Believe It or Not

Love isn't as easy as it seems. The best part is when you know you love someone and that they love you back, but, that's also the worst part. You may fall in love but everything that falls gets broken. But, of course, Hazel didn't actually believed that, she though that this time would be different. Will it?


2. Nerdy Side

Hazel's POV:


Minutes later we were entering his house. Harry told me that he lived with his friend but it wouldn't be a problem since he was out with his girlfriend. I texted El saying that I was fine and that she didn't have to worry where I was.


We were here because he wanted to watch some movies. I never believed that a guy would actually prefer to watch a movie then to go to a club where would e alcohol and girls. And because of that, Harry made me feel special in some kind of way, with that my cheeks turned red and I gull that he noticed 'cause he was grinning like an idiot. I hit him playfully.


"So, what are we watching?" i asked a I sat on the couch and taking my shoes out. I didn't wear heels 'cause I hated them.


"First, your going to take that dress off" I said calmly and I widened my eyes and looked at him. "I didn't keen like that! I can see that your not comfortable in them so i figured that I could lend you some of my clothes" Harry explained himself. I did feel uncomfortable do I nodded and followed him to his room upstairs.


It was a bit messy. Some socks were on the floor and his bed was unmade. Harry walked to his closet and got me a grey sweat pant and a girls white tank top. Why did he have  a girls tank top? "Don't worry. It's my sister's" I guess re read my mind. I smiled and went to the bathroom to get changed. They fitted perfectly. I walked out of the bathroom to the living where i found Harry in some sweats too. He was under a blanket and I sat next to him.


" You didn't answer me" I said and he made a confused face. "What are we watching?" I said now facing the TV screen.


"I putted on a horror fim, if you don't mind"


"Not at all" I said as I made myself comfortable.


During the movie there were some scary parts which made me look away and I sometimes rubbed my face into Harry's chest. He always smirked when I did that but I couldn't control myself.


"Sorry" I said for the millionth time as I took my face out of his chest. I felt a bit embarrassed.


"I already told you, it's fine, babe" I melt inside when he called me babe.


"I feel like I'm distracting you from the film" I said facing him.


"Believe me, it's worth looking at you then the movie" I felt my cheeks burning red so I turned my head towards the screen so he wouldn't notice. But guess what? He did and I knew that he was smiling. 


Eventually, I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder. I woke up the next morning in my own bed. What the hell?! How did I get here?!


I got up and went the kitchen and I saw El making breakfast.


"Good morning sunshine!" She greeted me.


"Morning" I said, but it sounded like a question.


"How was you're night?" El asked as I sat on the kitchen table.


"Great actually" She putted some pancakes on a plate and gave it to me. "How did I get in my bed?"


"Well, apparently you met Louis' friend, Harry" She said as she sat on her seat and ate piece of her pancakes.


"Louis' bandmate is Harry?" El nodded. "What a coincidence"


"We found you two on his living room sleeping so I decided to take you home"


"Thanks El" I said as we finished our breakfast.


"So what are doing today?" She asked.


"Since I have no classes today I was hoping to go to this new bookstore and then I'm going for some coffee, you?" I asked.


"You and you're nerdy side"  El grinned. "I'm going to the grocery store after class and then I'm going to Louis'. Do you need anything the store?"


"No thanks" I went back to my room to get changed. i put on my dark blue skinny jeans, a dark green sweater, my white converse, a grey beanie and my glasses. Yes, i use glasses and I'm very proud of that.


I hugged and said bye to Els before living. I walked to the bookstore. I don't have a car so I have walk to everywhere, I really enjoy walking it helps me think. 


I went to the bookstore and bought myself two books, they seemed very interesting. Now I was exiting Starbucks with my coffee in hands. I was walking when I felt someone bump on me and spill all of my coffee and books on the floor. "I'm so so sorry!" I heard the guy. He had a familiar voice, husky and very british. we both bent down to get my stuff. He handed me one of the books and I immediately recognized his face. Harry.


"Hazel?" He looked surprised. 


"Hi Harry" I replied.


"Hazel I am so sorry. Please let me buy you another you" He begged.


"No, it's alright" I said. "You seemed like you were in a hurry, you must be late for something and I don't want you to be even more"


"I insist, please" He pouted. "It's not important anyway"


"You sure?" He nodded. i sighed and went inside Starbucks again. He bought me the coffee and made me let him walk me home.


"Harry, seriously, you don't have to"


"I already told you, I want to" He said while we passed the coffee shop.


"If you insist" i shrugged. "If you don't mind me asking where were you going?"


"I was going to see my girlfriend, Melissa" He said and I simply nodded. "But it's way better hanging out with you" Harry added and I smiled. He preferred to hang out with me the nerdy girl that he met yesterday then being with his girlfriend.


"Why wouldn't you want to be with her?" I asked.


"Because" There was a pause. "I don't exactly like her"


"What?!" I was shocked. "Then why are with her?"


"Management" He replied, a bit annoyed. I was still confused. "You know, since I'm in a band and all"


"You're in a band?" 


Harry looked at me with a 'really?' expression on his face.


"What?" i asked.


"You don't really know who I am?" He asked and I shook my head no. "When I met you was surprised that you didn't freak out when you saw me, now I know why"


"It must be because I don't actually know you…?"


"Well then, nice to meet you, I'm Harry Styles, from the boy band, One Direction" One Direction. I knew that name. It was very familiar. Who said that to me? LOUIS! Louis told that when we first met. And I must of read about them in a magazine or saw them on TV, something like that.


"Nice to meet you too, I'm Hazel Grace, from nowhere, and I'm not famous either" As I said that he let out a small laugh and I giggled.


"You're house is way too far" Harry complained.


"You're the one who wanted to walk me home" I smirked.


"You could of told me it was far!" 


"You wouldn't come if I did" 


"So you did want me to come with you" He grinned and I blushed.


Minutes later we arrived at my flat. We just stood in the front porch staring at each others eyes. Harry had beautiful eyes, I, on the other hand, had the most boring brown eyes ever. Then it happened. Harry kissed me.

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