Believe It or Not

Love isn't as easy as it seems. The best part is when you know you love someone and that they love you back, but, that's also the worst part. You may fall in love but everything that falls gets broken. But, of course, Hazel didn't actually believed that, she though that this time would be different. Will it?


3. Hell Yeah!

Hazel's POV:


It's been a week since it happened. Since Harry kissed me even tough he is dating. Since I offered that we should go inside my flat. Since we did it. All of this happened and Harry was still dating. We haven't talking during this week, just a few texting but nothing else. 


Today was Friday and One Direction was performing near mine and El's house, so she and Louis thought it was about time that I should meet the boys, well, the rest of them. 


"C'mon El!" I screamed trying to hurry Eleanor. We were definitely going to be late for there show.


"I'm coming! Just a sec!" I heard her yell from her bedroom.


"We're gonna be late!" 


"I"m ready, lets go" She said as we walked to the door and she opened it. We hoped in El's car and I turned the radio on only to be greeted by Ed Sheeran's, The A Team, song. I don't know if you noticed but I can't drive. I've never actually felt the need to drive, and I really like walking, it's really helps you to think.


"So, you excited?" Eleanor asked as she took a quick glance at me. "I mean, it's gonna be the first time you see them perform live"


"It's quite amusing though" I replied and she nodded. The rest of the car ride we sang to some songs on the radio. 


I just hopped that when I see Harry again it won't be awkward. It would be really bad if that happened. And I was really really hoping that his girlfriend won't be there, I don't want to feel even worst. But the truth was that I wasn't bad for what happened, it just seemed right. When we kissed, it just felt perfect. I have never felt they sensation before, maybe it's the adrenaline.


"We're here" Els said parking the car. We had to get some bodyguards to make to inside. It was pretty early but the place was packed with lots and lots of fans.


"You're going to love them" El said as we walked to there dressing room, where they stay to wait until the show. "They're all lovely lads. Sometimes they just get a bit weird, but in a good way"


"I like weird people" I smirked.


"Then you're absolutely going to love them" She smirked as well.


We entered the room and I saw Louis talking to a brown haired boy with brown eyes too, he had small quiff and he was very handsome. Then I saw a blonde boy playing video games with beautiful blue eyes. Right beside the blondie was a black haired boy who also had a quiff. Louis towards us, he gave Eleanor a big hug and a peck on the lips then he came to hug me as well.


"I'm glad you finally decided to come" Louis smirked.


"I figured since I knew 2 of you I should meet the rest" I simply replied and he nodded.


"Well, his is Liam" Luis said as the guy that he was talking to came and hugged me. "The blonde one is Niall" Louis pointed and blonde guy waved and smiled at me and I did the same. "And the last one, Zayn" Zayn came over to me and we shook hands while we smirked to each other. "I have no idea where Harry is but you already met him" I chuckled as he mentioned Harry's name. 


I sat on the couch next to Niall and we became friends almost like instantly. We played some video games for half an hour before two girls came in the room. One of them had blonde hair, lighter then Niall's, and the other had curly hair. i already knew them too. Perrie and Danielle. We hang out sometimes. They are really good people and I really like them. Perrie came to me and gave me a warm hug then ran to Zayn, Dani waved at me and got into a deep conversation with Eleanor. I knew that Dani and Liam weren't dating anymore but remained friends. I still think that they love each other, I could see the sparkle in Liam's eyes when she entered and the way that Dani talked about him was so full of passion. 


"So" I heard Niall say. "You hungry?"


"Hell yeah!" I said as I stood up.


"I already love you" He stood up grinning and we went to the door. "Guys, me and hazel are getting something to eat, we'll be back in a few" Niall said as I turned the door knob. As I opened I bumped into a tall figure. Harry. 


"Hazel?" He asked, confused.


"Hi Harry" I smiled. Then noticed that a girl stood next to Harry, their hands were clued and fingers intertwined. I guess that this is Melissa.


"Who's this?" The blonde girl asked with absolutely no emotion in her voice.


"I'm Hazel" I stood my hand out for her to shake but only got ignored and she made a disgusted face.


She then turned to Harry to say that she would be heading back to her house 'cause she had 'stuff' to do. With that me and Niall decided to go get food. I just couldn't stand her. Yeah, I just met her but still. She acted like a total--


"Bitch?" Niall said as if he read my mind. We walked down the corridor 'till we got to the small kitchen.


"Excuse me" I was confused as I opened the fridge.


"That's what everybody thought as we first met her" Niall said as he sat down on the small table. "So I figured that you did too"


"You read my mind" I got us some cookies and sat down as well. "Is she always like this?"


