one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


20. what to do...

**Tallise's POV**

the next few days went by so fast. i didnt so the boys a whole lot, getting ready to tour around england and other places. they leave tomorrow morning... i felt horrible. i was supposed to be hanging out with my brother, the person i had missed the most. but lately ive been worrying about liam and how awkward it was. speaking of liam, we kept our distance. we didnt really talk. i was now in the kitchen, being the best little sister ever and making me and zayn's favorite. it was a little recipe i got from my mom before she died. it was macaroni and a special ingrediant.

i kept it to myself, no one not even zayn knew what it was. i was making the macaroni and baked chicken. i had to hurry, the boys were at an interview and i wanted to be ready when they got home. i was sticking the sticky cheesy goodness when i heard the door creak open. "HONEY IM HOME!" oh louis. "i smell something gooooooooooood!" i felt my grin widen. "hey tal!" i heard harry's deep voice say as he entered the room. "hey curls. whats up?" "waiting for food?" i turned and saw him smiling innocently. "its done, so you get the boys to go in the dining room" he nodded and obeyed.

i grabbed plated out of the cabinet and placed the food on them. i tried taking all of the guys' food in one trip. "shit tal!" niall came running over just as i was about to drop a plate. he smiled as he smelled it. he licked his lips and went and sat down, shoveling the food in his mouth. i set the placed the plates in front of them and saw just the reaction i wanted to see when zayn looked down at his plate. he sent me a huge grin."this looks delicious tal!" "why thank you zaynie poo!" i walked back into the kitchen to get my own food. coming back, i saw the only open spot was by liam. talk about awkward. i sat down, trying so desperatly to make it seem like i wasnt fazed even though i was mentally screaming at myself.

we all ate in silence, the only sound was the forks scratching against the plates. i nibbled on my food, my appetite instantly going away. "mmmmm!" i looked across the table and saw niall slouch in his chair, rubbing his belly and burped loudly. i smirked. "you get enough?" "naah! if you dont finish yours im gonna have to" i smiled and passed him my plate. "that was brilliant tal" "why thank you harry" i stood up and retrieved the empty plates on the table. i brought them to the kitchen and washed them. taking my sweet time."ive missed you tal" i jumped and bubbles sprayed all over me and the kitchen counter. "god dammit zayn!" i heard him chuckle. "we havent really spent time together! i mean.. you're going on tour.." i sighed. "i dont know if i am actually" "but you already agreed!" i kept my back to him and sighed. "yeah but zayn.. when you get back i'll be gone! i dont want to leave. what if you get a break and oh guess what! im gone..."

i was clenching a dish in my hands, the bubbles still covered my hands but i could feel my knuckles turning white. "tallise.. dont you dare give up on this opprotunity." "zayn the only reason i evem started singing was because of you! i dont want to do this without you! i dont want to be alone!" i dropped the dish and grabbed a hand towel, drying my hands and turning to face zayn. his expression was soft and understanding. "zayn i dont want to do this alone.." i said once again. he grabbed me and shook me. "you didnt give up on me when i went on x factor and im not going to give up on you now." i gave a little smile "tal, what if you only do parts of the tour?" "where would i be the rest of the time? come home and do nothing? see this is why its so confusing. i want to go because its a good opprotunity and what do i have going for me here? nothing. but if i dont go... i see you more, i see the boys more and i get to spend time with the family. but they have been so distant with eachother lately." "you need to breathe." "am i overreacting?" i said, looking up at him. "no.. i thought the same exact thing.. but its what i wanted... come here"

he grabbed me and pushed me into the living room. all the boys were sitting on the couches watching a movie or messing with eachother. "lads!-" they all turned to zayn. "tallie here is having second thoughts" he announced. "wait. what?" harry said, clearly confused. "she's having second thoughts" zayn repeated. "on what?" harry... you dumb.. i heard zayn face palm himself. "harry.. just shut up" "but i wanna know what going on!" "harry, play angry birds.." "but im stuck on a level.. i cant get passed it. " "for godsake harry" "what?" i slowly felt my brain cells dying. good god. "anyways.. harry dont say anything.. tallise is re thinking the whole tour thing with ed. " "oooohhhhhh! i understand now.." harry said. i started laughing as he went back to playing on his phone. special cupcake. "why would you even rethink that?" louis said speaking up.

