The Greatness Within

A boy, Thomas A. Perez, goes through life living in his brother's shadow. As he is lost in his ways, he meets a wonderful girl, Nicole. Hope was something Thomas was very familiar with. However, love is quite the new concept for him to grasp.
Originally, I wrote this to make my teacher cry (which I did accomplish... she wasn't... the happiest I guess you could say), but now I'd eventually like to write this into my 1st novel and just really expand from what I have already. That way I can get better character development and a heavier impact at those 'sad times'. Hope you enjoy :) .... *Please be sure to check out all of the chapters*


5. Chapter 4: Thomas's Return

            When I arrived in America, I could only think about Nicole. The smell of America again, the peace that was here. It was just something I had never felt in a long while. My journey was almost to its end. All I had to do now was to find Nicole, and she most likely was to be found somewhere in Maine, our old state where we lived.

            At the time, I was in New York. It was harder than I thought to get to Maine, but I found a way. I told them what happened to me; some believed me, some didn’t. The people, who believed me, took me closer and closer to Maine. They did what they could for me. Took me on their family trip and dropped me off when they were turning around, gave me money for a bus that would help me, or they would drive me to a place where I could find shelter but still be closer to Maine.

            Eventually, I arrived in Maine. I couldn’t believe it, but I finally made it. Now I just had to travel to our old neighborhood. This was easy, if I could walk two days to a concentration camp, I could easily walk back to our neighborhood. According to my position, it was just only twenty miles away. I thought to myself, “I can make that easy in one day.” I could make it in one day; however, I chose to make it in two so that I wouldn’t be exhausted.

            After the two days, I was back home. It looked exactly the same as the day I left. My heart was pounding with excitement to see Nicole again. I started to ask around the neighborhood. They were in shock that I was still alive.

            I inquired to all the neighbors, “Hello, have you seen Nicole? Did she move or anything?”

            They always just stood there because they couldn’t believe it was me, but every time I got the same answer, “Nicole? I haven’t seen her in years to be honest. After… after we heard news of your death, she moved. She was devastated. We… we all were. I have never seen her that sad in my life.”

            “Well where did she move to,” I continued to ask, “How far is it? I have a promise to keep.”

            “Thirty miles northeast of here, but…”

            I quickly interrupted, “Then there is no time to waste! I got to go now.”

            It took just two more days for me to get there. I knew I was getting close, but I needed sleep so I took not more than a three hour rest. I was walking down the streets, and I noticed my youngest daughter walking down the sidewalk. As much as I wanted to scream her name I didn’t. I wasn’t sure it was her because I haven’t seen any of my children in years.

            Instead she came up to me and asked curiously, “Hi, my name is Alexis Perez. You look very familiar to me, but I’m sure I am mistaken because you are new here aren’t you? You remind me of someone I knew a long time ago.”

            She noticed tears coming down my eyes, and I put my arms around her and picked her up. I answered, “I missed you so much! Where is Nicole, your mother?”

            “Dad!?” she said thrilled, “She… she is at home. Over there…” She pointed to a house just a few blocks down the road.

            I ran to the house. I ran as fast as I ever had since the time I was escaping the concentration camp. I was finally there. I knocked on the door. My journey was over.

            A tall man came to the door and asked, “Can I help you?”

            I replied, “Mm, yes actually,” Before I could finish I was interrupted by another voice.

            I heard a voice in the background shout, “Hunny, Who is it?” The voice sounded exactly like Nicole. She came to the door also, and said to the man, “Um, I think you have some work to do in the kitchen.” He walked back inside. Nicole then put her arms around me. She had spiritless and boundless tears when she saw who I was. She choked out while she was crying endlessly, “Oh my God! You came back… you came back for me. Why would you go through all this trouble?”

            I said also weeping and torn, “It’s like I said, ‘I never make a girl a promise, if I know I can’t keep it.’ I had a promise to keep, and I intended to keep it, no matter how hard it would be.”

            “But you don’t understand,” she continued downhearted, “You did so much just to see me, and I didn’t do the same for you. I feel horrible.”

            I could only think of how Nicole must have felt at the time, so I tried to cheer her up while I was still sobbing, “No, no, Nicole, you did everything you could. You filled my childhood with joy. What more could I ask of you? Without you I wouldn’t be here right now.” Although what I said was true, I still felt torn up inside. How could I not? She used to be my best friend, wife, and my counselor, and then she heard of my “death”. My fake death ruined everything. As I told her a long time ago, I would never find another person like her. We would continue to be friends, but I never felt the same. I thought to myself, “So often, I am given so much, but I would trade it all away just to be back with my wife, Nicole.” This is my story.

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