one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


8. uhm girlfriend.. SAY WHAT?!

**Tallise's POV**

me and niall looked at eachother. uhm well this is wierd. i opened my mouth to protest and tell her we were just friends but she already walked off. my cheeks were turning a light shade of pink, so i nervously began to eat my ice cream. niall chuckled nervously, neither of us knowing what to say. "urm, you wanna go back?" i nodded my head and turned to walk out the door, he was standing there holding the door open when i walked through. i smiled up at him and was meeting by a nice warm breeze blowing my hair to the side. we walked in silence, both of us enjoying our ice cream.

i was looking at the shops and saw a dress, it was a black strapless dress and had pink, yellow and orange colored flowers patterent all along the fabric, it had a think double buckle belt, just by looking at it, it looked like it would end mid thigh, the dress ruffled slightly at the ends. i kept my face calm, but that dress was absolutely gorgeous. i wish i could get it! but i dont have reason too. i mentally pouted to myself and continued to look around. "so tell me about yourself tal" i looked over at a smiling niall, he had ice cream on the corners of his mouth, i smiled "well first off, you have a little ice cream here-" i pointed at the corners of my mouth and smiled, he blushed a little but continued to smile. "secondly whatya wanna know???"

he shrugged "anything" i scrunched up my eyebrows. "well, uhhh. my full name is tallise mary jeffers." "wait. i thought zayn was your brother??" i looked at my ice cream and answered "well, im adopted. im american. as you can tell" i said with a nervous laugh "uhm, ive never really lived in one place till the maliks adopted me. uhm. i absolutely love music, i dont have a specific favorite band, it depends on my mood. my birthday is june 17th which was yesterday and my favorite food is cheeseburgers." i smiled and ran my hands in my hair to keep the wind from blowing it in my face. i looked at niall and he was looking at me with a interested glint in his eyes. "what about you mister popstar" i said with a wink. his smile got even wider "mmmmkay! well my full name is niall james horan, im from mullinger ireland, i have one brother, no sisters. uhhm, im in a band called one direction, and i like food" i laughed at him. "like nooo way! i love one direction" i said faking a girly girl voice, niall barked a laugh.

i looked in front of us, we were standing in the parking lot of the beach, the boys were all surrounding somthing. i gave niall a questioning look and continued to walk over to the rest of the boys. they were in a circle and laughing. "what are you guys doing??" i said, they turned to me and moved. i looked down and yet again harry was buried. he was scowling at the rest of the boys. i bit my lip from laughing. "how- howw-" i couldn't finish my sentence, i started laughing. "glad to see this is funny to you!" harry said pouting. i ruffled his hair, and started pulling sand away from his neck. "no one gonna help here??" i questioned.  i turned around and all the boys were gone, well except for liam. my eyes widened and i went back to trying to unbury harry. i heard sand moving, i briefly looked behind me to see liam walking off, i gave a quiet relieved sigh and continued to dig. i got most of his body out,he didnt have a shirt on, dang. that boy sure did have arm muscles. "can you get your self out harry?" i said kneeling in front of him. "uhm, i think i can" he put his arms on either side of his body and heaved himself up. he fell on his back and was breathing hard.

  i turned around and the other boys were all tanning. i rolled my eyes at them. "i kinda wanna go." i said. harry sat up, sand falling from his chest "ok love, lets go get the other boys."  i stood up and harry raised his arms, telling me to help him up. i rolled my eyes and took hold of his hand, i pulled him up and walked off to the other boys. "ready to go boys?' i said as i picked up my bag and towel. "yup!" louis stood up and gathered all his stuff the same as the other boys. i walked over to the car, popping my trunk i threw my stuff in. i closed it and climbed in the drivers side. the boys piled in, sitting the same as they did on the way here.

lou plugged in his phone again and cher lloyd came on. i saw lou smiling from the corner of my eye. i smiled and sang along. soon enough everyone was singing. i couldnt stop laughing, niall was singing to harry, being overly dramatic and zayn was making wierd faces to me in the rearview mirror. we pulled up to the crowd of girls surrounding the gate. i took a deep breathe. there were cameras flashing and girls pounding on the windows, i winced at the thuds of their fists making contact with the doors, good thing they were locked, the doors of the gates opened wide enough for my car, security guards were making sure no girls were able to get in. i put the car in park and climbed out.  i turned around to look at the girls and paps.

i put my hand in front of my face, trying to keep from being blinded. i felt an arm go around my waist, i looked over my shoulder and liam was towing me towards the house. i looked down at the ground and continued to blush. i walked in the house and went to go watch tv. "live from the place where one direction is staying"  the hell?! creepy news people. "have just seen the boys and a girl. the girl who we have just figured out to be tallise malik, zayn malik's younger sister, but what we didnt know was that another band member liam payne and her were "friendly"-" she put her hands up in air quotes. the boys were standing behind me, liam's face unreadable. "is the popstar cheating on his current girlfriend danielle? we'll find more out on the story, im jenny and im all about the new one direction gossip." i turned the tv off and kept my eyes on the black screened tv. well this is awkward.

i turned to look at the rest of the boys, but all of them were gone. i stood up and walked up to my room. "hey sweetie!" i spun around and smiled at my mom. "hey-" i looked down at her feet. "uhm whats going on mom??" i questioned. "zayn got me and your father late anniversery present, so we are going to paris!" "uhm how long?" "however long we want! sooo we're gonna have safaa and waliyha go stay with their friends." i only nodded my head and hugged her "be safe mom" "stay strong sweetie" i pulled away from her and raised an eyebrow. "i know you've been thinking about you real mom lately" i didnt let any emotion show on my face, i just kissed her on the cheek and walked into my room. i wasnt.. until now...

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