The Greatness Within

A boy, Thomas A. Perez, goes through life living in his brother's shadow. As he is lost in his ways, he meets a wonderful girl, Nicole. Hope was something Thomas was very familiar with. However, love is quite the new concept for him to grasp.
Originally, I wrote this to make my teacher cry (which I did accomplish... she wasn't... the happiest I guess you could say), but now I'd eventually like to write this into my 1st novel and just really expand from what I have already. That way I can get better character development and a heavier impact at those 'sad times'. Hope you enjoy :) .... *Please be sure to check out all of the chapters*


6. Epilogue

            Nicole came to my house one day and nervously, “I don’t expect you to forgive me, but if it makes you any better, I will always be with you if you want that again.”

            She stood there looking at me with her hands behind her back. I took her and threw her in my arms and said cheerfully, “Did you forget the other part of my promise already? If you did let me re-inform you, I said, ‘You will always be in my heart, and I will be waiting for you and my ring. Of course I want that again, I have always wanted that since the day I met you.”

            Nicole gazed at me with an affectionate and fervent look on her face. Passionately she said, “Good, I was afraid you would say no after what I did to you.”

            I kissed her and earnestly said, “Then maybe it was a surprise for you and me both.” The words she once told me on the first birthday she celebrated with me. This reminded me of that same time. Another time of joy finally came into my life. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because in that war I finally found out the true meaning of responsibility, or maybe it was because of the hope and love I still had for Nicole after all that time. All I know is that my life will be a great one with her. And so, concludes my story. This is all I can tell you for now because it’s not over yet.


The End

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