The Greatness Within

A boy, Thomas A. Perez, goes through life living in his brother's shadow. As he is lost in his ways, he meets a wonderful girl, Nicole. Hope was something Thomas was very familiar with. However, love is quite the new concept for him to grasp.
Originally, I wrote this to make my teacher cry (which I did accomplish... she wasn't... the happiest I guess you could say), but now I'd eventually like to write this into my 1st novel and just really expand from what I have already. That way I can get better character development and a heavier impact at those 'sad times'. Hope you enjoy :) .... *Please be sure to check out all of the chapters*


1. Prologue

My name is Thomas Alexander Perez. I was born on May 16, 1992. When I was born, I never could say I met my mother because that was the truth. I never did meet my mother. All I heard was how great of a person she once was. Why have I never met her? Well, the answer is simple really; she died while she gave birth to me. Another thing I couldn’t say was that I was a son who was loved. My father always loved my older brother over me. I never knew why, but I would assume it is because when he looks at me he sees the day his wife died. He said to me one day, “Your brother was born a lucky man”… but then he added, “And you were just lucky to be born.” My brother however was very kind and generous to me, but he never knew how it was to be hated by your own father. To be honest I envied him. He always made me feel like I was living in his shadow. He was one obstacle I could never truly overcome; he always stood in my way. I can remember only a few true friends while I was growing up, but most of all I remember the love of my life, Nicole. She was one friend who was always there for me and wanted nothing but the best for me. Above all the things she did for me this one sticks out the most. When it was my birthday she would always invite me to her house to celebrate it. My father on the other hand, would promote me to just leave. Once I met her, I probably spent more time at her place then my own. It was a place where I felt loved for once. . She was a true friend, the best anyone could ever have. But, I too envied her. Every day I dreamt of a warm, loving family like she had been blessed with. It almost seemed unfair to me. How could I get stuck with a miserable father? And how could she get blessed with the perfect family? I didn’t worry about this too much though because she was my best friend. It made me happy to see her happy. Not only that, but she was willing to share her happiness with me. Me, of all people she chose it was me? One thing was for sure though; she was unlike any other person that had ever come into my life.

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