"Since we met" He responded with his mouth full. "And she's like this to Harry sometimes too"


"Why can't they just break up" I said as I swallowed a cookie. "I mean, I know that they're together because of management, but do they really have to be forced to do this?"


"Unfortunately, yes" Niall frowned and in that moment Harry entered the small place.


"Hey, uh, can we talk?" Harry asked me then looked at Niall as he continued to eat his cookie. "Alone, please?" Niall snapped his head up and nodded. He got up and, of course, took the cookies while he left. Harry sat on Niall sit and played with his hands. We stayed quiet for a while.


"Harry?" He looked at me staring into my eyes. My boring eyes. "What did you want to talk about?"


"I just, uh,--" He stuttered.


"Hey" I reached his hand and kept them inside mine. "It's okay"


"No, it's not okay" He murmured while playing with my fingers. My hands were so tiny compared to his. Harry stood up and closed the kitchen door then ran to me and made me stand up too. "I feel like I'm cheating" He walked towards me only making me bump into the wall. He placed his left hand on my waist and his right hand on the back of my neck. His hand was really cold making me shiver. "Then we should stop" I whispered and bit my bottom lip. He smirked and brushed his nose on my red cheek.


"I didn't mean cheating on Melissa" I placed my arms over his neck. 


"Then what did you mean?"


"That I don't like cheating on you" With that he kissed me. Those soft and so kissable lips brushed to mine. The kiss was passionate. I needed more of that love. I needed him to give that love to me. We broke the kiss a while later to catch some air.


"But were not even something" I snapped.


"After that kiss you think that were not something?" I shook my head no. "Why would you say that?"


"Because" I said as Harry planted soft kisses on my neck. "We're two people making memory" His smirk got even bigger.


Minutes later we went back to the rest who didn't even notice us only Niall who had a huge grin on his face as he saw me, my cheeks instantly became red I tried to head it by starting a conversation with Eleanor, Liam and Perrie.


Some hours later the show has ended and the boys were back to their dressing room getting ready to go home. They weren't as bad as I thought, in fact, they were incredible. Really talented. I should buy their albums someday maybe.


"Haze?" Louis called me gesturing to me go to his and Eleanor's direction. I walked over to them passing Harry who only stared at me.


"What's up?" I asked.


"I'm driving Louis home since he came with Niall, and I might stay there for the night" El explained. "Which means that I won't be able to take you home, sorry hun"


"It's fine I'll just catch a cab or something" I nodded. 


"Here, take some money to pay it" Louis searched for his wallet and I interrupt him by shaking my head.


"No, it's fine, I have money. I think that I'll walk, our flat isn't too far from here" I smiled. "You guys know how much I love walking" They both chuckled.


"You sure?" El asked turning to face me. I nodded. "You know, since Melissa isn't here Harry could walk you home, to make sure that you got there safe" I could still feel Harry's eyes on me and I knew that he was listening to our conversation.


"Just because I'm the youngest doesn't mean that you guys have to treat me like a child" I smirked. "But yeah, I'd love that" I turned to look at Harry who was grinning like an idiot, he had to hide it but I knew that he was screaming like a little girl inside.


"Alright then, I'll see tomorrow" Eleanor hugged and Louis did the same. Louis turned to Harry and said "Take good care of my little girl" I giggled.


"Make sure that she goes to bed before midnight" El said as she hugged him too.


"Don't worry, she'll be fine" Harry winked at me. and I blushed


We said our goodbyes to everyone. When I went to hug Niall he whispered in my ear that we should use protection, my face went redder than a tomato and I hit his arm playfully before me and Harry left.


We walked in silence. It wasn't awkward at all. it just felt good. Minutes later we arrived at my front porch. I opened the door and before I could even invite Harry inside he was already in. I just stood there a bit shocked and he looked over his should gesturing me to follow him. And, just like the first time, I did follow him. We went upstairs and entered my room. Harry took his shoes off and thew his shirt on chair that was in the corner and stayed only in his boxers. I just stood in the doorframe observing him.


"Harry?" He lay in bed and stared at me. "What are doing?"


"It's already 11:45, Eleanor told me that you should go to bed before midnight. I keep my promises" He winked and patted side of the bed meaning that I should go lay down next to him.


I smiled and settled my bag on my chair. I went over to my closet and picket some pajama pants and a tank top. I got dressed in the bathroom that was connected to my room then came back only to have Harry playing with my glasses and putting the on. I giggled at him and he noticed me.


"What are you doing?" I asked as I lay on my bed.


"These glasses are very strong" He complained. Harry took the glasses off and placed them in my face. "But you look so cute with them"


I giggled once again before taking them off and settling them on my bedside table. I cuddled to Harry's chest as he put his arm around my small frame. There we stood. Cuddling and falling asleep. Little did i know that I was fallen for something else too. Maybe love.

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