i dont think ive seen this side of louis since ive met him. "i uh-" "she doesnt want to lose us and my family.. i mean our family" he corrected himself. "why would you lose us?" niall said in his thick accent. i looked down at the ground, i hate being on the spot when it comes to talking. singing and talking are two totally different things. "hey lets just forget about it ok? you guys need rest. you've got an early flight."  i turned to go escape to my room."dont quit on your dreams" i stopped where i was and turned. liam finally spoke to me. for 5 days he didnt speak a single word to me. he was looking down at his hands. i couldnt speak. "yeah, tallise. i mean, im pretty i can speak for the boys and myself. i thought the same exact thing. but you know what. everyone will understand. its your life. live it the way you want." niall looked so much older and mature as he spoke.

this was the same niall who was whining about someone taking his last dorito.. i pretty sure my expression said everything i was thinking, the rest of the boys looked at him the same way. "what? i can be deep! god.." he huffed and turned. i started biting my lip. "i- i dont know what to say.." i let out a loud sigh, i ran my hands through my hair and groaned. the room stayed silent. "you know.. we should pull an all nighter. like a goodbye thing" louis spoke up. we all looked at him and nodded frantically. "WOOP WOOP!" "im going to change first" i annouced. i bounded up the stairs. i closed my door. i dont want them to leave. i mean. i just want to move out. be on my own. well. i do have my savings... NO! you need to worry about this tour and if you're actually going to do it!

i sighed for probably the hundereth time tonight, and marching into my closet and grabbed a pair of sweats and a tank top. i threw them on slipped on a pair of fuzzy socks. i skipped back downstairs and louis was in the middle of putting a movie in. zayn looked over his shoulder and we both smiled to eachother. "special popcorn" we said at the same time. i ran into the kitchen and threw the popcorn in thew microwave. as the beeping went off i poured into a bowl and added the special mix. i skipped back popping pieces in my mouth. i sat on the floor and pulled my legs so i was sitting criss cross apple sauce. "whoa man.. get your ass over here. i want some" zayn spoke. i turned and looked at him. making eye contact and popped another piece in my mouth. smirking as his mouth dropped. "oh it is on" he jumped off the couch and tackled me, the popcorn spilling onto the carpet. "YOU BASTARD!" i screamed as i laughed. "if i cant have any no one can" "well i am..." niall said as he picked pieces up and ate them. only niall.

i pouted. "fine.. im not making another one" "fine" "fine" "FINE!" "FINE!" we screamed stubbornly at eachother. "GUYS! WE GET THE FINES NOW SHUT IT!" liam bellowed. we all looked at him surprised. the hell crawled in his boxers.. "im sorry- i just" he said. "man, you need sleep." "no.. i just have a headache." "go get aspirin" zayn said. "i dont know where it is mate" zayn groaned and threw himself on the ground. "no comprende" "since when did you become mexican?" i said with a laugh. "since im too lazy to get up" i sighed. "follow me" i replied. this is insanely awkward.

i heard him shuffling behind me. i went into my bathroom, grabbing some advil and filling a glass of water. liam sat on my bed, his head in his hands. damn thats one bad headache. "here" i held the water out and the pills cupped in one hand. i poured them onto his hand and let his grasp the cup. he popped the pills and chugged the water. "better?" "no.." "it will take some time. " "why dont you want to do this tal?" "whatya mean i gave you the pills?" ok dude. you're confusing me now. "why would you even think of NOT taking this amazing opprotunity?" "lets just go down there" i tried walking off but he grabbed my wrist. i jerked back and my face crashed into his chest. he hugged me to his chest. i immediatly wrapped my arms around his waist. "everything will work out. i promise you wont lose us." i squeezed him even tighter. liam payne.. dont break your promise.

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