There's a first for everything" I grinned.


"I already like you" He then put his hand out for me to shake it. "I'm Harry, nice to meet you"


"And I'm Hazel" I said as shook his hand.


"Nice name"


"Nice pants"


He let out a small smile before saying "so, what is a beautiful that doesn't likes to drink is doing in a club?" 


My friend forced me to come actually" I replied. "I'd rather watch a movie or something besides being here, no offense"


"None taken" there was a pause then he suddenly got up from his seat and started walking and looked over his shoulder. At first, I was shocked but then I understood that he wanted me to follow him. So that's exactly what I did. I followed a total stranger.


"Where are we going?" I asked, curious.


"You're right" He simply said, I was still confused. "Movies sound better then this"

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